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The American Olean brand is primarily distributed through approximately 200 independent distributor locations which service both residential and commercial customers in the U.S. and Canada.


Its your environment. And its up to you to make it your own. At American Olean Tile, weve made it easy to do just that. Weve divided our tile product line into four distinct categories, each with a look and style all its own. Once You have found just the right tile, then prepare to create your perfect environment. Because no one knows how to do just that better than you.


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Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Ultra Modern™

With a contemporary visual and an appealing commercial color palette, Ultra Modern is sure to become a go-to product for large-scale projects requiring a combination of form, function, and cost efficiency. Ultra Modern offers a consistency of visual that minimalist design schemes demand. TruEdge rectification means tighter grout joints while two surface treatmentspolished and unpolishedoffer design versatility. Six hues ranging from Infinite Cream to Futuristic Black comprise the sophisticated color palette.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Method™

Method' by American Olean pays homage to the design process with colors, sizes and textures that flow seamlessly from interior to exterior spaces. A neutral, yet rich color palette provides the backdrop for fluid movement and graceful visual detail. The line includes six design-inspired colors: Structure Cream, Process Beige, Strategic Brown, Taupe Technique, Khaki Approach, and System Sable. Three texturesunpolished, polished, and texturedare offered in popular sizes with TruEdge' rectified edges. Trim offerings include a cove base, bullnose and cove corner.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Colt™

A ColorBody' porcelain with high intensity graphics and striated cement visual, Colt from American Olean is poised to become a designer favorite. Featuring color-of-the-moment gray and a rich beige in its two-color palette, Colt offers a stunning replication of cement in a technical porcelain body with TruEdge' rectified edges. The flexible size package features rectangular and large format sizes. Two beautiful finishes - unpolished and light polished - and a geometric decorative accent add interest. Trim includes a cove base, bullnose and cove corner.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Relevance™

Relevance, a fine, ColorBody porcelain, reflects the subtle inspiration of natural stone combined with a durable, compact surface. In both unpolished and textured finishes, Relevance has the versatility and functionality commercial installations demand along with beauty and elegance to meet residential customers'' discriminating taste. Five on-trend color options can be used indoors and out, providing endless design and application possibilities.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Scene™

With intriguing mixed stone visuals, Scene Colorbody Porcelain delivers exquisite depth and visual variation for both commercial and residential applications. In addition to the striking aesthetics, Scene''s elongated planks, which reach 48 inches in length, are a first for American Olean. Decorative accents feature a graphical interpretation of patterns found in nature. Available in two finishes, four colors and five sizes, Scene brings bold options to the design table.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Decorum™

This ColorBody™ porcelain produced with micro powders is both durable and beautiful. Available in three finishes ' polished, unpolished and textured,
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Infusion™

Your unique vision will come to life with modular tile sizes that promote patterns using multiple sizes. Flexibility of design is enhanced further with a full trim package and TruEdge' rectified edges that create seamless walls and minimize grout joints. Create a hip edge with refined taste; blur formal with fun. Infusion offers a floor and wall tile package that defines "trendsetter" with an eye for high quality. Versatile design will take the stage with a supporting cast of revered durability and modern style.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Avenue One™

Echoing the distinctive style that's had such appeal in residential and commercial designs Avenue One is a porcelain tile that provides a clean, neutral look with a more refined twist. This remarkable ColorBodyTM porcelain tile delivers the modern, minimalist aesthetic thanks to a unique brushed finish and truly striking color treatments with the characteristic movement of stained concrete. Available in ten matte-finish colors like Sidewalk, Coffee Shop, Municipal Gray and Nightlife, Avenue One is an extremely flexible high-fashion tile. Because it presents both urban character and a contemporary appeal, it works wonders in a wide range of applications.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - St. Germain™

Emulating the superb texture of St. Germain district's fabrics, this tile is available in a tapestry of nine welcoming colors that also possess remarkably linear undertones. This contemporary, high fashion tile has a unique capacity to complement many room accents thanks in part to its soft, comforting effect.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Shadow Bay™

Delight in the soothing hues of a beachside sunset, captured within the Shadow Bay' collection. With its rich, textured surface, Shadow Bay' sets the stage for versatile design.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Avante™

Avante's Reveal Imaging™ creates a look that's virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, with the durability and ease of cleaning found in porcelain tile.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Bevalo™

With an upscale, upbeat look and feel, Bevalo is poised to make a great first impression, while its functionality and durability will ensure long-term appeal. Its crisp, clean graphics and contemporary color palette are sure to be trendsetters, and the superior coordination between floor and wall combinations add to its dynamic beauty.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Bordeaux™

Distinctive detailing offered in a variety of sizes make this modular floor field tile the product of choice for design versatility. Add a coordinating glazed ceramic wall tile and Universal floor or wall accent for a timeless floor and wall duo.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Castlegate™

Castlegate provides a rustic visual in three warm colors. The porcelain floor tile offered with a coordinating ceramic wall and mosaic tile work beautifully together in both residential and light commercial installations.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Concrete Chic™

AO's new Concrete Chic refreshes the popular stained cement aesthetic with updated graphics and a contemporary color palette in a product that is made in the USA with recycled content. As at home in modern residential settings as in commercial spaces, Concrete Chic is sure to capture attention.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Creekwood™

Creekwood by American Olean provides the warmth and ambiance of natural wood flooring with the durability of a porcelain tile. The 6 x 36 size allows for traditional wood-plank installations in settings that demand higher performance and functionality than wood provides. With slight undulations, linear wood grain, and realistic knots', Creekwood utilizes Reveal Imaging' to create an authentic wood look on a porcelain body.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Danya™

Rich in both color and visual appeal, Danya captures the essence of fluid movement. Its bold stone visual is coupled with soft striations, giving it an exquisite look reminiscent of ancient riverbeds. An update to traditional stone looks, Danya is ideal for the homeowner with discriminating taste; its performance characteristics and design flair make it attractive to the commercial market as well.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Fusion Cotto™

Melding old-world cotto with contemporary concrete, Fusion Cotto's nod to the enviable European look is as relevant to residential interiors as it is to commercial spaces. Reveal Imaging' enriches its popular tone-on-tone depth of color. Meanwhile, the structured surface, also provides texture for increased slip resistance. Four different colors come in popular large format sizes. A brick joint mosaic completes the look. At home on floors and walls, this versatile collection spans contemporary and traditional spaces with equal ease.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Historic Bridge™

Historic Bridge perfectly captures the look of exposed and weathered wood, with authentic details like water staining and cracking to worn-paint effects. Four rich colors feature a high level of variance. Special glazing adds to the genuine effect by creating a slight sheen along the graining. All colors are available in a plank size well-suited for creating floors with a rustic look. Historic Bridge answers current demand for organic influences from residential to commercial settings.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Kendal Slate™

Strength and beauty flawlessly converge in the brilliant interpretation of natural slate captured through the Kendal Slate collection. Enhanced with innovative Reveal Imaging, Kendal Slate is the premier choice for realistic, classic design.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Laurel Heights™

A realistic interpretation of refined travertine, Laurel Heights' features floor, wall and mosaic combinations, all produced with Reveal Imaging' for exceptional compatibility. A softstructured surface detail provides both visual and tactile appeal, complemented by high variation for a more natural appearance. The color palette offers a fresh take on traditional neutrals: Elevated Beige, Gray Summit, Brown Pinnacle, and Charcoal Crest.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Mirasol™

Crisp graphics and wide pattern variation create the realistic look of marble found in Mirasol.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Rapport™

American Olean's new Rapport glazed porcelain floor and ceramic mosaic tile series captures the popular linear look and fabric-inspired motif in a winning design combination. Rapport features field tile in the must-have 12 x 24 size and four colors, designed to please. Rapport also features a 2 x 4 mosaic produced using the innovative Blend by Reveal' technology. This technology combines sophisticated graphics and print files in a seamless production process that duplicates the randomness of a hand-mounted, beautifully-blended mosaic.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Stone Claire™

Bold, dramatic, and richly sophisticated, Stone Claire is sure to catch the eye of homeowners and designers seeking to express themselves through designs as unique as they are. Mimicking natural travertine, Stone Claire is refined and modern, yet with an echo of antiquity.

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Quarry Naturals® image

Quarry Naturals®

Quarry Naturals let you choose from a group of solid colors or slightly-striated, visually-textured "flash" surfaces, all with a natural, handcrafted look. Durable and long-wearing, Quarry Naturals' slip-resistant cushioned edge and unglazed surface make them eminently suitable for outdoor patio and pool areas as well as floors and walls.
Quarry Tile image

Quarry Tile

Quarry Tile possesses warm, natural color throughout the tile, which makes it perfect throughout the home from floors and walls to outdoor patio and pool areas. You can choose from inviting solid colors or "flash" surfaces with slightly-striated colors and a square edge for a little added visual texture... all with a slip-resistant, unglazed surface.

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Floor & Wall Tiles image

Floor & Wall Tiles - Belmar™

Never before has rustic charm met sophistication quite like Belmar. Its vivid stone texture compliments the rich collection of color and design options providing the unique opportunity to create a cohesive contemporary design.
Floor & Wall Tiles image

Floor & Wall Tiles - Pozzalo™

Let the earthy tones of Pozzalo glazed ceramic tile envelop you with a sense of radiating warmth. With Pozzalo, you'll capture the classic ambience of a distant travertine courtyard, anyplace you desire. Travertine look Available in five colors Ideal for floors and walls alike
Floor & Wall Tiles image

Floor & Wall Tiles - Salcedo™

Classic detailing meets sophistication in the Salcedo' collection. Superior imaging mimics the look of natural stone providing the unique opportunity to achieve the look of natural stone with the ease of maintenance provided by ceramic tile.

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Wall Tile image

Wall Tile - Abstracts™

A collection of eight outstanding glass tile, glass mosaic and glass and natural stone blend mosaics, Entourage products can be used to create striking backsplashes and accent walls, for a sophisticated design. Any selection adds a new aesthetic dimension as glass, stone, metallic looks and textured tiles come together in highly original combinations. Arresting effects span from linear designs to rectangular formats with a wealth of color options. Entourage products make an environment sizzle.
Wall Tile image

Wall Tile - Bright

Bright provides a color palette that's ever-pleasing and always appropriate. Its soft, solid and speckled colorations are particularly well-suited to backsplashes. Offered in a durable, high-gloss finish, Bright tile coordinates with Matte tile, as well as with popular plumbing fixtures... so choosing Bright for its custom possibilities is always a bright idea.
Ceramic Bath Accessories™ image

Ceramic Bath Accessories™

Corner Caddies
Paper Holders
Towel Bar Brackets
Tub Soap Dish
Wall Tile image

Wall Tile - Designer Elegance®

Designer Elegance is a collection of listellos special decorative tiles displaying a graphic motif created with color and/or relief. They are designed to coordinate with American Olean wall tiles. With a wide range of accent strips, rope liners, dots and chair rails, Designer Elegance makes it simple to create a room that reflects your personality.
Wall Tile image

Wall Tile - Garden Oasis™

Garden Oasis brings to mind the peaceful tranquility of a garden retreat, filling the senses with notes from nature's palette in exquisite glass creations by Oceanside Glass Tile for American Olean. Not only is Garden Oasis inspired by nature, it is also kind to the environment, with pre- and post-consumer recycled content.
Wall Tile image

Wall Tile - Matte™

Matte combines muted colors and a smooth satin finish for a look of quiet elegance. Glazed for durability, Matte-tiles can be coordinated with Bright wall tile, which has a glossy finish, for a true custom effect.
Resin Bath Accessories image

Resin Bath Accessories

Corner Caddies
Paper Holders
Towel Bar Brackets
Tub Soap Dish

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Mosaics image

Mosaics - Satinbrites®

Satinbrites provides a high-gloss finish in a stimulating, contemporary color palette. With a durable, glazed surface, Satinbrites creates a wide range of color possibilities. They're absolutely dazzling when used alone. Or, if you're seeking a truly distinctive look, they can be combined with matte-surface Satinglo for a stunning effect.
Mosaics image

Mosaics - Satinglo®

Satinglo with its subtle and satiny matte finish, invariably adds a seductive, understated glow to your home. With a durable, glazed surface, Satinglo may be used alone with great success, or mixed with high-gloss Satinbrites for some very interesting textural effects.
Unglazed ColorBody™ Porcelain Mosaics image

Unglazed ColorBody™ Porcelain Mosaics

Always a classic, American Olean's Unglazed ColorBody Porcelain Mosaics provide unlimited options for virtually any space. From sophisticated neutrals to saturated deep tones to crisp, contemporary brights, the palette delivers on today's color trends. The size and shape options complete the design story, while standard and custom pattern options offer true freedom of expression.

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Granite Collection image

Granite Collection

Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock composed mainly of quartz, feldspar and mica. And just where do you find quartz, feldspar and mica? At the center of the earth, of course. It's there where granite crystallizes under extreme pressure. So much pressure, in fact, that it's nearly as hard as a diamond. Like a diamond, granite is prized for its beauty. Its variety of striking colors and distinctive structural characteristics make any home unique.

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Sure Step II® image

Sure Step II®

This is your sure choice for safety and durability. Sure Step II has superior slip resistance, even on wet or greasy floors. It's also stain-resistant, and its low moisture absorption makes maintenance easy. Sure Step's dense, color-through body has the breaking strength needed for the roughest commercial installations.

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