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Operable and accordion partitions are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of two years, excluding abuse. In addition, accordion track and trolleys are guaranteed for 10 years. Glasswall partitions are guaranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship. The glass is not included in this warranty.


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Hufcor, Inc. a global company, headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin combines the strength of engineering and design to drive creative innovation in flexible space solutions. At Hufcor, we are focused on quality, durability, aesthetics, versatility, and acoustics of our movable wall systems. Founded in 1900, Hufcor has been leading the industry from opaque operable walls to the future of acoustical glass wall solutions. Our history for quality products and service continues to be our foundation for exceeding customer needs and creating the ability to manage space for improved and reusable environments. We strive to remain partners with all customers, offering peace of mind from design and construction to facility management services.


{{}} {{this.hide}} Vertical Lift Operable Partitions

Summit® Vertical Lift Operable Partitions image

Summit® Vertical Lift Operable Partitions

Hufcor, the world's most installed brand of operable partitions, introduces the Summit 640V vertical lift operable wall system. Summit's patent-pending lift system takes acoustic operable panels through a narrow slot and stacks them neatly above the ceiling. The unique, automated lifting device makes operation as simple as pushing a button to provide optimal space division.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Operable Partitions

Hufcor 600 Series Operable Partitions image

Hufcor 600 Series Operable Partitions

The Hufcor 600 Series operable partition is the most versatile and aesthetically pleasing operable wall constructed today. This heavy duty system is available in 3" and 4" models and with options to meet every budget. Single, paired and continuously hinged walls are available.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Movable Glass Panels

Glass Wall Movable Glass Panels image

Glass Wall Movable Glass Panels

Hufcor movable glass partitions include frameless, wood-framed, acoustic and custom made glass dividers. Glasswall is the creative answer for facilities requiring a physical, but not a visual barrier. Glass panels are suspended from overhead tracks -- no floor tracks or guides are needed.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Accordion Folding Doors

Accordion Folding Doors image

Accordion Folding Doors

Accordion folding doors are the fastest, most economical way to divide and organize space and insulate against noise. They provide instant privacy. Acoustical models have an inner steel lining that deadens sound and increases durability. The clean, crisp lines keep their shape and don't sag or bag, even after years of use.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Self-Support System

UNISPAN® Self-Support System image

UNISPAN® Self-Support System

Hufcor's Unispan is an Independent support system used with operable partitions or accordion doors for quick easy room division for buildings with inadequate overhead support.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Operable Wall Track Systems

FlexTact™ Tactical Training Wall Systems image

FlexTact™ Tactical Training Wall Systems

The Hufcor FlexTact™ system is designed to provide scenarios of multiple building layouts in a single facility. The system uses specially designed operable wall panels suspended from an overhead tracking system. The system allows room changes to be completed in minutes. Unlike fixed wall training centers, Hufcor movable wall centers provide unlimited floor to ceiling room configurations, increasing the trainers' effectiveness.

Last Update: 2016-12-01