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Siedle secures homes and buildings with precisioned technological mastery and uncommon elegance:

  • Commercial and residential security systems featuring anti-burglary, card access, IP intercoms and closed circuit tv providing secure video door IP intercom functions.
  • Building entry security systems with IP intercom, video and access control.
  • Video door entry phones and systems, remote video IP intercom camera systems, and video interphones
  • Security monitoring systems, door cameras and monitors, security surveillance systems, video gate door access systems, entry video card IP access control systems, video-enabled doorphones
  • Home and office security protection systems, video surveillance systems, entry access control, home and commercial telephone IP intercom systems, gated community IP access control, voice and swipe cards
  • Home and commercial video IP intercom entry systems, video door answering systems, video door telephone for front door screening.

Siedle boasts the title of the leading International manufacturer of a complete range of custom intercom and security systems with full-featured master inside stations and access control solutions to complex building communication systems.

Our custom solutions range from access control, including keyless entry, emergency call systems, fire and intruder alert systems, and panic functions custom engineered and designed for single-family homes, townhouses, brownstones, CEDIA, multi-family homes, apartment complexes, condominiums, multi-purpose buildings, gated communities, senior housing facilities, assisted living, commercial buildings, offices, parking garages, airports, government buildings, prisons, schools, universities, hospitals, museums, pharmaceutical laboratories, transportation, and many others.

From new installations to renovations in residential, complex multi-family, and commercial security applications, each project has its own specific requirements that call for exclusive solutions.


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The New Scope image

The New Scope

Siedle Scope is the mobile communication device to suit a wide range of demands. If you buy Scope, therefore, you actually get a package containing several mobile video call stations with complementary strengths.
Siedle App for In-Home image

Siedle App for In-Home

The Siedle app turns your iPhone and iPad into a mobile extension to your door communication. It receives the door call, provides a live video image, establishes a speech connection and opens the door.
Smart Gateway Mini image

Smart Gateway Mini

Welcome to the threshold you can take with you! The Smart Gateway allows you to hear the doorbell, talk to visitors, see their picture and open the door wherever there is a mobile device in easy reach. Whether an iPhone, iPad, a DECT cordless phone or Siedle Scope, or else a combination of them. One gateway, a whole world of possibilities.
Smart Gateway image

Smart Gateway

The Smart Gateway links door communication to the most important standards in the world of IT: Alongside smartphones or tablets, PC-based operator panels or computers can be turned into additional indoor call stations, the LAN becomes a transmission channel.
New Cameras image

New Cameras

See more: Two new cameras now supplement the function spectrum. Both have a significantly larger pick-up angle, and are also smaller than the previous model.
Access Video Panel image

Access Video Panel

The top model among the wired indoor stations is now also available for the Siedle Access installation system. The video panel provides impressive brilliant picture reproduction on a 17.8 cm (7 inch) screen.
Call Display image

Call Display

The call display is particularly economical for larger residential properties: A display replaces rows of bells. Arrow buttons guide the user to the required name, the OK button establishes the connection.
Replacement Letterbox System image

Replacement Letterbox System

New gloss for an old letterbox system: Retrofit systems in metal design from Siedle Classic replace fronts of existing series TL 411 systems. The existing housing recessed into the masonry remains intact.

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Siedle Access image

Siedle Access

We believe that the field in which Access shows its strengths will continue to develop, especially in the project business. Without a doubt, the future here belongs to this IP-based, open and flexible system.
System Applications image

System Applications

In many types of building, Siedle Access offers whole new scope. From ultra-modern detached family homes to large-scale projects posing new challenges and building complexes located across separate sites.
IP Basis image

IP Basis

Siedle Access makes door communication part of the IP world. Access integrates seamlessly into an IP network, adding the whole functional scope of Siedle system technology.
Benefits image


Siedle Access is the most powerful and flexible system that we have ever developed. We believe and are indeed convinced that it is also the best solution available on the market to meet complex requirements and satisfy demanding users.
Diversity image


Siedle Access offers unlimited flexibility. Including in choosing your call stations.

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Software image


The principles of Siedle design also apply to control interfaces formal and aesthetic quality, functionality, ergonomics and simple operation.
Virtual In-House Telephone image

Virtual In-House Telephone

A Siedle indoor station with all the functions on a PC, ideal for all workstations where a PC is permanently operating.
Concierge image


They are an essential component of many buildings and are enjoying a renaissance in up-market residential properties the porter or concierge who offers a wide range of services and security functions.
Software Module image

Software Module

Pure function the software module is designed for integrating Siedle Access in non-Siedle systems.
Indoor Stations image

Indoor Stations

All Access indoor stations come with a monitor, even the audio call stations. If no video function is required, the monitor is used only for operating purposes and displays the menu interface.
Siedle App image

Siedle App

In the home, at the home or anywhere else in the world: The Siedle App monitors the threshold of your home. It receives the door call, provides a moving video image, establishes a speech connection and opens the door.

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In many types of building, Siedle Access offers whole new scope. From ultra-modern detached family homes to large-scale projects posing new challenges and building complexes located across separate sites.
One-Family Home image

One-Family Home

Complex, increasingly linked automation and media control systems provide the convenience which has now become an accepted part of living in an up-market environment. The feature that all these applications have in common is IP-based networking. Building communication using Siedle Access fits seamlessly into this digital world from planning and installation to operation. The technical features are supplemented by the excellent quality of the materials and workmanship and the prize-winning design which make Siedle products what they are. Good design and an attractive appearance often play a major role, particularly for private building owners who demand more.
Multiple Occupancy Buildings image

Multiple Occupancy Buildings

Siedle Access can really show off what it can do in large buildings. Access is almost unlimited in terms of maximum cable length, number of doors, users or speech channels. The opposite is true for the cabling because what used to require bundles of cables as thick as your arm can now get by with a single network cable. And you can decide for yourself what terminals are connected to this cable whether they are classic or virtual video call stations, contain concierge software or are devices made by other manufacturers. Everything is possible and changeable, even retrospectively. That makes planning with Access simple, fast and therefore low cost. In fact, wherever there is an IP infrastructure, Access can react as required to the needs of its users.
Building Complex image

Building Complex

The IP-based Siedle Access system is ideal for use in multiple disparate locations. Like an in-house LAN, a common WAN can be used as a basis for the system. Whether you want central surveillance and management using our concierge software, remote communication or joint administration Siedle Access joins locations with almost total disregard to the distances between them. The central service makes the entire system management easy and helps to improve the system efficiency by providing a central data

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Project Phases

Anyone familiar with the ins and outs of network technology will have a command of Siedle Access. Because the system works using current standards, it dispenses as far as possible with proprietary technology, making Access extremely simple to work with - throughout every phase of a project.
Planning and Installation image

Planning and Installation

Thanks to the system's openness, we do not need to take every single detail into account in advance. That greatly reduces the time and effort. More ...
Commissioning and Administration image

Commissioning and Administration

Correct commissioning provides the basis for trouble-free operation. We have therefore made it as simple as possible and we only use experts to complete the process.

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Siedle Access in facts and figures: Technical system description.
Functions image


Siedle Access capability and performance at a glance. Because in terms of its functionality Access is an open system, this page will be continuously updated to include system and functional upgrades. ..
Technology image


System description, specifications, conditions and cabling/wiring requirements.
Access Video Decoupler image

Access Video Decoupler

More video, easier networking: Siedle door communications as part of building automation. The Access video decoupler transmits the video image of Siedle door stations and facilitates the integration of external recording devices, video servers and operating displays on Siedle intercom units.

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Intercom Units

Since the invention of the door intercom system, Siedle has focused on achieving continuous improvement. We have been working towards this goal for over 70 years with passion, commitment and the quest for perfection which is reflected in each and every one of our products.
Video Door Stations image

Video Door Stations

Hearing is good. Seeing is safer. Taking an unmistakable close look beats asking "who is it?" every time. A video surveillance system provides a significant gain in terms of both security and convenience over conventional intercom systems.
Video Indoor Stations image

Video Indoor Stations

The entrance clearly in view: The video stations create a visual link to the door. The model selection and the design versatility are just as great as for the audio models, but with the addition of the video dimension.
Audio Door Stations image

Audio Door Stations

a class="HomepageTable2LinkNewsText" href="">Hearing, speech, door release the classical intercom system forms the basis of all door communication. At Siedle, this basis offers a starting point for expansion and upgrading. Four design lines and countless style variants address every conceivable requirement and personal preference.
Audio Indoor Stations image

Audio Indoor Stations

Classical with a receiver or as a handsfree unit, mounted on the wall or table, as a standard model or with deluxe functions in a metal, wood or paintwork finish the choice is yours.
Interfaces image


Why not pick up a door call on your telephone, mobile or PC? Interfaces create transition points to the telephone system, the PC network or the intelligent home.
Status Display image

Status Display

Vital for barrier-free access: the status display. This provides the hard of hearing with clear feedback from the intercom.

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Siedle uses exclusively white high-performance LEDs in all its light functions. The LEDs are used to illuminate details such as buttons or house numbers, brighten up larger surfaces or whole systems, and also to light up driveways, paths, entrance areas or terraces.

Benefits of LED technology
  • Energy efficiency and long service life
  • Minimal operating and maintenance costs
  • Innovative design due to compact dimensions
  • Standardized light colour throughout the entire installation
  • Power supply through low voltage
LED Light Module image

LED Light Module

The square light module forms the basis for extremely low-profile wall lights or free-standing light pedestals. Every module is equipped with four LEDs, which remain recognizable as spot-shaped light sources.
LED Surface Area Light image

LED Surface Area Light

The surface area light provides the perfect illumination for company names, logos and other inscriptions. At the same time, it attracts attention in its own right with its characteristic light distribution and innovative design.
LED Spotlight image

LED Spotlight

Spotlights illuminate details such as keypads, house numbers or fingerprint readers. By directing the light, it is possible to accentuate edges and contours.

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All are in compliance with the postal standard DIN EN 13724. All of them protect the mail from moisture and unauthorized access, none of them is made of simple sheet metal. The benefits of Siedle letterboxes extend far beyond these minimum requirements:
Electrical unlocking image

Electrical unlocking

The ideal addition to an electronic access control system: electrical letterbox release.
Mail notification system image

Mail notification system

Simple function, amazing effect: The indoor station indicates when mail has arrived in the letterbox.
Flush mounting image

Flush mounting

A flush-mounted letterbox is often the most elegant way to receive mail all the more so when it can be combined with door communication and lighting.
Surface mounting image

Surface mounting

If the letterbox is mounted on the wall instead of in it, the facade remains intact. Installation is possible without laborious masonry work. Additional benefit for energy-efficient building: No interruption of the building envelope, no thermal bridges to compromise the thermal insulation.
Free-standing image


Free-standing letterboxes are located wherever they are most usefully placed, irrespective of the facade design. Walls and doors remain uncluttered. Important for energy saving construction systems: The facade and building envelope remain intact, avoiding thermal bridges.
Door panel mounting image

Door panel mounting

The alternative to wall mounting: The mail can be conveniently removed from indoors without the need to break through the masonry.
Glass mounting image

Glass mounting

Siedle Steel for glass mounting is installed directly in the glass. The stainless steel panels become part of the glass facade without the need of any additional frame or visible means of fastening.

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Access Control

The fingerprint, numerical code, card or radio transponder: All of these can be used to replace or supplement conventional door keys. Siedle integrates modern access control into the Siedle Steel and Siedle Vario communication systems.
Fingerprint image


Guaranteed proof against loss, mislaying, theft or counterfeiting: Using a finger as a front door key. Siedle Fingerprint provides the convenience and security of biometric identification to every front door.
Electronic Key image

Electronic Key

Ideal for children and everyone requiring quick, easy entry: Hold the electronic key close to the sensor to open the door. If an electronic key is ever mislaid, the code from the reader is simply deleted.
Code lock image

Code lock

The code lock is one of the most versatile applications found at the entrance. Using different numerical combinations, it affords access, executes switching functions, selectively dials specific call stations in the house and even sets up a link to the telephone network. Available for Siedle Vario and Siedle Steel with the same functionality, but a totally different look and feel.
Card reader image

Card reader

Eliminating unsightly and cluttered multiple information at the entrance. The card reader integrates safety and time recording technology from all leading suppliers into the integral design of Siedle Vario or Siedle Steel.

Application range

The Siedle access control adjusts to requirements in a number of upgrade stages, starting with control of a single door through to large building complexes whose different entrances can be configured and monitored by means of a web server.
HID Prox/iClass image

HID Prox/iClass

Siedle has been successful in providing integrated access control solutions via new trend setting technological alliances. Integration, modularity, and open architecture are all key concerns and crucial in achieving intelligent security and access control system (ACS).

The following access control solutions are available:
  • Proximity readers
  • Conventional entry keypads
  • Biometric solutions
  • Intercom communication
  • Wiegand Protocol

{{}} {{this.hide}} Communication and Signage System

In front of the building image

In front of the building

At the perimeter, on driveways, gates or paths: the free-standing pedestal is ideally placed wherever it most effectively fulfils its function, irrespective of walls and facades.
At the Building image

At the Building

A signage system must supply the right information from the right distance. Inscriptions with long-distance and close-up effect consequently differ in terms of their size, design and placement. More ...
In the Building image

In the Building

A visitor who has entered a building is still not at his destination. He still needs the same support as outside the door: Information, orientation, guidance. A concept which performs such a cohesive function should speak the same design language too.
Pictograms image


The pictograms are used to denote customary room types. They can be mounted individually in a room sign or flag-type sign or be integrated in combination with other symbols, arrows or inscriptions in large signs and boards.
Colour and Lettering image

Colour and Lettering

Its enormous design versatility allows the system to reflect personal preferences, architectural styles and surrounding materials; corporate designs or colour guidance systems can also be implemented without problems.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Replacement and Modernization

Replacement and Modernization

Simple, fast, low-cost modernization of old bell and door communication systems
Bell for intercom system image

Bell for intercom system

The complete set replaces the old bell system in next to no time. Simple surface mounting does away with the need for masonry work: Screw on, connect - ready.
Bell for video system image

Bell for video system

Greater security plus added convenience and involving only minimal mounting and installation work. Generally speaking, the wires left by an existing bell system are sufficient not only for the speech and door release function, but for video and surveillance too.
Intercom replacement image

Intercom replacement

Renovate your existing intercom system! With award-winning design and different finish variations without the need for rewiring and laborious installation work and without spending a fortune.
Door station replacement image

Door station replacement

Only exchange what really has to be replaced: The retrofit version of the Classic door station fits precisely over the flush-mount housing of the TL 111 series.
Vario old to Vario new image

Vario old to Vario new

Years of use under inhospitable conditions have taken their toll on a good few original Vario 511 series systems. An adapter permits simple replacement by the successor model, leaving the flush-mount housing in the wall.

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Siedle Vario image

Siedle Vario

Multi-talent and design icon: Siedle Vario was the first modular door communication system. In its second product generation, it continues to break the mould when it comes to application flexibility and good design.
Siedle Steel image

Siedle Steel

The Siedle Steel communication system is not an off-the-peg product, but a concept which allows customers to be involved in the design. Every Steel system is built as a one-off in accordance with customer preferences.
Siedle Classic image

Siedle Classic

Siedle Classic is a contemporary take on the classic door station: A front panel in metal with a loudspeaker grille and buttons, fully in line with the state of the art in terms of design, technology, material and workmanship.

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