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MAXITILE, Inc. was established in 1986 in California dedicating itself to the commercialization and distribution of Fiber Cement Roofing and Siding products in the United States and Canada.

We are a member of Elementia Group which has been manufacturing Fiber Cement, Concrete and Metals for the Building Industry for over 75 years.

After 24 years with headquarters in Carson, California, MAXITILE has moved its corporate offices to Texas to better service our customers.

Thanks to the quality of our products, trust of our partners, the commitment to innovate and the service provided by our employees; we have achieved high degrees of national and international recognition.

Staying competitive in this field has always been very challenging and takes hard work. The combination of imagination and innovation has kept us going strong for over 20 years. We are strongly committed to keep offering the best products and service, while maintaining the quality and Long-Lasting Durability that characterizes MAXITILE.

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  • MAXITILE™ Siding
    Lap Siding image MaxiPLANK™ lap siding can be used for many applications including siding, fascia, fence board and deck skirting. MaxiPLANK™ combines the appearance and workability of wood with the durability of fiber cement technology.

    MaxiSIDING is a durable product that is easy to install and maintain and offers a long lasting alternative to traditional exterior wall claddings or vinyl siding.
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    Vertical Siding. image MaxiPANEL™ is designed for use as vertical siding. These fiber cement vertical panels have great appearance.

    The Fiesta Stucco look is perfect for Tudor-style homes. Cedar panel gives great accent effects. MaxiPANEL™ can also be used for soffit, gables, parapets, porches and deck skirting.

    MaxiSIDING is a durable product that is easy to install and maintain and offers a long lasting alternative to traditional exterior wall claddings or vinyl siding.
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    Panels image MultiSHAKE™ are 4 foot long panels to decorate large accent areas or to use in full wall applications giving the look of six individual shingles all in one single panel. The large size panel provides fast and simple installation.
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    Soffit Panels image MaxiSOFFIT™ panels are available vented or non-vented. Vented soffit avoids the need for separate boxes or strip vents and minimizes the need for cutting. It is currently used as covers, to dress, or to protect a home's exterior.
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    Small Wood<BR>Shingles Panel image MaxiSHINGLE™ are intended for applications in walls and facades, offering the beautiful appearance of small wood shingles bringing a different and decorative finish. Ideal to cover smaller areas.
    PDF Small Wood Shingles Panel e-Catalog Videos for Small Wood<BR>Shingles Panel
    Finished Panels image MaxiDECK™ are high-quality, unique and versatile finished panels. These panels can be used as is, no special prefinish or protection, and can be installed in direct contact with ground or below grade. Applications include patio, balcony or deck.
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  • MAXITILE™ Roofing
    Spanish Profile<BR>Roofing Tile image MaxiLITE P10™ is a classic Spanish Profile in a 4-corrugation roofing tile. It adds a rich traditional Spanish tile beauty to every roof.

    MaxiROOFING products have proven their longevity in actual weather conditions in all types of climates when installed by approved installers in accordance to local building codes and MAXITILE published installation guides. MaxiROOFING products resist termites and will not crack, rot or delaminate. They will not burn because they are made of non-combustible materials, they will not melt like other materials, nor will they generate toxic fumes or smoke when contacted by flame.
    PDF Spanish Profile Roofing Tile e-Catalog Videos for Spanish Profile<BR>Roofing Tile
    Wood Textured Shingles image MaxiSHAKE™ duplicates beauty and quality texture of wood, they can be installed with straight or staggered edges and offer true aesthetic value.

    MaxiSHAKE™ offers the warm feel of real wood shingles with the benefits of fiber cement.
    PDF Wood Textured Shingles e-Catalog Videos for Wood Textured Shingles
    Stone Textured Slate image MaxiSLATE™ duplicates beauty and quality texture of stone, they can be installed with straight or staggered edges and offer true aesthetic value.

    MaxiSLATE™ reflects the beauty of stone with advantages of fiber-cement. Accentuate European architecture while only sacrificing weight and cost.
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