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Carolina Ceramics Brick Company stakes its reputation on each brick that leaves the kilns. Since 1939, our commitment to advanced engineering has established us as one of the nation's leading suppliers of quality brick. Our innovative approach continues to broaden our product line, from an initial offering of residential firebrick to today's extensive array of colors, sizes and shapes that inspire architectural excellence.

Over the years, we have placed our customers' needs first by establishing strategic partnerships with key distributors nationwide. In the short term, we could have invested less. It the long term, we are glad we did. Because we like to be available should a question arise that requires a Carolina Ceramics representative to be on site. That commitment to personalized customer service is just one reason Carolina Ceramics has been so successful. But it's one very important reason!

We are determined to exceed our customers' expectations. Anything less is unacceptable.


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Carolina Ceramics began as a firebrick manufacturer in 1939. Today, we are still a leading supplier. All of our firebrick meets ASTM C-1261 specs.

Fireplace Brick - Full Size
Our light duty fireplace brick conform to ASTM C 1261 and are recommended for use in fire boxes for masonry fireplaces and barbeques.
  • 2 1/4 inch x 4 inch x 8 inch 
(Suggested installation: 4 x 8 face)
  • 5.7 lbs. each

Fireplace Brick - Splits
Our split fireplace brick meet ASTM C 1261 Specifications and are recommended for use in lining fireplace inserts and wood burning stoves.
  • 1 1/4 inch x 4 1/2 inch x 8 inch 
(Suggested installation: 4 1/2 x 8 face)
  • 3.5 lbs. each
KLADbrick™ Panels image

KLADbrick™ Panels

What happens when you take a time-proven concept and give it a new application? KLADbrick™ from Carolina Ceramics Brick Company. With the look and feel of brick because it is real brick and the cost efficiencies of precast panels, KLADbrick yields success stories on many levels. It fills the void between traditional brick walls and precast concrete panels.

KLADbrick panels are assembled off-site in a factory to your specifications. You get exactly the look you want and repetition works in your favor. KLADbrick can save you time and money.
  • minimizes construction-site weather delays
  • maximizes quality control

Architects enjoy more design options. Mix brick, mix sizes you design, we do the work. Owners realize consistent, on-time construction resulting in cost savings. Contractors experience less pressure from delays. Unadorned precast concrete wall panels lack the beauty and substance of Carolina Ceramics™ panelized KLADbrick system. Design and style flexibility married to economic and timeline efficiency Kerfed, Locked And Dovetailed brick offers it all.

KLADbrick Brochure
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Carolina Ceramics Brick Company now offers a lightweight thin veneer brick to add the pleasing beauty of brick to non-supported interior and exterior surfaces. Combining THINbrick with any color from our Architectural and Provincial Collections is easy since these bricks are cut from the full face brick!

Advantages of THINbrick
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install
  • Sustainable design
  • Faster construction and occupancy
  • May be used where structural support for conventional brick veneer is not available
  • Flexible construction scheduling with other trades

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Architectural Collection image

Architectural Collection

Our Architectural Collection boasts the classic colorations you would expect as well as unusual, light colors that can only be made in certain areas of the country. In South Carolina, our clay allows us to work wonders with light colors. We consider ourselves lucky! Are you?
Provincial Collection image

Provincial Collection

Our Provincial Collection was created to replicate old world brick and all it's rough and tumble characteristics, at a reasonable price. But we like to call it Richly Rustic!
Face Brick Sizes image

Face Brick Sizes

Not all sizes are available in all brick colors, but we will be happy to let you know what is available, what is in stock and what would be a special order. Just ask! 803-788-1916.

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Pathways, patios, landscaping beautification Carolina Ceramics line of pavers is designed to add value to the exterior of any building project. Providing outstanding durability in high traffic areas, pavers also add character and warmth. The unique properties of our facebrick created from Southern clay looks just as good when underfoot!
Engraved Pavers image

Engraved Pavers

Brick engraving provides a lasting legacy, serving as a permanent celebration of friends, family, groups and events. Whether you need one or a thousand, you'll find just the right color among Carolina Ceramics line of engraved pavers. Our pavers are available in most colors of our Architectural Collection.

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Separating art from architecture is a challenge sometimes. Now Carolina Ceramics has made it even more difficult, by offering carved brick sculptures and panels. One-of-a-kind art, crafted by artisans, can transform common space into an art display! Consider our sculptures for unique entrance signage, freestanding sculptures, fountains, wall friezes and fireplace surrounds. Let your inner artist out!

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Special Shapes

Our capabilities are unlimited when it comes to your perception of the perfect form to get the visual and practical results you seek. Your drawing and detailed description are welcome in our continuing determination to satisfy design challenges. We'll work with you; we'll work for you... putting all our craftsmanship and expertise at your disposal to meet your needs. Challenge us. We're ready!

Brick Shapes Guide

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Brick & Mortar Selector

Our manufacturing facility utilizes advanced brick-making equipment. Using the largest brick-handling robot in the world and state-of-the-art kilns, Carolina Ceramics can offer outstanding quality control and consistent grading procedures. Craftsmanship sets us apart, but our attention to detail enables Carolina Ceramics to surpass industry standards.

The sand and clay of the Southeastern United States offers Carolina Ceramics the ability to create unrivaled brick colors. We are continually adding new colors, textures, shapes and sizes to our line. In addition to rich through-the-body color, our flexible packaging capabilities allow us to blend multiple colors together in one order. Imagine the range of possibilities! You may be surprised by our palette, but don't be surprised when your building is recognized for its extraordinary brick. Need a custom blend? We can do that! So before you settle on a "me-too" brick for your projects, give Carolina Ceramics a call!

Commercial Brick & Mortar Selector

Brick & Mortar Selector

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Commercial Portfolio image

Commercial Portfolio

Portfolio Commercial

Trusted by architects and builders across the country, Carolina Ceramics offers brick products ideal for commercial projects.
Residential Portfolio image

Residential Portfolio

Portfolio Residential

Our Provincial Line is perfect for residential applications, providing the look of cobblestone with softened edges. Our landscaping products have stood the test of time, gaining a reputation for exceeding the expectations of professionals for decades.

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Environmental responsibility is a priority at Carolina Ceramics Brick Company. That's why our manufacturing facilities meet or exceed state and federal environmental regulations. We are committed to always improving our manufacturing process, thereby reducing environmental impact. Just a few of our earth-friendly practices include:
  • Using rainwater, run off water and recycled water in brick making
  • Recycling clay and bricks that don't meet our quality standards
  • Using high-efficiency, state-of-the-art natural gas kilns
  • Recycling heat from kiln cooling zone
  • Complete reclamation of clay mining lands
Our products are just as environmentally-friendly as our manufacturing practices. Brick is one of the greenest building materials available because:
  • It's made from clay and shale, two of the most abundant natural resources. It requires no maintenance and lasts for thousands of years.
  • It's an excellent insulator that conserves energy.
  • It's fireproof, insect proof and water resistant.
  • It's completely recyclable.

Carolina Ceramics Brick Company's complete Environmental Policy

If you would like to acquire a copy of Carolina Ceramics Brick Company's LEED Certification, please contact:

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