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Galaxy Control Systems represents the evolution of Digital Systems Corporation. Digital, an award winning defense contractor, developed a state-of-the-art, computer controlled, microprocessor-driven system for the covert surveillance and tracking of enemy submarines for the US Military.

The intensive research and development from this program produced many technological discoveries and breakthroughs, including the technology that led to the development of one of the security industry's first intelligent access control panels.. and the creation of Galaxy Control Systems.

The same results-driven culture that made Digital an exemplary defense contractor is mirrored at Galaxy Control Systems today. We pride ourselves, not only on the quality of our products, but also on the quality of our employees. It takes great people who share a common vision --from design and production to sales and customer service -- to produce great results. We have those people; just see the results we achieve.

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  • System Galaxy
    System Galaxy Software image System Galaxy (SG) is a scalable, enterprise-class Access Control & Management solution that seamlessly integrates security and building management functions. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 2000 (or higher) environments, SG interacts with other 3rd party systems.

    System Galaxy combines its scalable design with built-in customizable features. This makes it easy to meet the needs of any size customer, from small business to medium and large enterprise organizations and easily expands as customer needs change.
    Specs for System Galaxy Software PDF System Galaxy Software e-Catalog
    USB Enrollment Reader
    USB Enrollment Reader image Cards can now be swiped or learned into the System Galaxy system using a Galaxy provided USB Programming Reader/Interface. This interface allows Transmissive Infrared, ABA and Wiegand reader technologies to plug into a communication port on the back of the PC.
    600 Series Controller image The mode 600 Access Control Panel is the most flexible, dependable integrated access control solution available.

    Operating with System Galaxy's state-of-the-art software, the Model 600 can interface with CCTV, DVR, Galaxy's video verification, building controls, biometrics, time & attendance and visitor registration.

    Modular design allows for easy expansion, up to sixteen door controllers can be linked via IP to create a large or small system configuration with unlimited doors.

    Up to 50,000 users per cluster, 254 user-defineable time schedules, 1500 access groups, 10,000 event log buffer and native TCP/IP
    CAD Details for 600 Series Controller Specs for 600 Series Controller PDF 600 Series Controller e-Catalog
    600 Series Dual Port Interface image Dual Port Interface One Dual Port Interface (DPI) board supports two reader ports on the Galaxy 600 control panels. It provides two relays for each port and supervision of door contacts. It also provides exceptional surge protection to guard against damage from electrical spikes, and is easily replaced by simply “hot swapping” a new DPI while power is still applied to the controller.
    CAD Details for 600 Series Dual Port Interface Specs for 600 Series Dual Port Interface PDF 600 Series Dual Port Interface e-Catalog
    600 Series Digital Input/Output Board image The Digital Input/Output (DIO) board controls input and output devices. The 600 Digital I/O board provides Input Supervision and introduces a new feature called Hypervision. Hypervision is a new on-board feature that provides an added layer of se-curity by protecting supervised inputs from being defeated. Hypervision uses alternating voltages and additional thresholds for the supervised input. The board reports the appropriate event (alarm, trouble, or safe).
    CAD Details for 600 Series Digital Input/Output Board Specs for 600 Series Digital Input/Output Board PDF 600 Series Digital Input/Output Board e-Catalog
    600 Series Dual Serial Interface Board image The Dual Serial Interface (DSI) board allows Galaxy to interface with third party vendors using RS-232 or RS-485 connection. There are two RS-232 channels and two RS-485 channels on a board.
    CAD Details for 600 Series Dual Serial Interface Board Specs for 600 Series Dual Serial Interface Board PDF 600 Series Dual Serial Interface Board e-Catalog
  • Galaxy DVR
    Discovery Series DVR image Galaxy Control Systems’ H Series DVR is a high performance video management solution designed for recording real-time 30 PPS 4 CIF video and audio, on all channels. With hardware based MPEG-4 compression and the ability to output high-resolution multiplexed video for monitoring, the H Series is perfectly suited for your most demanding surveillance applications.
  • CCTV
    Analog Camera image High ResTamper Resistant Indoor Dome, White, 4~9mm Varifocal Day/Night,500TVL, 3-Axis Gimbal, Sony Super HAD 1/3”, Sony SS-11X DSP, 12vDC, BLC, AGC Turbo, Quick Mount.
    IP Cameras image High Resolution IP Dome Cameras
    PTZ Cameras image Certified to be compatible with Discovery 3 Series DVR
  • Readers
  • Printers
    Magicard Printer image

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