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Founded in 1948, Construction Specialties (CS) is a family-owned building products company. CS provides solutions to complex problems that architects, designers, building owners, facility managers, and contractors face every day. Since inventing the first extruded louver, CS has become a global leader in interior wall protection, impact-resistant doors and frames, entrance flooring, expansion joint covers, architectural louvers and grilles, sun controls, specialty venting, cubicle curtains and tracks. CS draws upon extensive expertise to design custom, high-quality products—many of which are a part of the Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Products Program. CS products can be found on some of the world’s most significant architecture: One World Trade Center in New York City, The Shard in London and Burj Khalifa in Dubai. For more information about CS products and solutions, please visit:


{{}} {{this.hide}} Acrovyn Wall & Door Protection

Handrails image

Handrails - Acrovyn

Choose from a wide selection of handrails that include our durable Acrovyn profile, our exquisite Renaissance wood and metal railings and our new Platform Handrails.
Crash Rails image

Crash Rails - Acrovyn

Protect your most abused walls with a broad selection of crash rails, bumper guards and accent rails in Acrovyn, wood, stainless and wood/stainless combinations.
Corner Guards image

Corner Guards - Acrovyn

Surface and Flush Mounted Corner Guards are designed to keep corners damage free. Available In Acrovyn, wood/stainless, stainless steel and polycarbonate corner guards.
Door and Frame Protection image

Door and Frame Protection - Acrovyn

Designed to take any kind of punishment, our doors will hold up where standard doors can't. Acrovyn frame protectors reduce damage and maintenance costs.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Acrovyn by Design

Unlimited Options image

Unlimited Options - Acrovyn

With Acrovyn by Design, designers have unlimited visual possibilities without having to worry about damage to the graphics or the wall.
Pattern Collection image

Pattern Collection

This new line of decorative patterns was designed by healthcare designers. Unlike current wall covering products on the market promising protection, Acrovyn by Design is true wall protection because its patterns are embedded behind our .040" thick rigid sheet. The six exclusive patterns we offer are available in 12 colorways that coordinate with standard Acrovyn colors. We can also provide custom patterns and variations of our standard patterns.
See it in Place image

See it in Place

Graphic imagery and branding are featured floor to ceiling on the wall at the entrance to this office.
Technical Info image

Technical Info

Acrovyn by Design is PVC-free and has been tested in accordance with ASTM E84 Class A fire characteristics. Supplied in 4'x8' or 4'x10' rigid sheets that are .040" thick, Acrovyn by Design installs with the same adhesive that Acrovyn does and utilizes minimal sheet spacing, caulk or trims to allow for proper expansion and contraction of the material.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Acrovyn Wall Coverings & Panels

Acrovyn Wall Covering image

Acrovyn Wall Covering - Acrovyn

An unbeatable combination of looks and performance, Acrovyn Wall Panels provide the ultimate in wall protection and can be installed over any substrate.
Acrovyn Saratoga Wall Covering & Wall Panels image

Acrovyn Saratoga Wall Covering & Wall Panels

The Saratoga wall system is ideal for high traffic areas. Key to the system is our rugged .040" Acrovyn sheet, available in a variety of textures, solid colors and Chameleon patterns. By incorporating matching or contrasting vertical or horizontal moldings, a variety of panelized designs can be achieved. Permanently mounted, it can be used in full height or wainscot applications. The vertical and horizontal moldings are supplied in 2", 4", 6" or 8" widths, in lengths of 9'-6".
Acrovyn Wall Covering & Wall Panels image

Acrovyn Wall Covering & Wall Panels

Heavy-duty protection against wall abuse, Acrovyn Rigid Sheet is the perfect wall covering for interiors subjected to daily abuse.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Acrovyn Doors

Acrovyn Doors image

Acrovyn Doors

Acrovyn Doors are designed to withstand constant daily abuse. PVC-Free Acrovyn Doors feature replaceable patented stiles and edge guards on both the strike and hinge sides.
Acrovyn Doors Colors & Finishes image

Acrovyn Doors Colors & Finishes

Acrovyn Doors are available in 15 handsome wood grain patterns, two simulated metal patterns and 60 designer solid colors. Stainless steel edge guards and integrated kick plates are available.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Entrance Flooring

Entrance Mats image

Entrance Mats - Pedisystems

C/S Pedisystems architectural mats and grids keep the entrances of commercial buildings, schools and hospitals, safe and beautiful by stopping dirt, snow and water at the door.
Entrance Grids image

Entrance Grids - Pedisystems

The C/S Pedisystems Entrance Grids Selector assists you in choosing the best architectural grid entryway for your building. Select between GridLine, Pedigrid, and PediTred models.
Design Step Entrance Carpet image

Design Step Entrance Carpet - Pedisystems

The C/S Pedisystems DesignStep Entrance Carpet Selector assists you in choosing the most appropriate carpeting in zone 3 of a three-part Pedisystem. Select between Duration or Power Point models. Each model includes 8 dirt-concealing colors.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Floorometry

Floorometry 101 image

Floorometry 101

C/S Floorometry 101 redefines the stainless steel entrance grid. Comprised of a series of 18" x 18" flush stainless steel modules Floorometry 101''s standard panel offering comes either with or without a triangular pattern and enables designers the freedom to specify other custom geometries and architectural bronze inserts.
Floorometry 201 image

Floorometry 201 - Floorometry

Exciting new Floorometry 201 takes stainless steel entrance flooring to a whole new level. Architects and interior designers can select from 201''s stunningly beautiful, and newly expanded wire pattern designs to create a totally unique appearance at the entrance to any building.
Floorometry 301 image

Floorometry 301

The 301 product offers unlimited design possibilities. Manufactured from precision cut stainless steel, each of Floorometry''s 301 cells can include recycled rubber, carpet or composite tile inserts.
Floorometry 401 image

Floorometry 401

Whether you specify Blue Pearl granite, terrazzo, marble or engineered stone for your entrance, our new Floorometry 401 flooring system can incorporate the same material up to 3/4" thick in the product''s 18" x 18" modules.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Expansion Joint Covers

Restofit™  image


Restofit™ Joint Systems provide refreshing options for worn out and broken down expansion joint covers. All options are easy to install and require minimal down time for your facility, saving you time and money.
Floor Joint Covers image

Floor Joint Covers

Applications with small interior joints where minimal visual impact is preferred. Suitable for most floor finishes. Frame depth and configuration is variable to suit selected finish.
Wall & Ceiling Joint Covers image

Wall & Ceiling Joint Covers

C/S wall and ceiling covers are designed to align with and match flush Thinline covers used in the floor. Suitable for most wall and ceiling finishes - frame configuration variable to suit selected finish.
Exterior Specialty Joint Covers image

Exterior Specialty Joint Covers

C/S offers exterior wall covers, flexible seals, and room covers for all applications 2" to 36" joint sizes with multi-directional movement.
Parking Garage & Stadium Joint Covers image

Parking Garage & Stadium Joint Covers

C/S has significantly enhanced parking garage construction by introducing several innovative cover designs. Choose from a variety of winged seals, compression seals, and metal seismic covers.
Fire Barriers image

Fire Barriers

Fire Barrier Systems are designed to be used with any of our expansion joint assemblies. All systems have been tested at Underwriters Laboratories and are UL Classified and labeled.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Louvers

Storm Resistant Louvers image

Storm Resistant Louvers

Developed to resist water penetration from wind driven rain. 20 times more effective at stopping rain than conventional louvers. Tested on BSRIA, HEVAC and AMCA wind driven rain test standards.
Hurricane Louvers image

Hurricane Louvers

Dade County Approved consisting of a combination of louvers or grilles, supports, missile protection screens, operating dampers, wind driven rain protection modules and/or blank-off panels.
Drainable Louvers image

Drainable Louvers

Drainable louvers reduce water penetration from non-wind driven rain. These louvers have blades with one or more gutters to direct water to vertical down spouts in the louver jambs and mullions.
Non-Drainable, Formed Metal and Air Conditioning & Thinline Louvers image

Non-Drainable, Formed Metal and Air Conditioning & Thinline Louvers

Economical, Non-Drainable extruded aluminum or formed metal louvers should be used in applications where ventilation is important and water penetration is unlikely to occur.
Acoustical Louvers image

Acoustical Louvers

Fixed, operating and dual combination acoustical models are used to decrease the transmission of sound while still allowing ventilation. The 12" deep model 12350 offers maximum noise reduction.
Operating Louvers image

Operating Louvers

Operating louvers that control the amount of air through a louver are available with either 45 degrees or 90 degree operating blades. Dual combination louvers provide a fixed louver appearance.
Brick Block and Insulated & Thermal Break Louvers image

Brick Block and Insulated & Thermal Break Louvers

C/S miscellaneous louvers include; Penthouses, Insulated Louvers and Brick/Block Vents. Penthouses are available in custom sizes with any C/S Louver model.
Blast Resistant Louvers image

Blast Resistant Louvers

Ability to withstand blasts up to 8 PSI and capable of meeting the government requirement to protect buildings that are vulnerable to explosive threats.
Perform Louvers image

Perform Louvers

Providing all the air movement, security and sight screening of our standard Louvers but with our exclusive perforated facade that gives it a totally fresh modern appearance.
Bold-Line Louvers image

Bold-Line Louvers

Without sacrificing performance, we now provide architects with new tools to use on their facades which will make it so you never look at louvers the same way again.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Grilles

Geometric Grilles image

Geometric Grilles

A unique variety of expression for decorative facings, and are the perfect choice where function and aesthetics are the architectural goal.
Vision Barriers Grilles image

Vision Barriers Grilles

For every sight screening problem, there is a C/S Vision Barrier to do the job attractively and effectively.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Sun Controls

Cantilevered and Suspended Sun Shades image

Cantilevered and Suspended Sun Shades

C/S offers a complete line of Fixed and Operating Sun Controls that save energy, reduce heat and glare, allow filtered light to enter the building interior, and permits occupants to see out.
Infill Sunshades image

Infill Sunshades

Provides buildings with effective sun control, yet offers stunning visual effects by admitting soft dappled light.
Airfoil Lux Sunshades image

Airfoil Lux Sunshades

Suitable for all climates, Airfoil Lux blades and fascias utilize energy efficient, weather resistant LED lighting to dramatically outline or illuminate your building during evening hours. Available in 8" or 12" widths in five standard colors.
Daylight Systems image

Daylight Systems

C/S Lightshelves direct light deeply into the building. They reduce heat and glare allowing occupants to sit adjacent to windows.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Specialty Venting

Explosian Vents image

Explosian Vents - Explovent

FM tested and approved Explovent panels are engineered for release at very low design pressures. Explovent panels are testable at any time, and resettable after an event.
Fire Suppression Vents image

Fire Suppression Vents - Explovent

Our Fire Suppression Vent Systems protect interior wall and ceiling structures from the pressure rise experienced during the release of fire suppression agents.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Cubicle Track Curtains

Curtains image


The nylon mesh on all C/S Cubicle Curtains are sewn into the body of the curtains. There are no mesh edges exposed to fray, snag or tear.
Snap Lock Curtains image

Snap Lock Curtains

Modular curtain system that removes quickly for easy cleaning.
Qwik Switch Curtains image

Qwik Switch Curtains

An easy two step process for changing privacy curtains.
Isolation Curtains image

Isolation Curtains

C/S Isolation Curtains are perfect for critical care, emergency and isolation traffic areas in healthcare facilities. These isolation curtains look just like fabric curtains and are cost effective when compared with the life-cycle cost of traditional fabric curtains.
Track Systems image

Track Systems

C/S track systems feature high quality aluminum extrusions for easy, flawless operation. Whether your application calls for surface or suspended mounting in straight or radiused runs our tracks stay put, not matter how hard the curtain is pulled.
Track Carriers & Hardware image

Track Carriers & Hardware

C/S offers a complete line of cubicl track carriers and hardware for our standard and IV track systems. All of our carriers are designed to assure fast, smooth, snag-free movement in any of our track systems.
I.V. Pendants image

I.V. Pendants

C/S offers a variety of polished stainless steel IV pendants for use in emergency rooms, intensive care units, and surgical suites.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Sustainability Literature

Sustainability Literature

Sustainability Timeline
As we continue our efforts to positively affect our environment for the health and safety of both present and future generations, we are proud of our achievements, illustrated in this timeline.

Last Update: 2017-05-16