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As the leading supplier of polycarbonate sheet for roofing and glazing applications in North America, we offer: a greater variety of products than any other manufacturer, including several that are unique, in flat, corrugated and structured configurations, along with a proprietary line of custom profiles to join, cap and trim panels.

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  • NEW Products
    NEW<BR>High Diffusion Panel image Polygal Inc. is pleased to announce our NEW Polymatte™ high diffusion panel for the architectural and commercial greenhouse markets.

    Experimental studies show that crops with a high plant canopy and ornamental plants with a small canopy can utilize diffused light better than direct light.

    8mm Polygal Polymatte™ sheet provides 77% light transmission and 99% diffused light. Plants create food from light and the type of light they receive is important. Plants exposed to direct light (no diffusion) produce a majority of their food from the top leave facing the sun. These leaves do most of the work while the shaded leaves do very little work. Diffused light provides light to all leaves and all leaves are able to photosynthesize resulting in more food production and healthier, fuller plant development and less stress on the upper leaves.
    NEW<BR>Hurricane Protection for Windows and Doors image Features:
    • Tested and Certified FBC HUHZ (Dade/Broward Counties)
    • Allows Natural Light While Protecting Windows and Doors
    • Off the Shelf Components Eliminating Long Order Lead Times
    • Affordable and Easy to Install
    • Light Weight and Made From High Impact Polycarbonate Sheet
    • Polygal - leading edge technology
  • Sheets and Panels
    ThermoGal™ Multi-Wall Heavy-Duty Polycarbonate Sheet image Thermogal sheets combine highly effective thermal insulation with extra strength for low-pitch roofing. ThermoGal™ 25, 32 or 35.
    Polycarbonate Structured Sheets - Standard Grade image These sheets come in a wide range of colors and are between 6 mm and 16 mm thick. They are flexible with different levels of transparency, provide insulation, withstand harsh weather conditions and are easily installed.

    Polygal sheeting provides solutions in a number of areas such as transportation projects, public and commercial buildings, open passageways, pools, verandahs, interior design elements, display windows, display areas, exhibitions, signs, etc.
    Primalite™ Heat Reflecting Glazing image Primalite™ has a unique extruded twin coating that reflects Infra-Red/Ultra-Violet radiation.
    PolyClear™ Anti-Fog/Anti-Drip Finish image PolyClear™ allows condensation to form a thin water film that runs off the sheets without dripping.
    Triple Clear Sheets image Polygal Standard Sheets double and triple layered, manufacturied in various colors and degrees of transparency, it is designed for use in most conventional roofing and glazing applications.
    Cross-Braced Panels image Titan Sky’s internal cross-brace structure gives these panels twice the strength and rigidity of equivalent standard polycarbonate panels. Polygal Titan provides a quality solution that is both intelligent and advanced for use where withstanding heavy loads is required. Titan is available in 10mm and 16mm thicknesses.
    Coated Polycarbonate Sheets image Silhouette -coated polycarbonate structured sheets are a new product line of Polygal. Silhouette is a special pigment coating giving a unique mother of pearl luster to the surface and having a selective effect, which makes it possible to control the warming-up inside an enclosed space on a hot summer day. The Silhouette-coated sheets are very glamorous and can embellish any building giving it an original appearance. The Silhouette-coated plates are manufactured with different colors: mother-of-pearl and golden and of different thickness, ranging from 8 mm to 40 mm.
    Polycarbonate Structured Sheets image Recommended Uses: Covering of medium span, vertical walls, D.I.Y. Highly flexible, yet virtually unbreakable.
    Polycarbonate Structured Sheets image Selectogal’s sophisticated prismatic structure enables it to reflect most of the sun’s heat in the summer, yet allows increased penetration of solar heat in the winter.
    Greenhouse Covers image Extra - effective insulation, improved light transmission
    The cost effective solution
    • High impact PP 8 mm sheet, highly resistant to extremely Low temperatures - below -20ºC (-13ºF)
    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Very good light difusing properties
    • Both sides U.V. protected
  • Glazing Systems
    Aluminum Glazing Systems image Polygal's New Aluminum Glazing System
    • Esthetic
    • Strong
    • Water Proof
    • Easy Installation
    Mega-Lock Glazing System is specially designed for use in glazing with 6 – 16 polycarbonate multi wall sheets in urban applications such as covered walkways, entrance-ways, parking spaces, bus stations and other similar applications.

    Mega-Lock Glazing System has a rabbet depth of 25 mm (1") which enhances its fastening properties and prevents glazing failures due to wind and snow loads or thermal expancion.

    Mega-Lock Aluminum System Brochure
    CAD Details for Aluminum Glazing Systems Specs for Aluminum Glazing Systems SpecWizard for Aluminum Glazing Systems Green Product Data for Aluminum Glazing Systems
    Aluminum Glazing System image Glazing Systems / 6-35 Aluminium Glazing System Polygal's 6-35 Glazing System is a large-span clamping system specially developed for glazing applications using 6-35 mm thick Polycarbonate structured sheets. Sheets are mounted on the system's load-bearing elements during construction of transparent and semi-transparent roofing.
    CAD Details for Aluminum Glazing System Specs for Aluminum Glazing System SpecWizard for Aluminum Glazing System Green Product Data for Aluminum Glazing System
    Polycarbonate Connection Profiles image Polygal's interconnecting Polycarbonate profiles connect sheets and cover structural connections and allow the covering of large areas, especially semi-transparent roofing, without obstructing the incoming light at the connecting points.
    Flashband, Gaskets and Sealant Tapes image Polygal's Flashband is a remarkable, self-adhesive, aluminum, waterproofing tape that can be used for flashing, sealing, and making instant waterproofing repairs.

    Flashband is quick, efficient, and very easy to use and provides long lasting waterproof protection in all climatic extremes.
  • Go Green
    Go Green image Polygal believes excellence to be a fundamental condition for its existence as a company and aspires to be among the industry leaders in quality and reliability. We are committed to providing high-quality products that meet or exceed our customers' requirements and expectations. To further this goal, Polygal has adopted international standards ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and various engineering standards (where applicable) and strives for constant improvement of products, service and environmental impact.

    Polygal also recognizes its responsibility as an industrial manufacturer to protect the environment and prevent pollution or waste of natural resources and to this end maintains ongoing environmental management of all activity. Polygal is a "GREEN" ISO 14001 certified company.

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