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Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company began business in 1898, over 100 years, and five generations of the Kammerer family have made "ACCURATE" a pioneer in the development of better, more efficient weatherstripping.

"ACCURATE" will continue to develop the best possible weatherstripping to meet all conditions, particularly in the important energy conservation areas.

Our website illustrates some of the more common types of doors & windows, together with the Accurate equipment designed to satisfy leakage problems, in most cases, for the life of the building. Special strips for unusual requirements can be manufactured to your specification.

The Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company began business under the name of Acme Weatherstrip. In 1917 the name was changed to Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Company, Inc.

"ACCURATE" takes great pride in giving their customers quality products for their particular project. The many varying types of sash and door construction used today make it impossible to provide one standard system of weatherstripping which will meet all conditions accurately and efficiently. "ACCURATE" metal weatherstrips are available in a number of designs to meet the peculiarities of the particular sash or door construction involved.

Energy Conservation: To maintain even temperatures, present day heating and cooling systems are designed to achieve a fine balance of distribution. The successful operation depends on the elimination of air leakage around doors and windows.

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