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Its your environment. And its up to you to make it your own. At American Olean Tile, weve made it easy to do just that. Weve divided our tile product line into four distinct categories, each with a look and style all its own. Once You have found just the right tile, then prepare to create your perfect environment. Because no one knows how to do just that better than you.


The American Olean brand is primarily distributed through approximately 200 independent distributor locations which service both residential and commercial customers in the U.S. and Canada.

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New Products

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Relevance™

Relevance, a fine, ColorBody porcelain, reflects the subtle inspiration of natural stone combined with a durable, compact surface. In both unpolished and textured finishes, Relevance has the versatility and functionality commercial installations demand along with beauty and elegance to meet residential customers' discriminating taste. Five on-trend color options can be used indoors and out, providing endless design and application possibilities.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Scene™

With intriguing mixed stone visuals, Scene Colorbody Porcelain delivers exquisite depth and visual variation for both commercial and residential applications. In addition to the striking aesthetics, Scene's elongated planks, which reach 48 inches in length, are a first for American Olean. Decorative accents feature a graphical interpretation of patterns found in nature. Available in two finishes, four colors and five sizes, Scene brings bold options to the design table.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Stone Claire™

Bold, dramatic, and richly sophisticated, Stone Claire is sure to catch the eye of homeowners and designers seeking to express themselves through designs as unique as they are. Mimicking natural travertine, Stone Claire is refined and modern, yet with an echo of antiquity.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Danya™

Rich in both color and visual appeal, Danya captures the essence of fluid movement. Its bold stone visual is coupled with soft striations, giving it an exquisite look reminiscent of ancient riverbeds. An update to traditional stone looks, Danya is ideal for the homeowner with discriminating taste; its performance characteristics and design flair make it attractive to the commercial market as well.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Bevalo™

With an upscale, upbeat look and feel, Bevalo is poised to make a great first impression, while its functionality and durability will ensure long-term appeal. Its crisp, clean graphics and contemporary color palette are sure to be trendsetters, and the superior coordination between floor and wall combinations add to its dynamic beauty.
Glass Tile image

Glass Tile - Garden Oasis™

Garden Oasis brings to mind the peaceful tranquility of a garden retreat, filling the senses with notes from nature's palette in exquisite glass creations by Oceanside Glass Tile for American Olean.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Mirasol™

Crisp graphics and wide pattern variation create the realistic look of marble found in Mirasol.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Entity™

Reminiscent of ancient building stones, Entity is available in both an unpolished and light polished surface.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Decorum™

This ColorBody™ porcelain produced with micro powders is both durable and beautiful. Available in three finishes polished, unpolished and textured,
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Castlegate™

Castlegate provides a rustic visual in three warm colors. The porcelain floor tile offered with a coordinating ceramic wall and mosaic tile work beautifully together in both residential and light commercial installations.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Avante™

Avante's Reveal Imaging™ creates a look that's virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, with the durability and ease of cleaning found in porcelain tile.
Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile image

Colorbody™ Porcelain Tile - Studio District™

From cool urban lofts, to expansive commercial offices, Studio District™ sets the tone for high-styled interiors. Modern, minimalist visual combines the look of stained concrete with the performance of ColorBody™ porcelain. Pair that with a sophisticated glazed ceramic wall tile for a timeless duo.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Cascata™

Enhanced with innovative Reveal Imaging™, Cascata is the designer's choice for upscale, classic designs. Large format sizes, warm color palette and the ease of maintenance that comes standard in porcelain tile, make Cascata™ a popular choice for both residential and commercial installations.
Glazed Porcelain Tile image

Glazed Porcelain Tile - Arbor House™

Rich, tonal wood detailing found in beautiful, natural hardwoods is captured in the Arbor House™ collection. Popular rectilinear size, warm color palette, commercial technical properties and the ease of maintenance of porcelain tile make Arbor House™ appealing to architects and designers.
Glazed Ceramic Tile image

Glazed Ceramic Tile - Salcedo™

Classic detailing meets sophistication in the Salcedo™ collection. Superior imaging mimics the look of natural stone providing the unique opportunity to acheive the look of natural stone with the ease of maintenance provided by ceramic tile.
Glazed Ceramic Tile image

Glazed Ceramic Tile - Port West™

Available Colors: Cream, Brown and Gray

Residential Tile

Continental Rustics Tile image

Continental Rustics Tile - Lyndhurst Mosaics™

With its earthen colors and slightly worn appearance, it's most at home in any tile application.

- San Martino™

Suitable for exterior walls in freezing and non-freezing climates when proper installation methods are followed.

- Vallano™

A rustic tile with a surface visual of lightly weathered stone.

- Stoneleigh ™

Stoneleigh's lightly veined surface is enhanced by chiseled edges that give it a hand-crafted feel.

- Maison Pave™

Maison Pave tile captures the unmistakable beauty of genuine terra cotta tile.
Elemental Naturals Tile image

Elemental Naturals Tile - Cortesia™

This rustic, stone-like tile boasts a genuine persona inspired by the slendor of chiseled travertine.

- Carriage House™

Carriage House tile summons its earthen beauty through four exquisite colors and its rustic, stone look.

- Highland Ridge™

Created to emulate natural slate, this rustic tile features a distinctive, textured surface complemented by four random shade/color variations.

- Porte Leona™

Created to emulate the natural stirations of acient stone.

- Tumbled Stone™

A tumbling process is used to soften the edges of these luxurious natural stone tiles, giving them an Old World flavor reminiscent of fine european homes from centuries past.

- Calliano™

A glazed porcelain tile of unparalleled beauty, Calliano recreates the rustic elegance of cross-cut travertine.

- Pietre di Serre™

With a striking travertine look, Pietre di Serre tile is prized for its soft texture and random coloration.

- Earthscapes™

Inspired by earth's natural beauty, Earthscapes tile captures the unique colors and formations of canyons, deserts and oceans.

- Tumbled Slate

Tumbled Slate has the weathered look of stone created from years and years of evolution.

- Mirabella™

Available in two warm, complex colors, Mirabella tile perfectly captures the look of natural stone.

- Monteleone™

Dramatic, random shading and a stone-like surface visual that mimics the colors and textures in this Caribbean island is what sets Monteleone apart from the rest.

- Canyon Ridge™

With its random shading and subtle clefts, Canyon Ridge tile echoes this innate beauty.

- Vintage Stone™

A soft, matte finish and naturally rounded edges give Vintage Stone tile the warm elegance of gently timeworn stone.

- Stone Source™

With deep colors, rich textures and visual depth, these limestone tiles, travertine tiles, marble tiles and slate tiles truly embody the energy, beauty and grandeur of natural stone.

- Natural Slate™

Highly freeze- and thaw-resistant, Natural Slate is beautiful and durable on floors and walls throughout, and outside, the home.

- Terra Granite™

Terra Granite tile is the legendary look of natural granite transformed into a durable glazed tile.

- Quarry Naturals®

Quarry Naturals' slip-resistant cushioned edge and, unglazed surface make them eminently suitable for outdoor, patio and pool areas as well as floors and walls.

- Quarry Tile

Quarry Tile tile possesses warm, natural color throughout the tile, which makes it perfect throughout the home.

- Amiata™

Amiata is defined by its striking features and natural nuances, making this Tru Edge, ColorBody porcelain floor tile and glazed wall tile perfect for adding seamless, flowing beauty to any room.
Signature Classics Tile image

Signature Classics Tile - Park Avenue™

A sleek, minimalist look. Unique metallic accents.

- Chlo™

A modern remake of a popular tile from the Roaring Twenties, it features four rectangular white glazed mosaic pieces that seem to revolve around a center tile.

- Martinique™

Martinique is offered in bold accents or traditional neutrals,with versatile embossed listellos, decos, chair rails and diamond accent tiles to offer endless design and style options.

- Serramonte™

Serramonte is an elegant floor and wall tile that mimics the beauty of centuries-old natural limestone.

- Greenwich Village™

This 3" x 6" tile is available in both matte and gloss finish and is perfect for designing an alluring brick-like pattern.

- Cache™

A handcrafted thick ceramic that provides a high-end "boutique" look.

- Matte™

Matte combines muted colors and a smooth satin finish for a look of quiet elegance.

- Integra™

Available in a group of subtle solids, and mottled fume colors which vary from tile to tile for a natural, "handcrafted" look.

- Sure Step II®

Sure Step II has superior slip resistance, even on wet or greasy floors. It's also stain-resistant, and its low moisture absorption makes maintenance easy. Sure Step's dense, color-through body has the breaking strength needed for the roughest commercial installations.
Ceramic Bath Accessories image

Ceramic Bath Accessories

Corner Caddies
Paper Holders
Towel Bar Brackets
Tub Soap Dish
Resin Bath Accessories image

Resin Bath Accessories -

Corner Caddies
Paper Holders
Towel Bar Brackets
Tub Soap Dish
Designer Essentials image

Designer Essentials - Legacy Glass™

Nothing says style and sophistication quite like colored glass tiles.

- Artistic Elements™

Cast from handcrafted originals, Metalworks exhibits masterful details traditionally found only in the works of skilled metal artisans.

- Artistic Elements™

Fashioned from raw travertine stone, Stoneworks geometric shapes are enhanced by highlights of fluted glass or metal, sometimes both.

- Metroplex™


- Bright

Bright provides a color palette that's ever-pleasing and always appropriate. Its soft, solid and speckled colorations are particularly well-suited to backsplashes.

- Bijou de Verre™

These iridescent glass mosaics are playful, yet elegant, thereby creating a contemporary, upscale look.
Unglazed Ceramic Mosaics image

Unglazed Ceramic Mosaics

Unglazed Ceramic Mosaics are complete wall and floor tile combinations, in a slip-resistant mosaic format that is ideal for wet areas such as showers and tub surrounds.

- Mix & Matchables™

Large background Octagon or Pentagon floor tiles feature versatile neutral tones.

- Satinglo®

Satinglo with its subtle and satiny matte finish, invariably adds a seductive, understated glow to your home.

- Egyptstones®

Egyptstones have a rich, granite look that's ideal for modern American homes.

- Terra Paver®

Available with a polished or unpolished finish for unusual texture and design combinations, Terra Paver is a durable porcelain tile with looks and durability that are truly ageless.

- Satinbrites®

Satinbrites provides a high-gloss finish in a stimulating, contemporary color palette.

- Designer Elegance®

Designer Elegance is a collection of listellos special decorative tiles displaying a graphic motif created with color and/or relief.

- Sizzle Strips®

Sizzle Strips are the high-gloss decorative strips you can employ to add spark to walls, backsplashes and tub surrounds. Apply them vertically, horizontally, or however you desire Sizzle Strips are designed to coordinate perfectly with your favorite American Olean wall tile.

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