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thermoplastic single-ply and multi-ply roofing membranes


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Flex Single Ply and Multi Ply Systems carry standard five, ten, fifteen or twenty year warranties, depending on the product used, the method of application, the type of application and the climatic environment.


Flex Roofing Systems (Flex Membrane International, Inc) was established in 1988 as one of the first manufacturers of modified PVC single ply roofing membranes incorporating DuPont Elvaloy® KEE, a unique plasticizer that keeps the material indefinitely flexible, while making it highly resistant to environmental and temperature extremes and exposure to a wide range of chemicals and pollutants.

As a pioneer in single ply membrane roofing systems, Flex has since added to its product lines, as well as its expertise in all the systems it supplies. These roofing systems are installed only by certified installers based on training and experience with Flex products and techniques.

This combination of advanced roofing systems and quality control in the installation process helps make Flex a preferred provider for today's Cool Roof, Green Roof, Metal Roof Retrofit and advanced flexible Solar Roof systems.

All Flex systems include a full range of accessories, supplies and tools, along with all required technical information and specifications.

Flex is highly regarded for providing roofing professionals with exceptional technical service and customer support.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flex Elvaloy® KEE Single Ply

Flex Elvaloy® KEE Single Ply image

Flex Elvaloy® KEE Single Ply - Elvaloy®

Flex Elvaloy®-modified PVC Roofing Systems
  • White reflective Cool Roof surface with extreme durability and high performance
  • Standard or fleece-backed single ply reinforced membranes in rolls up to 10' wide
  • Seams welded with hot air welding to form an impervious weathertight seal
  • Stays flexible and "workable" indefinitely

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flex PVC Single Ply

Flex PVC Single Ply image

Flex PVC Single Ply

Benefits of Flex PVC Reinforced Membrane Roofing System
  • Available in 10'' wide rolls for faster installation, fewer seams
  • White reflective Cool Roof surface helps reduce air conditioning costs
  • Installation options include adhered, mechanically attached, RhinoBond and V2T Vented system
  • Excellent waterproofing solution
  • Proven performance in the toughest climates and environments
  • Low water vapor permeance and water absorption
  • Exceptional resistance to solar UV, ozone, and oxidation High strength prevents breaking and tearing
  • Exceptional flexibility for easy, quick installation
  • High long-term mechanical strength
  • Qualifies for LEED™ credits

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Flex TPO Single Ply

Flex TPO Single Ply Roofing image

Flex TPO Single Ply Roofing

A Thermoplastic Polyolefin specially formulated for roofing applications
  • White reflective Cool Roof membrane helps reduce cooling energy costs
  • Exceeds ASTM requirement for TPO membranes ensuring performance, durability and long service life
  • Installed as mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted
  • Remains flexible and "workable" for the life of the product

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Modified Bitumen Roofing

Flex Modified Bitumen

Flex SBS (styrene butadiene styrene) Modified Bitumen Roofing
  • Two ply or three ply systems
  • Flexible to -22'F and stable up to 212F
  • Resistant to severe climate conditions
  • Installs using conventional application techniques

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Coal Tar Elastomer Roofing

Flex CTR (Coal Tar Elastomer Roofing)  image

Flex CTR (Coal Tar Elastomer Roofing)

CTEM composite membrane with Elvaloy®
  • Extreme watertight integrity for flat roof applications susceptible to ponding
  • Seams are hot air welded
  • Withstands the harshest environmental conditions

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} ISO Insulation Board

Flex ISO Insulation Board

A wide range of "green" ISO Insulation Board for all applications
  • Proven ISO insulation performance, R-value based on Long Term Thermal Resistance (LTTR)
  • 4 x 4' and 4' x 8' sheets, from 1" to 4" thick in 0.1" increments
  • Highly versatile; ideal for all single ply and multi-ply applications
  • Fiber-reinforced felt facers
  • Environmentally "green" insulation board, no HCFCs used

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Pre-Formed Flashing

Flex Pre-Formed Flashing & Walkway image

Flex Pre-Formed Flashing & Walkway

Flex pre-formed flashings, including pipe flanges, inside and outside corners help reduce installation time for penetrations, and corners. Walkways with skid-resistant texture add a convenient access path for workman and help add to roof service life.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Adhesives and Sealants

Flex Adhesives and Sealants image

Flex Adhesives and Sealants

Flex provides a complete line of environmentally friendly adhesives for use with thermoplastic single ply roofing membranes.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Metal Components

Architectural Metals and Retrofit Drains image

Architectural Metals and Retrofit Drains

Flex supplies all the metal components required for an outstanding installation, including a full range of fasteners, termination bars, coping cap, gravel stops, fascia, retrofit roof drains, Flexclad™ metal and accessories.

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