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HALFEN is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of anchoring systems for the construction and engineering markets. Well known and respected internationally for over 80 years, the company offers a comprehensive range of pre-engineered and environmentally focused anchoring systems for faster, easier installation of building facades, mechanical services, structural components, civil engineering and tunnelling components.


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HALFEN Anchor Channels image

HALFEN Anchor Channels - HTA, HZA

HALFEN HTA Anchor Channels and HALFEN HZA DYNAGRIP Toothed Anchor Channels provide designers and contractors with high performance adjustable connections to concrete. HALFEN's wide range of Anchor Channels and fitting T-bolts offers a simple and quick way of installation and adjustment and eliminates the use of power tools, reduces the development of dust, and eliminates the fire risk generated by traditional post installed anchors or welded connections. HALFEN Anchor Channels are available in hot dip galvanized carbon steel and in stainless steel. The HALFEN channel range offers a variety of performance characteristics utilized for curtain wall anchoring; brick faade support; elevator and mechanical service anchoring; and structural steel to concrete connections.

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Curtain Wall Systems image

Curtain Wall Systems - HCW

HALFEN Curtain Wall Support Systems consist of a range of HALFEN Anchor Channels and matching HALFEN T-bolts. Special HALFEN Brackets are used to connect the curtain wall faade elements to the main structure of the building. HALFEN HCW Systems are galvanized to ensure corrosion protection. HALFEN Anchor Channels are designed for longitudinal, dynamic, and high wind loads. HALFEN Brackets are designed for horizontal and vertical loads and easy adjustability.

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Tension Rod System image

Tension Rod System - DETAN

DETAN Tension Rod Systems provide attractive structural bracing, while enhancing the architectural impact of the structure. The System is commonly used in the bracing of exposed steel structures, timber roofs, glass walls, cantilevering sun shades and pedestrian bridges. The DETAN system is available in an extensive range of diameters and custom lengths in both galvanized carbon steel, or in stainless steel. Hidden length adjustment for construction tolerances means that the DETAN System has no exposed threads or turnbuckles, enhancing the architectural appearance.

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Shear Dowel Systems image

Shear Dowel Systems - HSD

HALFEN HSD Shear Dowels and HALFEN HSD-ULTRA High Capacity Shear Dowels are stainless steel shear load connectors for concrete constructions. They are used where relative movement between two concrete parts resulting from shrinkage and creeping as well as from temperature expansion shall be allowed and movement in one or two other planes shall be restricted. HALFEN HSD and HSD-ULTRA Shear Dowels can take over high shear forces through construction joints. All HALFEN Shear Dowels come as a set, comprising a dowel and a sleeve component.
Lockable Dowels System image

Lockable Dowels System - HSD-LD

HALFEN HSD-LD Lockable Dowels have been designed for use at temporary movement joints, most commonly found in post-tensioned concrete frames. These dowels allow initial shrinkage of the concrete to take place and are then locked in position with a mechanical plate and a controlled amount of epoxy resin. The locked dowels continue to transfer shear, but prevent further movement taking place.
Insulated Balcony Connections image

Insulated Balcony Connections - HIT

Halfen HIT Insulated Balcony Connections significantly reduce the thermal transfer that traditionally occurs between external concrete balconies and the interior concrete floor slab within the living space of the building. By insulating the exterior concrete from the interior slab, energy savings can be obtained in heating and cooling costs. Also by preventing the cooling of the interior floor slab during winter conditions interior condensation and resulting mold growth are eliminated in most applications. HIT balcony connectors are available in many configurations to safely transfer the balcony loads to the structure and are suitable for use in condominiums, hotels, and other concrete frame buildings.
Rebend Connection image

Rebend Connection - HBT

HALFEN HBT Rebend Connections consist of special pre-bent and pre-spaced steel reinforcement supplied in a pre-galvanized steel steel box that is dimpled and flanged for maximum concrete bond. The system is used to enable efficient and reliable reinforcement continuity for sections of concrete structures that are poured in subsequent phases without the need to drill formwork.

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Concealed Lintel System image

Concealed Lintel System

Virtually any flat or arched masonry lintel can be accomplished without any exposed steel, using HALFEN's Concealed Lintel System. High-end masonry projects can now have all-brick soffits, allowing the brickwork to remain the architectural focal point. Unlimited combinations with different brick size, coursing, span, soffit width, and rise can be engineered to match architectural design.
Brickwork Support Systems image

Brickwork Support Systems - FM

The HALFEN FM brickwork support systems replace traditional shelf angles with lighter, more adjustable, and thermally more effective support solutions. Ideal for wider insulated cavities and minimizing the width of support joints in the facade, HALFEN FM systems are easy to install, and allow economical and versatile brickwork design. Galvanized and stainless steel support options are available.
Stone Facade Anchors image

Stone Facade Anchors - FS

HALFEN manufactures a broad range of handset stainless steel stone anchors. They include simple grout-in anchors from the UMA range; multi-dimensional adjustable anchors from the HRM, BA and DT ranges; and multi-dimensional adjustable SUK sub-structure assemblies for the support and restraint of stone facades with large insulated cavities.

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Mounting/Framing Systems image

Mounting/Framing Systems - MT

HALFEN HM, HZM and HL channel profiles provide versatile connection systems when used as spanning components, or surface mounted to structural elements. HALFEN framing channels range from very heavy duty hot rolled, and toothed lipped profiles to lighter duty cold rolled formats. Materials available include carbon steel, hot-dip galvanized, and a range of stainless steel materials. This extensive channel range coupled extensive engineering data and matching adjustable T-bolt and channel nut connections allows a wide variety of structural, facade, and mechanical service connection applications.

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