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Norton Door Controls offers a comprehensive line of door controls designed and manufactured to ensure superior performance and reliability.

Founded in 1880 by Lewis C. Norton, Norton Door Check Company began manufacturing and marketing the first practical commercial door closers. Though cumbersome, his first door closers were effective devices which permitted the adjustment of the door's sweep speed.

In later years, Norton Door Controls refined the rack and pinion closer and the concept of valve controlled backcheck for hydraulic door closers. Along the way there have been a variety of other innovations, including aluminum alloy body, narrow style, non-handed closers, adjustable backcheck, speed adjustments and special application arms.


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Surface Closer Heavy Duty image

Surface Closer Heavy Duty - 9500 Series

Ideal for high use openings, the Norton 9500 Series Cast Iron door closer offers the durability, flexibility and strength required to meet the needs of your facility. For interior or exterior doors, this ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 closer features a clean, modern cover aesthetic and durable cast iron body that can be used in a variety of institutional and educational environments requiring ADA compliance.
Surface Closer Heavy Duty image

Surface Closer Heavy Duty - 7500 Series

The 7500 Series Door Closer offers customers the ideal combination of superior performance, strength and quality. Ideal for interior or exterior doors in facilities that demand reliability.
Surface Closer Heavy Duty image

Surface Closer Heavy Duty - 7570 Security

The Security Closer Line uses Norton's 7500 series door closers with a variety of regular rigid and parallel arms and track options. Fixed link arm assemblies, permanent joints, orbital riveted elbows, arm shoe, soffit joints and Torx® screws with tread lock prevent disassembly. Norton's 7500 and 8000 series door closers are also offered with some of the same arm options as the 7570 but without the security cover. Torx screws are available standard for tamper resistance. These closers are utilized in schools and industrial environments where heavy abuse and vandalism may occur.
Surface Closer Medium Duty image

Surface Closer Medium Duty - 8000 Series

The 8000 Series Door Closers offer the ideal combination of appearance, reliability and durability in today's market. With features such as staked valves, precise valve adjustment and a complete range of arm and cover options, this closer can meet virtually any application challenge.
Surface Closer Medium Duty image

Surface Closer Medium Duty - 1600 Series

The 1600 Series door closers offer proven quality, performance and reliability unmatched by the competition. A staple in the industry, these ANSI/BHMA Grade 1closers are designed for exterior or interior doors. A full complement of regular and heavy-duty arms, brackets and options make the 1600 Series closers ideal for virtually any medium traffic, commercial application.
Surface Closer Light Duty image

Surface Closer Light Duty - 9300BC Series

Light duty door closers are typically used on interior or exterior doors that have low to moderate traffic/usage.

The 9300BC is a durable, economically priced door closer designed for commercial exterior and interior doors such as storefront and industrial applications.
Surface Closer Light Duty image

Surface Closer Light Duty - 1700 Series

Norton® 1700 Series Door Closers are multi-feature closers whose compact design is ideal for application on interior doors. This narrow-stile closer has distinctive lines that harmonize with most decors. It is available with a full cover to provide an installation with compatible appearance to other door closers with covers. The Norton 1700 Series Door Closer offers an economical alternative for those installations where a more heavy-duty closer is not necessary.
Surface Closer Light Duty image

Surface Closer Light Duty - 78-B/F Series (Potbelly)

The Norton® Series 78-B/F Potbelly Surface Closers represent a combination of traditional styling and modern closer features. All closer sizes are contained within a single size aluminum alloy shell. Templates for installing this closer are the same for all closer sizes.
Surface Closer Light Duty image

Surface Closer Light Duty - 210 Series

The 210 Series door closer, is ideal for stocking distributors serving high volume aftermarket and storefront segments. The 210 features an adjustable spring, tri-packed, nonhold open arms and independent and separate latch, sweep and backcheck intensity valves. Featuring easy installation and maintenance and dependable control, the 210 is perfect for office doors, utility doors and strip mall applications.
Surface Closer Light Duty image

Surface Closer Light Duty - 160 Series

The 160 Series door closer, is ideal for stocking distributors serving high volume aftermarket and storefront segments. The 160 features an adjustable spring, tri-packed, non-hold open arms and independent and separate latch, sweep and backcheck intensity valves. Featuring easy installation and maintenance and dependable control, the 160 is perfect for office doors, utility doors and strip mall applications.
Cam Action Closer image

Cam Action Closer - 2800ST

The cam action design is ideal as it provides greater efficiency than a rack and pinion door closer for slide track applications. Cam action closers provide a lower opening resistance while delivering optimum closing force and control. The door closer's wide range of adjustable closing power permits use in the most demanding situations. The efficiency and flat power curve comply with the opening force requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

These door closers come standard with adjustable sweep speed and latch speed, closing control and adjustable backcheck cushioning in the opening cycle. The unobtrusive design is a good choice for architects and designers.
Overhead Concealed Closer image

Overhead Concealed Closer - 7900 Series

Overhead concealed closers provide an aesthetically appealing way to close a door. In situations where a closer is needed but concealment in the frame header is required or desired, the Norton® 7900 closer is the ideal solution for door control. Once installed, only the solid one-piece arm is visible when the door is open; therefore, this unit provides a high degree of vandal resistance. When the door is closed, the closer, arm and slide track are fully concealed. For applications where concealment is required and security is the main concern, the 7970 should be used.

The 7900 overhead closers are best suited for high-profile applications such as office buildings or conference centers. The 7970 security closers offer the necessary concealment and tamper resistance required in detention and psychiatric facilities. Used in conjunction with the door position switch (DPS) they provide the ability to monitor door status remotely.
Holders image

Holders - No. 2

The Norton No. 2 Overhead Door Holder holds open the inactive leaf of a pair of doors when the full opening is required. This can be used in place of a door closer when the functionality and cost is not warranted. It can also be installed on doors with a closer when hold open functionality is needed separate from the door closer.

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Electromechanical Closers image

Electromechanical Closers - 7100SZ Series SafeZone®

Designed with safety in mind, SafeZone® takes door closers to the next level. SafeZone uses a multi-point, electromechanical closer and a programmable motion sensor. When the door is opened manually, SafeZone senses movement in the door opening and stops the door from closing. When movement is no longer detected, the adjustable setting times out and the door closes.

SafeZone detects movement in both directions, allowing one person or a stream of people to travel through an opening, making it ideal for theaters, hospitals, doctor's offices and elementary schools.
Electromechanical Closer/Holder image

Electromechanical Closer/Holder - 7200 Series

The 7200 Series is a multi-point electromechanical closer/holder that provides flexibility to installers and facility managers. Shipped standard with selective hold open, the 7200 Series is designed to hold the door open at any point up to 180'. Available for push or pull side mounting, these units can be ordered with integral smoke detectors or remote wireless door releases.
Electromechanical Closers image

Electromechanical Closers - 7700PT Power Track®

The Power Track® Series combines the function of a single-point electromechanical door holder with the proven reliability of a standard 7700 Series door closer. The track assembly contains an arm slide and solenoid operated hold open mechanism and is available with or without an integral smoke detector. Shipped with a track only, the closer is mounted on the door; the track and hook-up box are mounted to the frame face or frame soffit depending on the installation requirements. The degree of door hold open is selected by adjustment of the telescoping arm. Any power interruption will release the arm slide and the door will close. The door can be manually released at any time.

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Electromechanical image

Electromechanical - 5800 Series ADAEZ

As one of the world's only regenerative power door operators, Norton's ADAEZ Series is certified by GreenCircle to reduce energy consumption by as much as 100 percent versus other comparable operators. Available in wireless and plug-in versions and able to fit in the tightest of spaces, the 5800 ADAEZ is simple to install and use.
Electromechanical image

Electromechanical - 5600 Series

The 5600 Series offers functionality and control at an affordable price. Ideal for retrofit applications, the 5600 Series converts interior, non-fire rated doors for ADA compliance easily and affordably and provides a simple way to achieve touchless environments in public restrooms. Available for push or pull mounting, this unit can be operated manually or activated by wall switches, or radio frequency devices. Easy to install, set-up and adjust, the 5600 Series is perfect for ADA-compliant offices, classrooms and dorm rooms, and touch free applications like public restrooms, labs and examination rooms.
Electromechanical image

Electromechanical - 5600 Series Hands-Free Kits

The NORTON 5600 Series Hands-Free Kits combine a wave-to-open switch with the 5600 power operator to open the door and provide a "clean" exit without touching hardware. However, these kits aren't just for bathroom doors. They can also be used to provide easy access on non-fire rated examination room doors and doors in laboratories or rehabilitation facilities.
Electromechanical image

Electromechanical - Executive Kits 5600 Series

Display your open door policy or conduct closed-door business with ease. The Norton 5600EX Kit provides users with total control over their office door. This easy to install and adjust option is operated by a key fob for '"across the room'" convenience. Give your VIPs the independence to have a private meeting or quiet the office hustle and bustle without getting up.
Electrohydraulic image

Electrohydraulic - 6000 Series

The 6000 Series, the newest addition to the PowerMatic® Family of Operators combines intelligence, reliability and superior control in one package. Designed with the user in mind, this operator features simple to use electronics, an onboard power supply and easy integration into access control systems.

Designed for moderate to high traffic applications, this operator has a two-piece sub-assembly for easy installation and LCD screen for clear and accurate read-out of operating settings. Available for push or pull side mounting, the 6000 Series can be operated manually or activated via wall switches or radio frequency devices. This reliable unit ensures consistent opening and closing based on dual mode, electrohydraulic technology and is ideal for hospitals, office buildings, sports arenas or government facilities.
Electrohydraulic image

Electrohydraulic - 5700 Series

The 5700 Series design is based on ease and simplicity. This unit installs in minutes rather than hours and consists of three basic components: inverter, motor and Norton's 1601 closer body. Quiet and dependable, the 5700 meets the requirements of the Americans with Disability Act (A.D.A.) and ANSI/BHMA A156.4. Available push- or pull- side mounting, this unit is perfect for applications that don't require special features but demands reliability.

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Norton Door Controls and other ASSA ABLOY group brands are committed to implementing manufacturing processes that integrate sustainability.

We provide:

Lower operating costs - many of our products far exceed ANSI/BHMA standards, translating to longer product life and easier maintenance (plus less waste in landfills).

Energy conservation - a clear result of our energy-efficient doors and frames.

Healthier and safer for occupants - comes from our using non-hazardous materials and providing effective life-safety solutions.

The environmental sustainability coordinators at Group and divisional levels check that necessary policies, programs and tools regarding environmental issues exist and are implemented, while the HR function at the Group and divisional level oversees social and ethical issues.

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