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The Typar® Weather Protection System is developed and marketed by Fiberweb, one of the world’s largest international non-woven fabrics and product innovation groups. In addition to construction materials, Fiberweb produces a complete range of non-woven products used in a variety of applications including landscaping products, geo textiles, filtration, hygiene, home care, home furnishings, electrical, medical and more.


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New - Typar® Roof Underlayment

NEW - Roofing Underlayment image

NEW - Roofing Underlayment - Surround® SR

A new, tear-resistant roofing underlayment that offers secondary protection against moisture intrusion. Made from a waterproof, synthetic polymer material, Surround SR Underlayment offers enhanced performance over traditional roofing felt, including improved durability, slip-resistance and easier, faster installation.

Typar® Wraps

Typar® HouseWrap image

Typar® HouseWrap

Typar HouseWrap delivers four key advantages you won't find with other housewraps:
  • Superior water holdout blocks water from entering the wall cavity.
  • Exceptional moisture vapor transmission (MVT) it breathes so moisture can escape the wall cavity.
  • Superior tear strength proven to withstand heavy winds and is almost five times stronger than the leading competitive wrap.
  • Optimal surfactant and UV resistance reduces the damaging effects that oils and tannins from cedar siding, cement siding, stucco, brick and soaps from powerwashing can have on the system's ability to block bulk moisture penetration; stands up to the beating sun on the jobsite for up to 6 months without degradation.
And it's all backed by The Typar limited warranty, which provides the confidence of millions of homes/buildings wrapped, over more than 25 years of proven performance, professional installation by trained installers and a 10-year limited warranty.
Typar® MetroWrap™ image

Typar® MetroWrap™

For commercial applications, it just makes sense to specify a commercial-grade wrap tough enough for your job. Typar® MetroWrap™ stands up to the rigors of commercial construction with superior performance and toughness.
  • Withstands pressure loads above 4 stories
  • Enhanced UV resistance and tear strength
  • Ideal for longer commercial construction cycles
Typar MetroWrap offers all the great benefits realized with Typar® HouseWrap, plus provides special advantages ideal for multi-family dwellings, light commercial applications and large commercial structures,
Typar® Plus Home Slicker  image

Typar® Plus Home Slicker

Typar Plus Home Slicker is a cost-effective, labor and material saving, moisture eliminating rainscreen combined with a water resistive barrier. Each roll contains the patented Home Slicker three-dimensional matrix bonded to Typar HouseWrap, the premium residential and commercial grade membrane.

In addition to superior weather protection, TYPAR HomeSlicker Plus offers the following key advantages:
  • Defends against extreme elements. Allows moisture to escape quickly as vertical channelsdirect water out of the wall assembly.
  • Saves time and money. Installing two moisture-management products at one time saves timeand money, and eliminates the need for furring strips.
  • Provides cladding flexibility. Ideal for use with wood, fiber cement, vinyl siding, and more.

Typar Accessories

Typar® Flashing Flex image

Typar® Flashing Flex

A conformable flexible, composite peel and stick flashing product, ideal to flash around arched windows. Use it on window flanges, sill plates, corners and joints to improve air and moisture holdout. Based on a two-ply oriented high-density polyethylene film, mated to a premium butyl rubber adhesive and release sheet.
Typar®: Flashing BA image

Typar®: Flashing BA

This modified bloc co-polymer flashing is based on Typar's proven weather-resistant barrier and sealant technology, compatible with Typar® HouseWrap and Construction Tape. Features Quik-Peel™ split back release paper for easy positioning and flexible installation.
Typar® Flashing RA™ image

Typar® Flashing RA™

Its peel and stick backing provides exceptional adhesion and makes this flashing easy to handle and install. Flashing RA is perfect for vertical and non-roofing horizontal applications such as windows, doors, wall penetrations and other fenestrations.
Typar® Construction Tape image

Typar® Construction Tape

A strong, coated polypropylene film that seals seams and edges to ensure the integrity of the building envelope. Use it on window flanges, corners, joints and seams to improve the building envelope and air and moisture holdout. Won't deteriorate over time providing years of reliable performance.

Force Protection Systems

Defencell™ Force Protection Barrier System image

Defencell™ Force Protection Barrier System

The DefenCell™ barrier system provides personnel and infrastructure protection in Military, Security and Environmental applications. Lightweight, man portable and non-metallic with a small logistical footprint, it is available in various flexible and modular configurations from individual positions up to complete forward bases and can be deployed rapidly, with or without engineering support.

By assembling a team of most experienced technical minds, creative thinkers and military specialists, Defencell emerged as an incredibly effective alternative to the first round of protective barriers. Defencell features 100% nonwoven geotextile technology, making it lightweight, compact, and easily deployable without the inherent risk of secondary fragmentation.

American-made and combat proven, Defencell stands ready to provide front line protection for perimeters, personnel, and mission-critical assets.



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NAHB Certifications

NAHB Certifications

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