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For almost 50 years, Kinetics Noise Control has been designing products to control sound and vibration. Established in 1958 as engineers focusing on sound and vibration control, Kinetics pioneered development of pre-compressed, molded fiberglass pad isolators that would be incorporated into an innovative new floor isolation system.

Since the company's inception, Kinetics has focused on engineering some of the most innovative products to address vibration, noise control, and seismic issues over a wide range of applications.

Noteworthy projects that have involved Kinetics products and designs include:

Albert Hall (London): Acoustic Panel Retrofit
Dallas Convention Center (TX): Whole Building Isolation above active rail lines
H&H Ballroom (Oscar Award Theater) (CA): Acoustic Noise Separation - Floor Isolation
New York Mercantile Exchange (NY): Interior Acoustic Treatment
NPR Washington Studios (DC): Acoustic Separation - Floor/Wall Isolation
Walt Disney Memorial Concert Hall (CA): Seismically Rated Interior Acoustic Envelope
Washington Subway system (DC): Track Bed Isolation

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  • LEED Related Products
  • Interior Finish Acoustical Products
    Interior Room Acoustics image Match your interior design with superior acoustics that block and absorb noise using our sound absorptive or reflective wall and ceiling panels, and our acoustical diffusers, baffles and cloud panels.
    Specs for Interior Room Acoustics PDF Interior Room Acoustics e-Catalog Green Product Data for Interior Room Acoustics
    HardSide Acoustical Wall Panels image The traditional acoustical wall panel, HardSide offers design versatility. A variety of shaped edges and panel thicknesses allow you to design for the desired appearance and acoustics. The perfect solution for many reverberant noise problems this panel offers superior performance in both wall and ceiling applications.
    Specs for HardSide Acoustical Wall Panels PDF HardSide Acoustical Wall Panels e-Catalog Green Product Data for HardSide Acoustical Wall Panels
    Ovation Reflector Panels image Designed for large spaces requiring improved sound directivity, strength, and timing of reflections from the ceiling area, Ovation Reflector Panels create superior acoustics in auditoriums, lecture halls, and performing arts centers.
    Specs for Ovation Reflector Panels PDF Ovation Reflector Panels e-Catalog
    Geometric Ceiling and Wall Sound Diffusers image The shaped surfaces of Kinetics' Geometric Diffusers break up direct sound reflections and disburse them evenly throughout the listening space. Kinetics' Geometric Diffusers are perfect for band and choral rehearsal rooms and performance spaces.
    Specs for Geometric Ceiling and Wall Sound Diffusers PDF Geometric Ceiling and Wall Sound Diffusers e-Catalog
    HighTones Wood Diffuser Panels image These attractive panels are designed using quadratic theory to create a series of channels of varying depths in the sound reflecting hardwood surfaces. The result is acoustical diffusion in high frequencies and control of unwanted flutter echo.
    Specs for HighTones Wood Diffuser Panels PDF HighTones Wood Diffuser Panels e-Catalog
    PAB Acoustical Baffles image PAB baffles are constructed from a 1-1/2 in. thick fiberglass core encased in a rigid, lightweight PVC frame. The fiberglass provides exceptional sound absorption while the spline-and-groove fabric attachment at the frame allows for easy replacement of the fabric covering, if damaged. Fully tailored corners give this baffle an attractive finished look.
    Specs for PAB Acoustical Baffles PDF PAB Acoustical Baffles e-Catalog Green Product Data for PAB Acoustical Baffles
  • Isolation Products
    Architectural Noise Separation image Achieve substantial noise reduction in airborne and structure borne sound with Kinetics sound tested and field proven isolation systems for Walls, Ceilings, and Structural Elements.
    CAD Details for Architectural Noise Separation Specs for Architectural Noise Separation PDF Architectural Noise Separation e-Catalog
    Sound Control Floor Systems image Kinetics concrete floating floor systems, high performance floated wood and composite floor systems, and continuous sound control underlayments minimize airborne and impact-generated sound transmission through a floor/ceiling assembly. Our sound control isolation systems building code requirements for IIC (Impact Insulation Class) and STC (Sound Transmission Class) and minimize occupant complaints.
    CAD Details for Sound Control Floor Systems Specs for Sound Control Floor Systems PDF Sound Control Floor Systems e-Catalog
    Ceiling Isolation Systems image Improve the Sound Transmission Loss (TL) of your floor/ceiling system for airborne or floor impact-generated noise with Kinetics Sound Control Ceilings. Our IsoMax Isolation Clips or spring, neoprene or fiberglass hangers support steel grid and gypsum board ceilings to help achieve complete acoustical privacy.
    CAD Details for Ceiling Isolation Systems Specs for Ceiling Isolation Systems PDF Ceiling Isolation Systems e-Catalog
    Sound Control Wall Systems image Achieve higher STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings, then typical stud wall construction, in a single-wall assembly with Kinetics contractor friendly, resilient isolation elements.
    CAD Details for Sound Control Wall Systems Specs for Sound Control Wall Systems PDF Sound Control Wall Systems e-Catalog
    IsoMax Resilient Sound Isolation Wall and Ceiling Clip image Kinetics highly effective, low profile, sound control isolation clip is cost efficient, and quick and easy to install with standard drywall furring channels. The IsoMax design also eliminates the common problem of hard attaching that occurs in resilient channel installation.
    CAD Details for IsoMax Resilient Sound Isolation Wall and Ceiling Clip Specs for IsoMax Resilient Sound Isolation Wall and Ceiling Clip PDF IsoMax Resilient Sound Isolation Wall and Ceiling Clip e-Catalog
  • Industrial/Environmental Noise Control
    Industrial/Environmental Noise Control image Reduce noise levels, control airborne noise and structure-borne vibration within manufacturing utility and waste water treatment facilities through the use of curtains, barriers, baffles and vibration isolation.
    Specs for Industrial/Environmental Noise Control PDF Industrial/Environmental Noise Control e-Catalog
    Noise Control Curtains image Modular reinforced limp mass vinyl panels or vinyl and quilted fiberglass composites designed to contain noise or to act as a movable barrier between noisy and quiet areas. Our systems incorporate a self-supporting track that allows the curtain to open for access at virtually any point along the enclosure.
    Specs for Noise Control Curtains PDF Noise Control Curtains e-Catalog
    Sound Absorbers image Highly efficient, highly durable Kinetics sound absorbers are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Kinetics sound absorbers are used to control reverberant noise problems and lower reflected sound over a broad frequency spectrum
    Specs for Sound Absorbers PDF Sound Absorbers e-Catalog
    Barrier Materials image Designed for indoor or outdoor use, Kinetics Barrier Materials are used for enclosing noise sources or lagged to piping, ductwork or equipment housings reducing sound transmission. Kinetics Model KNM-10OALQ pipe/duct lag material meets Class 1 requirements for smoke development and flame spread when properly installed.
    Specs for Barrier Materials PDF Barrier Materials e-Catalog
    Acoustic Enclosure Systems image To meet safety and economic requirements and to help solve many in-plant noise problems, we manufacture a complete line of acoustical panels that can be quickly and easily assembled to provide complete or partial enclosures for noisy equipment or to provide a quiet office in a manufacturing area.
    Specs for Acoustic Enclosure Systems PDF Acoustic Enclosure Systems e-Catalog
    Noiseblock Barrier Wall Systems image Unwanted noise can cause stress related illness and severe noise can cause hearing damage. To help combat these problems, Kinetics manufactures a complete line of acoustical panels called Noiseblock Barrier Panels. These panels can be quickly and easily assembled to provide complete or partial walls for utilities, transportation/highways, cooling towers, chillers, condensers, rooftop equipment and residential noise barriers.
    Specs for Noiseblock Barrier Wall Systems PDF Noiseblock Barrier Wall Systems e-Catalog
  • Vibration Isolation for HVAC Systems
    Vibration Isolation image Control the transmission of noise, shock and vibration produced by mechanical equipment within or into a building structure with our isolation systems.
    Specs for Vibration Isolation PDF Vibration Isolation e-Catalog
  • Seismic Restraint and Engineering
    Seismic Restraint and Engineering image Earthquake protection, seismic engineering, certifications, strengthening and design for mechanical and electronic equipment through the use of isolation systems and restraint devices.
    Specs for Seismic Restraint and Engineering PDF Seismic Restraint and Engineering e-Catalog

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