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Advance Lifts was founded in 1974 and quickly became the leading dock lift manufacturer in the country. We have maintained that position through innovative design, quick deliveries and superior service. Over the years our product lines expanded to include production lift tables, tilters, turntables, dumpers and stretch wrappers, all of the same high quality as our dock lifts. Our modern 120,000 sq. ft. facility in St. Charles Illinois houses state of the art equipment and is manned by a well trained group of employees who are dedicated to providing our customers outstanding products. Our goal is to make the entire process of buying, installing, using and servicing of our products as easy and trouble free as possible for each and every one of our customers.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Dock Lifts

Instant Dock Lifts - Semi-Portable image

Instant Dock Lifts - Semi-Portable - Series 1000

These are Instant Docks that simply require positioning and plugging into a power receptacle and they are ready to go to work. They were designed for use with light equipment such as hand carts, 4 wheels carts and pallet jacks.
Disappearing Dock Lifts image

Disappearing Dock Lifts - Model T3

Higher lifting capacities & edge loading ratings. 3" wide tube legs.
Disappearing Dock Lifts image

Disappearing Dock Lifts - Model T2

The new industry standard for over 10 years. 2" wide tube legs.
Recessed Dock Lifts image

Recessed Dock Lifts - Series 3000

These are our medium to heavy sized Disappearing Dock lifts. They are sized to handle pallet jacks, powered pallet jacks, straddle stackers and fork trucks. They are also used for dock to ground access.
Instant Dock Lifts - Top of Ground image

Instant Dock Lifts - Top of Ground - Series 6000

These are Instant Docks that simply require lagging into position and plugging into a power receptacle and they are ready to go to work. No pit work is required.
Truck Levelers - Pit Mounted image

Truck Levelers - Pit Mounted - TL-415, TL-420

These truck levelers have the cylinders mounted completely out of the way beneath the platform. The travel on these units is typically divided with 18" up travel and 18" down travel, but the pit profile can be changed to provide other travel combinations.
Truck Levelers - Top of Ground image

Truck Levelers - Top of Ground - TL-515, TL-520

These truck levelers have the cylinders straddling the platform. The units sit on top of the ground or in very shallow pits so they do not offer any down travel. In order to achieve the equivalent of down travel, some applications create a down slope from the hinge point of the leveler to the dock face, so that a truck bed lowers as it approaches the dock face when the truck leveler is fully lowered. These units are also mounted on perfectly level driveways.
Rail Transfer Bridges image

Rail Transfer Bridges

Reduce travel time in your plant with a Rail Transfer Bridge that connects docks that are separated by a rail spur. Raise the bridge for train traffic and lower it for fork truck traffic. These bridges can pay for themselves in no time. They are available in single spans or double spans for double rail tracks.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Lift Tables

Single Scissor Lifts image

Single Scissor Lifts - P Series (EW & VW)

The P-Series lifts are our most popular series as they fit a wide array of manufacturing applications.
Single Scissor Lifts image

Single Scissor Lifts - P Series (DW )

When you need an extra wide platform or plan to move heavy loads over the end of the lift, this Double Wide lift is the choice. A second set of legs are added to give you the extra strength you need. This unit is equipped with our patented "Platform Centering Device" which provides smooth operation throughout the entire travel range.
Single Scissor Lifts image

Single Scissor Lifts - P Series (DL)

This Double Long lift table is made to handle those especially long loads that you may have to deal with. The double legs on this model provides extra stability to ensure smooth, safe and efficient operation.
Single Scissor Lifts image

Single Scissor Lifts - Hi-Cycle Series

These lifts were designed for automated machine feeding or off loading applications that will accumulate cycles very quickly. Standard lift speeds start out twice as fast as our P series units and can be modified to customer needs approaching the 40 feet per minute speed of our UHC lifts. This high cycle unit is a clean and simple design, but it is still feature rich and unmatched by any competitor.
Single Scissor Lifts image

Single Scissor Lifts - Ultra-Hi-Cycle Series

When heavy loads need to be moved quickly, precisely and with consistent repeatability and/or a lift is expected to operate in an application which will exceed millions of cycles, an ultra high cycle lift should be considered. With the rigid structure of our UHC lift, very accurate positioning can be obtained with a standard positioning accuracy of +/- 1/4" and an optional positioning accuracy of +/- .030". Our Ultra High Cycle lifts offer not only accuracy and durability, but lower maintenance costs, less down time, reduced or eliminated lift replacement costs and flexible installation requirements which all add up to greater value in demanding applications.
Scissor Lifts image

Scissor Lifts - HD Series (EW & VW)

The Heavy Duty lift table is designed for those really tough jobs where you must handle tons of material. This 8,000 lb. capacity Heavy Duty lift table has 24 In. travel height, for your specific job.
Scissor Lifts image

Scissor Lifts - Super Duty & Jumbo Series

Super Duty lifts combine heavy capacities with large platforms which let you handle a host of rugged lifting jobs. This 5,000 lb. capacity unit has 58" of travel. Like all super duty lifts, it's external power unit assures you of years of trouble-free service, even under the harshest conditions.
Air Spring Lift Table image

Air Spring Lift Table - Air Series (1000# to 8000#)

The air spring actuated lift tables offer several advantages and disadvantages when compared to hydraulic cylinder actuated lifts. The chief advantage of air spring tables is low cost. Other advantages include the fact that there are no hydraulic systems that can leak and no electrical requirements for operation. They are simply hooked up to the shop air system. The chief disadvantage to these units is the springiness of the units at any intermediate position between full up and full down. If the intermediate position springiness is a problem for an application, there are two ways to solve this problem. First the water glycol option can be chosen so that the air spring is filled with a column of water glycol. This eliminates more than 90% of the springiness. The other option is to select an electric hydraulic lift and apply the air motor option. This allows the lift to be operated on an air supply, but the lift is actuated by hydraulic cylinders that eliminate springiness.
Multi Stage Series Lift Tables image

Multi Stage Series Lift Tables - MSL Series

The MSL Series lifts were designed for the higher travel applications that require shorter platform lengths than would be available with a single scissor design. The lighter capacity units are built with solid steel legs for more compact design and greater cost savings, while the higher capacity units are built with structural tubing legs for greater rigidity, lighter weight and optimum cost savings.
Big Friggin Series Lift Tables image

Big Friggin Series Lift Tables - BFL Series

The BFL series lifts were designed for the high travel applications that also require large platforms. These lifts are designed to move mulitple pallets or large loads up a floor level or to high mezzanines. These big lifts are all built with tubular steel legs to maximize the rigidity of the unit and to keep the weight down.
Foot Pump Tables image

Foot Pump Tables

These are simple foot pump action work tables.
Lift & Tilt Tables image

Lift & Tilt Tables - PT Series

These lift and tilt units are optimized combination designs that are used where the lifting and tilting functions must be done independently.
Air Lift & Tilt Tables image

Air Lift & Tilt Tables - ATT Air Series

These units are designed to operate on shop air with no need for electricity. Each model has been optimized for minimum weight and maximum value.
Lift & Turn Tables image

Lift & Turn Tables - PM Series, PP Series

These units are optimized lift and turn units unsed where the lifting and turning functions must be done independently.
Lift & Turn Tables image

Lift & Turn Tables - ATR Air Series

These units are designed to operate on shop air with no need for electricity. Each model has been optimized for minimum weight and maximum value.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Tilt Equipment

Bin Tilters image

Bin Tilters - BTI

These units are designed to reduce reaching and bending into parts containers. There are models suitable for palletized loads, carts and stacker bins.
Electric Tilters image

Electric Tilters

The electric hydraulic tilters are used in workstation applications to eliminate bending and stretching. The tilters tip containers to the workers, reducing fatigue and back injuries.
Air Tilters image

Air Tilters - ATI

The air operated tilters offer the advantage of requiring no electrical connections. They operate on shop air with a minimum of 60 psi. The angle of tilt may increase as the load is decreased, which automatically rotates the bin toward the operator as it is unloaded.
Upenders image


These units are tilters that tilt a full ninety (90) degrees. It is common to equip one platform with a "V" cradle to hold coils or rolls. When this is done we leave a gap of 6", or whatever the customer specifies, to accommodate a pallet at the bottom face of the coil or roll. The upender is the called a roll "palletizer" or "depalletizer". Lifts have been mounted on one of the platforms and so have turntables. If a turntable is mounted, it usually has to be mounted on slides so that it can be pulled away from the adjacent perpendicular face in order to turn a square cornered load.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Turn Equipment

Standard Duty Turntables image

Standard Duty Turntables - TM, TML, TPL & TPH Series

Turntables are used for positioning jobs where heavy duty loads must be rotated on a regular basis. There are two basic types of standard duty turntables, non-powered and powered. Turntables are available in low profile and high profile configurations.
Heavy Duty Ring Bearing Turntables image

Heavy Duty Ring Bearing Turntables - HDTM & HDTP

This large non-powered turn table is for those big positioning jobs where heavy loads must be rotated on a regular basis. This turn table has a capacity up to 7,000 lbs. and a platform size of 4 feet by 4 feet.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Stretch Wrap Equipment

Manual Feed Stretch Wrappers image

Manual Feed Stretch Wrappers - Series 100

These are the most economical and basic models that are suitable for low volume stetch wrapper operations. While they do not offer the automation or cost saving features of our more sophisticated machines, they do offer a giant step up in safety and productivity from simply walking around a load with a roll of film in hand. The cost / benefit ratio of these machines is very attactive.
Power Carriage Feed Stretch Wrappers image

Power Carriage Feed Stretch Wrappers - Series 150

With each step up within these models, there is an increase in operator efficiency and safety. The easier the wrapping job becomes, the faster the operator can work and the quality of the wrapping operation becomes far more consistent. As the volume of wrapping work increases, the savings available to you by model upgrades becomes more and more valuable.
Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers image

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrappers - Series 200

This series of stretch wrappers is designed to be used in medium to heavy duty applications using less expensive stretch wrap film. it is a feature rich machine which goes a long way towards automating the wrapping procedure and producing very consistent loads. The only real difference between this machine and series 300 machines is the non powered mechanical prestretch device which is limited to an 88% prestretch ratio. This reduces the cost of the machine and is very appropriate for use with low cost film.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Dumpers

Standard Dumpers image

Standard Dumpers - DP Series

With its 2,000 lb. capacity and 36" dump height this dumper can handle the heavier loads you must deal with. This heavy duty industrial dumper rotates 135 degrees to facilitate dumping of just about any material.
Heavy Duty Dumpers image

Heavy Duty Dumpers - HDDP Series

Applications that regularly exceed (6) cycles per hour and more than (1) shift per day require heavy duty dumpers. If the items being dumped act like a sticky commodity that requires frequent jogging to maintain flow, then heavy duty dumpers are needed. These units are equipped with continuous duty motors and the robust design features extra rugged structural members. Thes units are ideal for tough applications.
High Reach Dumpers image

High Reach Dumpers - HRDP Series

These units have been designed for applications that require lifting a container to a high elevation and then dumping it. They safely accomplish the function of lifting and dumping in one compact unit. Applications for these units include grinders and other processing equipment with high in-feed locations. High reach dumpers can eliminate the need for long power conveyors and mezzanines serviced by lift systems.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Recycling Equipment

Drum Crushers image

Drum Crushers

The Drum Crusher is intended for indoor use only. You simply load the drum, close the door and press the down button. The cycle is automatic. When the drum is crushed, the cylinder returns to the retracted position. For safety, all cylinder movement stops whenever the door is opened or the emergency stop button is pressed.
Pallet Munchers image

Pallet Munchers

The Advance Pallet Muncher can be operated indoors or, with it's optional weatherproof power unit cover, it can be operated outdoors. With it's standard power unit the Pallet Muncher can be operated continuously for 2.5 hours. From that point onward, due to possible heat build up, it can be operated approximately 20 minutes per hour. Add the optional continuous duty power unit, with it's heat exchanger, and there are no restrictions on time of use. To operate, lower the pallet chute, place a pallet on the tray making sure the pallet stringers are perpendicular to the teeth shafts, raise the pallet chute, engage the chute locking lever, set the shutoff timer. The Pallet Muncher is deisnged for stringer pallets, it is not designed for block pallets.

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