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When architects and general contractors need color applied to masonry and concrete, they know there’s one name to call—Nawkaw. Nawkaw is the world’s premiere stainer of masonry and concrete. We pioneered the masonry staining process in 1984 and have continued to innovate ever since. Our products are in use around the world and have been proven under extreme conditions, from desert heat to bone-chilling cold. We provide a permanent solution for coloring masonry and concrete, that won’t peel or fade—guaranteed for 25 years!

Nawkaw stain technicians are the most experienced you’ll find, bringing years of expertise and know-how to a variety of applications. Whether you’re blending an addition, preserving an historical landmark or erecting a modern skyscraper, Nawkaw has a color solution for your brick, concrete and precast.

  • Started in 1984
  • Headquartered in Athens, GA USA
  • Subsidiaries in Canada, Europe, Australia
  • Licensees in North America


{{}} {{this.hide}} Concrete & Masonry Stain

NawTone™ Acrylic Stain image

NawTone™ Acrylic Stain

NawTone Acrylic Stain (formerly NECT-90) is the stain that started it all. This product is in use on more buildings than any other masonry stain in the world. With its 25 year track record of performance and continuous testing & improvements, Nawtone has set the standard for excellence in the industry. In fact, Nawkaw installation teams have won more awards with this product than any other.
  • NawTone is our most versatile stain
  • Ideal for brick, block, mortar, concrete, stucco, stone, and EIFS
  • Used for corrective color or total color change
  • Water-based for easy use and clean up
  • Semi-transparent; Achieve precise color saturation while allowing natural textures to show through
  • Apply with brush, sponge, roller or spray
  • Low VOC, non-toxic
NawTone+Plus Masonry Stain  image

NawTone+Plus Masonry Stain

NawTone+Plus (formerly NWRT-91) is dual-purpose masonry stain for adding color and a high-performance water repellent to vertical concrete and masonry surfaces in one-step! Because it allows moisture vapors to escape, it prevents spalling or similar failures due to moisture trapped in the wall. It also protects vertical concrete and masonry surfaces against deterioration caused by airborne chemicals like acid rain.

Color retentions is warranted for 25-years. NawTone+Plus is water-based, environmentally friendly and complies with VOC and other regulatory requirements.

NawTone+Plus comes in 20 designer colors!
NawTone-K—Potassium Silicate Stain image

NawTone-K—Potassium Silicate Stain

NawTone-K is a sol-silicate mineral stain solution used to color treat concrete surfaces to provide an opaque, color wash, or semi transparent finish. NawTone-K offers water repellency, vapor permeability, and forms a crystaline bond with the substrate.

Field of Application
NawTone-K is ideal for use with In-situ and precast concrete walls, soffit elements and structures, blockwork, lightweight concrete, cement, and cementitious building boards. This product may also be used to provide a low pigment finish on unplastered interior and exterior concrete surfaces to retain the surface texture while concealing stains, repairs, and/or apply a color finish. NawTone-K has water protective and weatherproof qualities.

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US Formliner  image

US Formliner

US Formliner offers more than 300 concrete formliner patterns, meticulously crafted by Reckli, world renowned for unmatched quality. These 10X and 100X use formliners deliver superior detail and performance.

With so many patterns, textures, and custom formliners, the possibilities are endless. Enhance your next architectural project with aesthetic textures that add a whole new dimension to design.

Questions? Our professional staff is eager to answer any questions you have.
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Miami Beach Commercial Building image

Miami Beach Commercial Building

Stain was applied as a custom blended color using a roll and brush application to all vertical concrete panels on all elevations of the building (N,E,S,W and interior corridor) to blend with the approved on-site sample panel. This work included a textured finish to all repairs to blend with the blast finish as provided in the sample panel.
University of Canberra Student Housing image

University of Canberra Student Housing

This modern precast student community in New South Wales, Australia specified Nawkaw's architectural stains in the design-build phase. Nawkaw Australia worked with the architects, designers and contractor to develope a custom color palette for the precast student apartment homes. Contributing to a unique planned community and giving a sustainable option for adding durable color to new precast construction.
Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel image

Atlanta Hyatt Regency Hotel

After years of pollution from busy city streets and mass transportation, the hotel exterior began to look black, making the once majestic hotel appear dirty and unattractive. The building owners began seeking a solution for restoring the building to its original standing, while addressing the missing river rock aggregate.
AFRC FMS Norman and WOKC AFRC Buildings image

AFRC FMS Norman and WOKC AFRC Buildings

Owner: Oklahoma Military Department General Contractor: The Korte Company, Highland, IL Architect: LWPB Architecture, Dan Pruitt Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Main Street Clock Tower image

Main Street Clock Tower

The four-sided clock tower has been a Neenah, WI landmark for more than a century. It was built as part of the 1888 City Hall designed by architect William Waters of Oshkosh.
Ohio Valley Bank - Main Street Restoration image

Ohio Valley Bank - Main Street Restoration

Every main street restoration project we have completed has gone on to become an award-winning project under the Main Street National Awards Program for restoration. We've won awards in Georgia, Ohio and North Carolina. We can provide guidance and technical knowledge where masonry is in need of repair. As always, there is no charge for consultation or quotations.

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Residential Concrete & Masonry Stain  image

Residential Concrete & Masonry Stain

Let our experienced crews enhance the value and appearance of your brick home with beautiful color that won't chip, peel, or fade. We can change the color of your bricks, blocks, stone and stucco, or even the color of the mortar. Our masonry staining solution is ideal for matching additions, remodels, and repairs. Remember, if you want to change the color of your brick home, DO NOT PAINT IT!! Paint is a surface coating that will eventually come off - sometimes in as little as three years. It's what we call "paintenance" because you have to touchup and repaint frequently. In comparison, stain penetrates surfaces with color, for long-lasting, maintenance-free beauty.

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