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Rotary Lift, a brand of Vehicle Service Group (VSG), is a leading manufacturer of vehicle service and storage lifts. In 1925, the first automotive hydraulic lift was built by us and we’ve never stopped offering innovative products to our customers. With global headquarters in Madison, Indiana, VSG has business operation centers and ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facilities on three continents: North America, Europe and Asia. Our ISO9001 facilities maintain world-class quality control in every step of design, purchased components, manufacturing, and service and repair. Every lift reflects the commitment to innovation and designed to meet and exceed applicable industry and local standards.

Rotary Lift offers the industry’s broadest line of surface and environmentally friendly inground lifts for both the light and heavy duty vehicle service markets. Our 85 years of experience shows that there are more Rotary Lift products used in vehicle repair shops around the world than any other brand. You can trust that every Rotary lift reflects the commitment to innovation that has made Rotary the world’s most trusted lift.

With an uncompromising commitment to product quality, testing and safety, Rotary Lift’s products have achieved the reputation as the world’s most trusted lifts. Earning this customer trust and confidence comes from a focus on several important areas of product and support including: quality and warranty, engineering and testing, certification and safety, factory support team, a global network of sales and service professionals and the availability of genuine OE parts. For decades, Rotary has been the recognized leader in vehicle service lifts. This legendary reputation has set the standard for quality, durability, reliability and attention to safety throughout the automotive service market.

Only Rotary offers the right combination of experience, quality product selection and service you’ve come to expect from the world leader.

Madison, Indiana (Global Headquarters and North & South American Operations Center) Braunlingen, Germany (Europe & Africa Operations Center) Haimen, China (Asian Operations Center)

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Facility Planning - AssistPro™

An accurate layout is an important step to maximizing your space, efficiency and profitability. We work directly with you, your local distributor, equipment program managers and architects, using the latest tools and techniques, to develop an efficient and capable service area to fit your needs. We will happily consult with you on any project you may need to analyze.

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Y- Lift image

Y- Lift - YA12™

Rotary Lift's 12,000 lbs. capacity Y-Lift uses a patented design to provide faster up/down speeds and more work area and access under the lift than traditional scissor lifts - 33% faster rise and 20% more workspace! Your technicians can get to work sooner and with fewer obstructions to get in their way. Rotary's Y-Lift will increase your productivity and add dollars to your bottom line.
Two Post Lifts image

Two Post Lifts

Vehicles and service centers come in many different shapes and sizes. Rotary's two post car and truck lifts are designed with the features you need to be productive, no matter what type of shop you have.
Four-Post Lifts image

Four-Post Lifts

Rotary's four post lifts are a great value; an investment that is easy to own and operate because they are engineered to perform and built to last. If you service a wide variety of vehicles, Rotary's four-post lifts are the right choice for maximum productivity.
Inground Lifts image

Inground Lifts - SmartLifts®

When Rotary unveiled the SmartLift in 1995, inground lifts were redefined. Over 15 years and 50,000 units later, SmarLift remains the undisputed leader in environmentally- friendly lift design. From every angle, we've designed SmartLift to help you get the most from your service facility - maximum productivity, minimum downtime, a clean shop appearance and peace of mind from a partner you can trust.
Multipurpose Low-Rise Lifts image

Multipurpose Low-Rise Lifts

Rotary's Low-Rise lifts are great for tire mounting and rotation, brakes, exhaust and other jobs requiring clear access. These lifts will help you maximize the productivity of your shop.

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Modular and Environmentally Friendly Inground Lifts image

Modular and Environmentally Friendly Inground Lifts - MOD35

For nearly 10 years, the MOD35 has set the standard for heavy-duty inground lifts. The MOD35 modular inground lift is totally contained in a 6' enclosure protected with Rotary's exclusive EnviroGuard™ coating. Its revolutionary design reflects our commitment to technician productivity, safety and environmental responsibility.
Modular and Environmentally Friendly Inground Scissor Lift image

Modular and Environmentally Friendly Inground Scissor Lift - EFX60/EFX90

Rotary's EFX60/EFX90 is breaking new ground in heavy duty scissor lifting technology. Rotary Lift sets the standard for environmentally friendly designs, and the EFX is no different. The EFX60 is the most user-friendly, reliable and productivity boosting lift in its class and is both ALI certified and manufactured in the USA.
Parallelogram Lift image

Parallelogram Lift - Parallelogram

The parallelogram lift is convenient for facilities and technicians. No column obstructions and a clear floor design allows for a productive work area. Numerous capacities, ranging from 25,000 lbs. to 130,000 lbs., and options make this lift an industry leader. Only Rotary parallelogram lifts offer the versatility and time savings features to keep your bays productive, your revenue streaming and your fleet on the road.
NEW - Mobile Column Hydraulic Lift image

NEW - Mobile Column Hydraulic Lift - MCH418, MCH618

The MACH 4 Mobile Column Hydraulic (MCH) lift is the faster and easier choice for your maintenance facility. Faster because the set-up time and lifting speed beats the competitor hands down. Easier because there are fewer cords to wind up and fewer steps required by the technician to put the lift in service. With capacities ranging from 72,000 lbs. to 108,000 lbs., Rotary mobile column lifts are productive, flexible, and easy to use for commercial vehicle repairs.
Inground Lifts image

Inground Lifts

Rotary heavy-duty inground lifts are designed to increase productivity by providing an obstruction free shop and decades of service with minimum maintenance costs. Each lift offers the adjustability needed to service a wide variety of vehicles in a single bay. Multiple configurations, capacities and accessory packages allow you to customize your lift to your heavy duty lifting needs.
Heavy-Duty Four-Post Lifts image

Heavy-Duty Four-Post Lifts

Rotary's four-post lifts are a great value; it's an investment that is easy to own and operate because they are engineered to perform and built to last. Heavy duty four-post lifts accommodate a wide range of vehicles with lifting capacities up to 60,000 lbs.
Heavy-Duty Two-Post Lifts image

Heavy-Duty Two-Post Lifts

All of Rotary's award winning light duty features can be found on our heavy duty two-post lifts. With available capacities up to 18,000 pounds and options like low ceiling models and dual controls, you can rest assured we have a lift for your job.
Floor Running Pit Lifts image

Floor Running Pit Lifts

Rotary floor-running pit lifts provide extra flexibility. The rail-mounted lifts offer maximum freedom of movement inside the pit. Our free moving lifts are great for applications where there are several interconnected pits - usually connected by a tunnel. When not in use, these models can be moved out of the way into a storage area. Rotary pit lifts increase your pits functionality and enhanced productivity will increase revenue.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Loading Dock and Vehicular Equipment Heavy Duty Four Post Lifts

Loading Dock and Vehicular Equipment Heavy Duty Four Post Lifts image

Loading Dock and Vehicular Equipment Heavy Duty Four Post Lifts - HDC Series

PRODUCTIVITY & PERFORMANCE in a heavy duty four post drive on lift
  • Battery Operated with onboard 110v charger
  • Available in two capacities and lengths
  • Patented control operation from any column
  • ALI Gold Certified (HDC60U000)
Parts Inquiry image

Parts Inquiry

Genuine Rotary Parts™ and Accessories are made of the highest quality material and designed to provide maximum performance and minimum down-time. When it's your job to keep your customers happy, you need tools that are reliable and productive. You can depend on Rotary to keep your shop running smoothly.

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Revolution Lift® image

Revolution Lift®

Each Revolution® lift carries the Rotary Lift oval because every lift is built with the utmost attention to quality, safety and overall value at a very competitive price. Revolution Lift has expanded their product line to include two-post lifts, four-post lifts, mid-rise lifts and motorcycle lifts. There is a Revolution Lift for any of your light-duty vehicle service needs.

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