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Custom formulation of epoxy and polyester compounds, urethanes, acrylics, vinyls, silicones, copolymers and other compounds are at the core of Abatron's products for architectural, industrial, electronic and marine applications. These products are recyclable and have little or no adverse impact on the environment, such as the emission of noxious gasses making Abatron products very green. Abatron's products have saved countless structures from landfills and most contain no VOCs.

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CONCRETE Restoration and Maintenance

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CONCRETE Restoration and Maintenance - Abocrete™, Aboweld™, Abocast™

AboCrete provides structural and decorative patching, resurfacing and restoration. It fills cracks and replaces missing sections of concrete, marble, granite and other stones. It bonds broken sections together, anchors posts and railings.

Structural Crack-Injection Systems

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Structural Crack-Injection Systems - AboJet Series

A proven method to restore monolithic integrity to a cracked structural element by injecting a structural adhesive epoxy resin (AboJet) into the crack, to fill and "weld" it back together.

Wood Restoration and Maintenance

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Wood Restoration and Maintenance - LiquidWood®, WoodEpox®, AboCure™, AboSolv™, Bora-Care®, Timbor®

Abatron has formulated the most advanced materials for structural and decorative restoration of damaged wood.

Protective Coatings

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Protective Coatings - AboCoat, Abothane, Primkote, Kromacote, Aboglass™

ABATRON coatings excel in adhesion, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance and durability. The selection ranges from water-borne, solvent-borne and solventless coatings for floors, walls, machinery, boats, transportation equipment, porcelain refinishing and a variety of special needs.

Moldmaking Compounds

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Moldmaking Compounds - AboCast, WoodCast, Gypsum -1, MasterMold5, WoodEpox, Abhesive

Abatron's moldmaking compounds represent state-of-the-art advances for reproducing intricate details, dimensional stability, high strength, ease of use, fast results and safety.

Abatron's selection of first quality casting compounds offers exceptional variety for both exterior and interior applications.

Adhesives & Sealants

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Adhesives & Sealants - BestBond®, Aboseal™, Aboweld™, Epotron™, Rockweld™

Abatron's selection of high-strength specialty adhesives and sealants offer properties to meet the most demanding requirements.

Greenguard® Certified Products

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Greenguard® Certified Products - LiquidWood®, Aboweld™, AboCrete™, WoodEpox®

GREENGUARD certified products are third-party tested and found to contain very low levels of chemical emissions.

On-Line Courses

On-Line Courses

On-Line Courses Sustainable Design Using Epoxy for Wood Repair

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