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All Lapeyre Stair products include a 12 month warranty on materials and workmanship from the date of delivery.


All stairs are available disassembled for easy and cost efficient shipping via ground transportation. Other shipment options are available. Please contact a customer service representative for other shipping options and rates: 800-535-7631.


Lapeyre Stair is a manufacturer dedicated to building stairs for all industrial needs. All stairs are pre-engineered and manufactured according to your specified size and code restrictions. Our custom designed software enables all stairs to be produced from CNC files, ensuring that all pieces fit and bolt together firmly for added stability. Lapeyre Stairs are guaranteed to meet all building codes, including IBC, OSHA, BOCA, NFPA, etc.; and guaranteed to fit the dimensions given, or your money back. In addition to the Alternating Tread Stair, we offer Straight Run Stairs. Hot-dip galvanizing or powder coat paint in 180 colors is available. Lapeyre Stair also offers catwalks, platforms, legs, railing, bracing, safety gates, and crossovers all built to code and all ready to ship in 3 weeks or less.

Get your customized CAD files, dimensional prints and price quotes immediately at our web site (for alternating tread stairs, crossovers and platforms only).


{{}} {{this.hide}} Lapeyre Stair Guarantees Lead Times

Lapeyre Stair Guarantees Lead Times

Specified Lapeyre Stair product will ship within 20 working days
Lapeyre Stair announced a guaranteed lead time program as part of their commitment to eliminate all stair manufacturing delays from the construction industry. This guarantee makes Lapeyre Stair the only stair manufacturer to offer a money-back guarantee for fabrication lead times.

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Egress Stairs image

Egress Stairs

Our pre-manufactured egress stair systems offer a simplistic design approach with pre-engineered landing, stringer, and railing components to meet applicable building codes and reduce the architect's and engineer's design and detailing burden. Our design and engineering approach helps to shorten design time, eliminate RFIs and late deliveries, and prevent installation errors.
Industrial Metal Stairs image

Industrial Metal Stairs - Model 01AA/02AA

Available in Carbon Steel with 4 tread types to choose from: Bar Grating, Concrete Pan, Diamond Plate, and Grip Tread. Manufactured to custom heights between 18" to 144" with angles of 25°-50°. You provide the floor to floor height and the available floor space - we will provide you with dimensional prints for approval.
Commercial Metal Stairs image

Commercial Metal Stairs - Model 03AA/04AA

Our steel stair models 03AA / 04AA are designed for your commercial metal stair needs, primary egress needs and IBC industrial stair needs. (IBC industrial stairs which require an interior handrail and partially closed risers.) Available in Carbon Steel only. Will meet all building codes, including ADA.

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Alternating Tread Stair image

Alternating Tread Stair

Available in Carbon Steel, Aluminum or Stainless Steel. These stairs should be used anywhere a vertical or ship's ladder would be used for safer, face-forward descent with the ability to carry small loads. The Lapeyre Alternating Tread Stair features a cushioned central stringer and close-fitting handrails for support.
Alternating Tread Steel Stair image

Alternating Tread Steel Stair

The Steel Stair can be manufactured to custom heights between 36" to 240" with angles of 56° or 68°.
Alternating Tread Aluminum Stair image

Alternating Tread Aluminum Stair

The Aluminum Stair can be made 24" to 216" at only a 68° angle. Ideal for applications where weight is an issue - such as rooftops.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Formed Platform and Crossover Systems

Formed Platform and Crossover Systems image

Formed Platform and Crossover Systems

Compatible with the Alternating Tread Stair and the Model 01AA/02AA stairs, this platform is a single piece of metal, cut and formed to create the walking surface, the kick plates, and the mounting plates for the stairs. Handrails bolt from underneath the plate. This platform is ideal for crossover systems, intermediate landings, exit landings, and equipment access platforms.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Alternating Tread Safety Gate

Alternating Tread Safety Gate image

Alternating Tread Safety Gate

For use with Alternating Tread Stairs, this gate is a perfect fit and completely reversible. The gate can swing open 180° and has several installation options. It attaches to the stair handrails or to the platform at the top of the stair.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Drop In Platform Systems

Drop In Platform Systems image

Drop In Platform Systems

Compatible with all of our steel stairs, this platform design can best be described in a single word as flexible. Ideal for commercial egress stair applications, but just as well suited for the industrial stair and steel alternating tread stair. Without the size limitations of the single formed platforms, this is the model our designers go to when designing many of the more complicated stair systems and is the only platform that will work with our Model 03AA and 04AA stair models.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Bracing Kit for Crossover Systems

Bracing Kit for Crossover Systems image

Bracing Kit for Crossover Systems

Lapeyre Stair has always recommended sway bracing to maximize the stability of our Crossover Systems, and now you can order your bracing directly from us!

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Legs for Platform Systems image

Legs for Platform Systems

Our legs and platform supports are pre-engineered but we have a lot of flexibility with the legs to fit within your application. Our computerized system calculates the correct leg size for your stair and platform configuration, and for non-standard designs, our design team works with the customer service representative to determine the best scenario for your application.

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