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Based in Atlanta, GA with sales offices, representatives and dealers throughout the US and around the globe, APCO has been providing innovative sign solutions since 1966. With a solid infrastructure and a proven track record of performance, your APCO signage investment is secured with product availability and service for years to come.

Design and innovation have been at the core of APCO's business since our founding in 1966. It is our passion! With an unprecedented 10 awards for Product Design Excellence as presented by the Industrial Designer's Society of America, APCO continues to offer the broadest range of innovative sign solutions in the industry. All APCO products are built to last, easy to maintain and backed by written warranties.

Nothing happens without good people, and at APCO we have the best in the industry. We do what it takes to ensure complete customer satisfaction, standing by the APCO Golden Rule: If we were the customer, what would we expect?

APCO is a Proud Member of:
IFMA (International Facility Management Association)
IDSA (Industrial Designers Socity of America)
ISA (International Sign Association)
SEGD (Society for Environmental Graphic Design)
USGBC (U.S. Green Building Council)


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Interior Sign Systems

Curved Face Sign System image

Curved Face Sign System - Arcadia®

Arcadia is a curved-face aluminum sign system featuring unique, contour-shaped edge profiles and available in a wide range of sizes and configurations including wall signs, ceiling signs and free-standing kioks. The Arcadia system is designed to accommodate a variety of modular sign inserts and displays, including printed paper, injection molded message strips, ADA plaques and more. Arcadia aluminum extrusions contain 50% recycled content and are 100% recyclable. Arcadia is also compatible with APCO's Elements2 range of decorative components and backer shapes.
Low-Profile Sign & Display System image

Low-Profile Sign & Display System - FullView®

FullView is a low-profile modular sign and display system able to accommodate a wide range of sign insert materials and offering a unique tamper-resistant feature. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, FullView provides a well-designed solution for any interior signage need including wall signs, ADA signs, overhead signs and kiosks. The FullView aluminum edge profiles are aesthetically compatible with the APCO Accord15 product so those two systems can be combined within the same project as necessary. FullView is also compatible with APCO's Elements2 range of decorative components and backer shapes.
Comprehensive Modular Sign System image

Comprehensive Modular Sign System - Accord 15®

A Gold Winner in the 2000 Industrial Design Awards, Accord15 remains one of the most innovative and comprehensive modular sign solutions available. Accord15 offers a solution for every budget and every signage need, from simple personnel signs to complex, multi-strip directory and directional signs. The system features front-loading, snap-lock inserts and message bands and its edge profile designs are aesthetically compatible with the APCO FullView product so those two systems can be combined within the same project as necessary. Accord15 is also compatible with APCO's Elements2 range of decorative components and backer shapes.
Decorative Components & Shapes image

Decorative Components & Shapes - Elements 2

The Elements2 system of decorative components and finishes combines the functional benefits of APCO's three primary modular systems with the unique looks of a completely custom solution. At the center of Elements2 is SiennaCORE, a thermoset composite backer with 50% recycled content and comprised of materials from FSC certified sources. Standard options include a range of wood, stone, translucent, solid color and abstract decorative patterns. With 20 standard shapes and 82 finishes, the creative combinations are limitless.
Injection Molded Modular Sign System image

Injection Molded Modular Sign System - IM System®/SignMatch®

The original modular sign system, the IM / SignMatch system of integrally colored injection molded holders and interchangeable sign inserts offers a timeless & classic look. With over 95 components and cost-effective solutions for laser printed paper inserts, the system is easy to order, install and maintain.
Note & Message Holder image

Note & Message Holder - Notifier®

The Notifier Message Strip is the simplest way to display notices, messages, charts and posters. Made of extruded aluminum and machined aluminum rollers, the Notifier functions flawlessly, adjusting automatically to grip paper or card stock up to 1/64" thick. The Notifier can be used as a stand alone solution or can be used in conjunction with APCO's Arcadia, Fullview, Accord15 or IM/SignMatch systems.
User Lettering Sign Solution image

User Lettering Sign Solution - SignWord®

SignWord is a complete range of solutions to enable user updatability of APCO interior modular sign systems. At the heart of the system is the SignWord Pro software, a FREE download at apcosigns.com providing templates and graphics capabilities for easy in-house sign updates. The SignWord system is also comprised of a vast range of pre-perforated, color coated paper stock sized for compatability with APCO's modular systems, including Arcadia, Accord15, FullView and SignMatch. SignWord is by far the easiest, fastest, most economical and most eco-friendly way to maintain your sign systems in-house, from personnel and room identification signs to directories and directionals.

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Fiberglass and Aluminum Sign System image

Fiberglass and Aluminum Sign System - PolySign®

The modular PolySign system combines both aluminum structure and fiberglass panels, using each material where it is most suitable resulting in the highest quality exterior system available. Use of fiberglass within the PolySign system offers of number of unique benefits versus traditional aluminum and acrylic exterior signs, including higher impact resistant sign faces, superior quality & legibility of illuminated graphics and the ability to easily refurbish panels for future use. PolySign is a complete system, with a wide range of sizes, shapes and configurations, with curved or flat, illuminated or non-illuminated faces.
Post, Panel & Bar System image

Post, Panel & Bar System - SignBar®/SignPanel™

The SignBar/SignPanel system consists of high quality modular aluminum message bars and panels that attach within extruded aluminum posts of varying sizes. The wide range of aluminum post shapes and decorative details truly set this system apart from the rest, offering looks compatible with either traditional or modern environments including college and corporate campuses. A curved face solution is also available with the SignPanel Curve series.
Finger Point System image

Finger Point System - SignPoint®

Finger point signs are one of the oldest and most understandable forms of directional signs and can be the ideal solution for pedestrian or vehicular traffic environments. SignPoint is a high quality, durable system constructed of extruded aluminum components and robust 1/4" thick message panels and blades. A range of unique decorative features maximizes the customization opportunities with this design flexible product while maintaining complete modularity for future updates.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Directory & Display Systems

Display,  PinBoard &  Write-on/Wipe-off System image

Display, PinBoard & Write-on/Wipe-off System - MyDay®

MyDay is a modular system for displaying multiple types of information and communication all within a single, low-profile aluminum housing. Display options include PinBoards, Write-on / Wipe-off Boards, Clocks and more. With a unique lift-and-pull feature, displays may be changed quickly and easily as necessary. Initially designed for hospital patient rooms, MyDay also offers perfect solutions for corporate and educational environments.
Infection Control Solutions image

Infection Control Solutions - HealthView™

Fight the spread of infection in your facilitybut don't sacrifice image to do it! HealthView is a unique modular system for dispensing a number of infection control products such as hand wipes, hand sanitizers, tissues and masks. In addition, HealthView can display information such as health tips, facility information, hand sanitizing instructions, advertising and more. The system is constructed of quality aluminum components and is available in a range of finishes, sizes and configurations, including wall mounts, stanchions and kiosks.
Aluminum Cabinet Directory & Display System image

Aluminum Cabinet Directory & Display System - Visuline®

Visuline is a high quality, modular directory and display system for interior or exterior use. Its housing is constructed of extruded aluminum with a lockable aluminum door offered in four shapes and featuring 1/4" clear tempered glass protecting graphics and displays from the elements. Modular display options include aluminum, injection molded or paper message strips, maps, fabric boards or pin boards. The system is offered as non-illuminated (Series 2300) or with a downlight feature (Series 2400). Mounting options include fully or semi-recessed wall mount, surface wall mount, double post or pedestal mount.
Internally  Illuminated  Display System image

Internally Illuminated Display System - Visulite®

The award winning Visulite represents the finest in illuminated directories, with high quality components and craftsmanship throughout. A fully modular solution, Visulite offers a classic look, siplicity and guaranteed performance difficult to achieve with computer driven LCD displays.
Fiberglass Directory & Display System image

Fiberglass Directory & Display System - Visulex®

Visulex is a seamless, molded directory fiberglass cabinet that houses one or any combination of insert components, including injection molded message strips, maps, laser printed paper message strips and more, all protected by a lift-out, non-glare lens.
Enclosed Bulletin Board System image

Enclosed Bulletin Board System - Visulex 40™

The award-winning Visulex design is the basis for this low profile aluminum cabinet which houses a fabric bulletin board. A lift-out non-glare lens and choice of alumumin edge profiles give the Visulex40 a refreshing, clean look unlike the traditional "framed door" look of other enclosed bulletin board solutions.
Digital Sign & Wayfinding Solutions image

Digital Sign & Wayfinding Solutions - AlivePromo Digital Solutions

Since 2004, APCO has provided digital sign and wayfinding solutions for a wide range of facilities throughout the US, from office and retail environments to universities and healthcare facilities. In the summer of 2008, APCO finalized a strategic partnership with AlivePromo, Inc. of Minneapolis, MN, a company offering the most dynamic digital solutions and highest level of service of any digital provider in the US. Working together, AlivePromo and APCO will customize a digital solution to fit virtually any need.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Other Sign Products

Dimensional Graphics image

Dimensional Graphics

APCO offers a full range of dimensional graphics solutions, including cast or etched metal plaques, precision cut metal or acrylic letters, channel letters and applied vinyl graphics.
Online Sign Re-Ordering System image

Online Sign Re-Ordering System - ReSign™

Signs can be complex, visual products thus making the reorder process very burdensome and prone to errors, especially for large projects. APCO's ReSign application solves that problem, allowing designated facility staff to submit customzed sign reorders online 24/7. APCO ReSign clients are given access to their own password-protected online library where sign drawings, product instructions and electronic sign reorder forms are at their disposal. The reordering system is customized by APCO on a project-specific basis to best suit the needs of each particular project and client.

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