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AGC Glass Company is one of the largest manufacturers of glass and glass-related products in North America, offering a broad selection of flat glass and high-performance coatings for commercial, residential and interior building applications. Developed to inspire innovative and energy efficient building designs, our products can be sourced through an extensive network of glass fabricators and window manufacturers. As part of the AGC Group employing more than 50,000 worldwide in approximately 30 countries, AGC has access to many resources allowing the company to constantly develop new products and go Beyond Glass™.


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Solar Control Low-e image

Solar Control Low-e - ENERGY SELECT™ 23

Energy Select 23 is a high performance triple-silver low-e coating on a clear glass substrate that delivers a highly desirable neutral aesthetic, with a bluer reflected color. The combination of a 0.23 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and a 50% visible light transmittance (VLT) makes this an ideal solution for commercial applications in the hotter climate regions. Energy Select 23 keeps more heat out, while letting natural light in to achieve greater indoor comfort and energy savings.
Solar Control Low-e Tinted Glass image

Solar Control Low-e Tinted Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 25

Energy Select 25 combines the benefits of a low-e glass and the visual appeal and solar control of the Solarshield® tinted glass options, achieving SHGC performance as low as 0.25 using Pure Grey with the coating on the #2 surface. Available in Pure Grey, Pure Bronze, Meadow Green and Forest Green, Energy Select 25 blocks solar energy up to 82%, while providing a 0.25 winter U-value. In a triple-glazed application with the addition of Energy Select 63 on surface #5, Energy Select 25 offers winter U-values as low as 0.12. These spectrally selective glass options provide architects with the ability to select the aesthetics desired, and PERFORMANCE required, resulting in a beautiful and energy-efficient design for each project.
Solar Control Low-e Glass image

Solar Control Low-e Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 28

Energy Select 28 is a premium low-e glass, offering maximum performance to meet the most stringent energy code requirements. Energy Select 28 utilizes the coating on the #2 surface of the glass to provide a 0.28 SHGC, blocking 77% of the solar energy without sacrificing daylighting. Energy Select 28 has a visible light transmittance of 62% and 2.21 light-to-solar gain ratio.
Solar Control Low-e Neutral Reflective Glass image

Solar Control Low-e Neutral Reflective Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 31

With a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.31 and visible light transmittance of 62%, the high clarity and neutral appearance make Energy Select 31 a natural choice for commercial and mixed-use building applicationsmeeting even the most stringent energy code requirements. Energy Select 31 provides exceptional performance for both warm and cold weather throughout North America, resulting in energy savings on both heating and cooling.
Solar Control Low-e Glass image

Solar Control Low-e Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 36

Energy Select 36 low-e glass is designed to block solar heat gain. This product provides energy efficiency, attractive neutral appearance and high light transmittance 63%, while blocking 69% of the solar energy. The 0.36 SHGC helps lower cooling costs and provides a superior 1.75 light to solar gain ratio. For colder regions where a low U-value is required, Energy Select 36 combined with Energy Select 63 on surface #5 results in a 0.12 U-value.
Solar Control Low-e Glass image

Solar Control Low-e Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 40

Energy Select 40 low-e glass blocks 66% of the solar energy with a 0.39 SHGC. The 69% visible light transmittance and low indoor reflectance of 12% delivers energy savings and high levels of natural light, resulting in a stunning neutral appearance. For applications requiring lower U-value, Energy Select 40 can be combined with Energy Select 63 in a triple glazed IGU.
Solar Control Low-e Glass image

Solar Control Low-e Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ R42

Energy Select R42 is a neutral reflective low-e glass with moderate solar control0.42 SHGC and a high level of visible light 62%. With just the right amount of reflectivity to bring the glass to life, Energy Select R42 is the perfect choice for high-rise residential and architectural facades. This versatile product is the natural choice for regions where air conditioning is used most of the year, while still providing energy savings in cooler temperatures with a 0.25 winter U-value. Energy Select R42 can also be combined in a triple IGU with Energy Select 63 on the #5 surface, achieving a 0.13 U-value.
Passive Solar Low-e Glass image

Passive Solar Low-e Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 63

Energy Select 63 is a neutral low-emissivity glass for use on the #2 or #3 surface, providing passive solar energy and a U-value performance of 0.26 if used with a Solarshield® tinted glass on the outboard lite. Utilized on the #2 and #4 surfaces of a triple insulating unit, the U-value can be lowered to 0.13. Energy Select 63 allows for solar gain and high levels of visible light 76%, supporting the need for energy-efficient daylighting.
Solar Control Pyrolytic Low-e Glass              image

Solar Control Pyrolytic Low-e Glass - ENERGY SELECT™ 73

Energy Select 73 is a pyrolytic low-emissivity glass that combines excellent year-round energy efficiency with hard-coat durability. Energy Select 73 saves energy costs by reflecting heat back into the room during colder monthswhile also allowing free solar energy into interior spaces. During warmer months, Energy Select 73 reduces direct sunlight and blocks re-radiated solar heat.
Tinted Glass image

Tinted Glass - SOLARSHIELD®

AGC's exclusive Solarshield® product family offers high-quality tinted products for the commercial and residential markets.

Available in Pure Grey, Pure Bronze, Pure Green, Meadow Green, Forest Green, Sky Blue, Pure Blue, and Midnight Blue colors, these tinted glass solutions create a beautiful exterior - while increasing air-conditioning efficiency and comfort, reducing glare, and offering unobstructed views. Made using the float process, Solarshield tinted solutions offer perfectly flat, parallel surfaces and lend themselves to many processing options - including insulating, heat-treating, backpainting, and laminating.
Reflective Glass image

Reflective Glass - STOPSOL®

AGC's Stopsol® is a hard-coated architectural glass with a medium-performance reflective coating. Ideal for a variety of commercial buildings, Stopsol is an attractive choice when a reflective appearance is part of the architectural vision. This innovative glass combines a beautiful reflective appearance with excellent solar control properties.

Available in Clear, Green, Grey, Bronze, and Blue substrate colors, Stopsol is also offered in a range of thicknesses to meet a spectrum of architectural and performance needs. The Stopsol family offers three coating options: Classic (amber look), Supersilver (silvered look), and Silverlight (bluish look). Stopsol offers architects a highly customized look.

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Acid-Etched Glass image

Acid-Etched Glass - MATELUX®

MATELUX® translucent glass adds elegant, softly filtered light effects to your design elements. It is an acid-etched glass that combines a satin finish with a neutral, translucent appearance. Ideal both for interior and exterior applications, MATELUX creates a minimalist aesthetic that conveys simplicity and purity of form.

Key attributes
  • Acid-etched clear or low-iron
  • Provides obscurity and privacy
  • Available in a variety of tinted glass options
  • Can be heat-treated or laminated
  • Use monolithically, or as part of an insulating glass unit
Luxclear® Protect - Anti-Corrosion Glass image

Luxclear® Protect - Anti-Corrosion Glass

Luxclear® Protect is a coated glass product developed to protect the surface of the glass by preventing corrosion due to contaminants related to exposure to water, heat and high humidity. This anti-corrosion glass is ideal for shower and bath enclosures, but may be used in pool enclosures, greenhouses and other applications where exposure is a concern.
Ultra-Clear Low-Iron Glass image

Ultra-Clear Low-Iron Glass - KRYSTAL KLEAR™

KRYSTAL KLEAR™ from AGC is the most transparent low-iron glass available today, and it's the foundation of the KRYSTAL INTERIORS™ library of decorative glass products. The ultra-transparent look is ideal for commercial interior or exterior, residential, and specialty applications - delivering remarkable clarity and a virtually colorless appearance. With a visible light transmission rating of 91%, KRYSTAL KLEAR floods interior spaces with light and provides outstanding visibility for a range of applications.

Key Attributes
  • High light transmission
  • Colorless appearance
  • Outstanding clarity
  • Easy to fabricate and process
Premium Back-Painted Glass image

Premium Back-Painted Glass - KRYSTAL KOLOURS™

KRYSTAL KOLOURS™ premium painted glass from AGC brings interior decorative glass applications to vivid, colorful life. Manufactured using AGC's KRYSTAL KLEAR™ - the most transparent low-iron glass on the market - as a substrate, KRYSTAL KOLOURS creates truer colors that reflect the subtle interactions of light. The glass is coated on one side with premium-quality paint to impart a stunning opaque effect.

Key Attributes
  • Ultra-transparent substrate glass
  • True color clarity
  • Stunning opaque appearance
  • 10 expressive colors
Imagin® Patterned Glass image

Imagin® Patterned Glass

Imagin® patterned glass by AGC includes a complete range of decorative glass solutions designed to allow the natural flow of light while offering privacy between spaces.

  • A variety of nature inspired patterns to bring your design vision to life
  • A unique combination of privacy, obscurity and subtle light transmission
  • Excellent glass clarity and quality
  • Easily processed for use monolithically or as part of an insulated glass unit

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Residential Low-e Glass image

Residential Low-e Glass - COMFORT SELECT™

The NEW Comfort Select™ family of residential low-emissivity coated glass products is part of the AGC global technology platform, backed by a history of real world applications. Selecting the right glass can be overwhelming at times, so AGC has made it simple and straightforward for our customers to choose the best performing product for each climate region. Whether you need passive solar and lower U-values in northern climates, or low solar heat gain in southern climates; AGC has the right product for you. Keeping homes throughout North America comfortable and energy efficient: That's AGC. Beyond Glass.
Residential Low-e Glass image

Residential Low-e Glass - U4 TECHNOLOGY

When you combine AGC Comfort Select coatings with our new U4 - 4th Surface Technology, you can offer the benefits of triple-glazed glass in double-glazed glass. You can also add U4 to your current double-glazed low-e windows to improve window performance by 15% or more. Its proven hard-coat technology provides unmatched flexibility for seamless integration into your manufacturing process.

Last Update: 2017-02-17