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LINEL is headquartered in Mooresville, Indiana and is part of the Mestek Architectural Group. In addition to LINEL, Mestek's Architectural activities include AWV and a strategic alliance and exclusive license agreement with Colt Group USA.

The emphasis for these companies is in providing products and solutions that beautify and improve the performance of buildings through Intelligent Envelopes™

LINEL's Offering
LINEL offers a broad range of architectural products including:

  • Custom Metal Framed Skylight, Walkways and Canopies
  • Custom Rainscreen Facades
  • Custom Curtain Walls
  • Architectural and Ornamental Metals including Column Covers, Wall Panel / Cladding, Architectural Grilles / Vision Screens and Sculptures

All of LINEL's architectural products are designed with aesthetics foremost in mind. LINEL's architectural products can be provided in a wide variety of materials and coatings. LINEL is a licensed applicator for Akzo Nobel, PPG and Valspar to meet AAMA painting (2603, 2604 & 2605) specifications

LINEL's Record & Capabilities
LINEL has more than 30 years of unsurpassed experience in the design and supply of custom glazed and metal architectural products. LINEL's portfolio with thousands of sucessful projects including some of the largest most complex in both new and renovation applications.

Material Only or Turnkey Installations
Every LINEL project is assigned a project manager who coordinates activities with the architect, general contractor and installer, as well as internally with engineering and manufacturing.

LINEL can provide products as a material only contract or installed as a turnkey solution.

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  • Skylights
    Custom:<BR>Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center<BR> image The Room of Remembrance at the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center in Skokie is one of unique areas in the 65,000- square-foot museum that includes permanent exhibits with hundreds of artifacts, most collected during the last decade from local residents. The room pays special homage to the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Representative names of victims line the walls in a tribute to those who were lost.
    Specs for Custom:<BR>Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center<BR> SpecWizard for Custom:<BR>Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center<BR> PDF Custom: Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center  e-Catalog
    Restoration:<BR>Indianapolis Marion County Public Library image Linel Signature was selected for this historic and monumental project. The architect’s intent was to create a fluid transition between the new and historic libraries. LinEl’s superior infiltration management skylight design brings peace of mind to the owner and building teams.

    The skylight helps create a very pleasant and open feeling for visitors and workers at the library. The 160 foot by 120 foot skylight includes transition stainless steel panels to the curbs and vertical side curtainwalls. The atrium is a dramatic focal point and has made the library a destination, enhancing the entire library visit experience for all.
    Specs for Restoration:<BR>Indianapolis Marion County Public Library SpecWizard for Restoration:<BR>Indianapolis Marion County Public Library PDF Restoration: Indianapolis Marion County Public Library e-Catalog
    Point Supported:<BR>Innovation Point Evansville, IN image Linel Signature supplied a custom glazed canopy system to compliment this cutting edge design located in Evansville, Indiana. The canopy consisted of stainless steel outrigger support arms with point supported glass. The support arms continued into the interior lobby area, creating a continuation flow of the exterior design.

    Also included in the package was the point supported glass feature wall above the canopy. The design had the element just above the entry being true vertical and then at the upper transition, beveling out away from the building at a slight angle.
    Specs for Point Supported:<BR>Innovation Point Evansville, IN SpecWizard for Point Supported:<BR>Innovation Point Evansville, IN PDF Point Supported: Innovation Point Evansville, IN e-Catalog
    Barrel Vault:<BR>Indiana-Purdue Universities Bridge image Linel Signature was selected to complete the glazed cover to this graceful and elegant pedestrian bridge design.

    The system is a 2-3/8 inch wide cap and tube rafter with internal guttering. The glazing is tinted acrylic in the radius vault location and is glass in the vision and spandrel areas. Horizontal louvers are at the junction of the vertical and vaulted glazing and at the ridge to provide convective and efficient ventilation. LinEl also provided the soffit panels beneath the bridge deck, complimenting and competing the design intent to create a gentle flowing look.
    Walkways:<BR>IUPUI Student Center Bridge Enclosure image LinEl has been the sole above grade pedestrian walkway cover system provider at the campus of IUPUI – Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. Linel was once again chosen to provide updated design and fabrication solutions for this latest element of the striking new IUPUI Student center.

    LinEl worked closely with the architect to arrive at this system solution. Solar load reducing linear frit patterned glass was selected for the glazing. LinEl’s rolled tube with segmented rafter design offers internal guttering for complete infiltration control and a modern clean look. Metal soffit panels were included by Linel to simplify contracting and coordination.
    Specs for Walkways:<BR>IUPUI Student Center Bridge Enclosure PDF Walkways: IUPUI Student Center Bridge Enclosure e-Catalog
  • Architectural Metal Panels
    Custom Panels: Indianapolis Marion County Public Library image Customized stainless steel panels fabricated by LinEl Signature were selected for the prestigious new addition and renovation of the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library. The panels are a highly reflective “Super No. 8” and a linen embossed finishes.

    The new addition embraces the historic existing library while simultaneously reflecting the surrounding streetscapes. LinEl artfully and accurately created both flat and curved panels to achieve the architect’s vision for the project. The panels are LinEl’s Series 4000 rain screen system with concealed hook and pin attachment.
    Specs for Custom Panels: Indianapolis Marion County Public Library PDF Custom Panels: Indianapolis Marion County Public Library e-Catalog
    Rainscreen<BR>P1000 image P1000
    • Extruded pressure equalized double sealed back-guttered water management system
    • Non sequential – individually removable
    Rainscreeen<BR>P3000 image P3000
    • Dry joint extruded tongue and groove
    • Non-guttered
    • Welded and finished corners
    • Extruded joint cover
    Rainscreen<BR>P4000 image The rotunda features a dual radius, tighter at the ends with a larger radius in the main portion. The top crown is comprised of an outer ring, 36 inches deep by 24 feet long, stretch formed to a true radius and connecting to secondary supports. Primary supports were clad with custom finished aluminum panels to match zinc. True zinc panel fascia panels are just behind the upper crown. Four successive lower sun shade rings are in segmented sections, all following the varying radii. The entrance vestibule has stainless steel cladding and a cantilevered glass roof. Linel engineered, fabricated and installed all exterior work at the rotunda except the glazing, structural steel, and roof. On the interior, at the glass, at each sun shade ring level are continuous convector grilles and covers custom fabricated by LinEl, each made to follow the compound radii.
    Rainscreen<BR>P5000 image P5000
    • Economical, back-guttered
    • Welded and finished corners
    Pan Panel<BR>P2000 image P2000
    • Wet sealed or silicone gasket
    • Back-cut or formed
    • Welded and finished corners
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