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States Industries LLC is a privately held, hardwood panel producer located in Eugene, Oregon, in the heart of America's wood products manufacturing region. We have established a reputation for innovation by consistently introducing products and processes targeted to improve our customer's capabilities and the value of their products.

Each workday at States, more than three hundred individuals bring their skill, ingenuity and dedication to the task of creating and supplying quality, hardwood panel products to North American woodworkers. Millwrights, electricians, press operators, finish line technicians and all of States' employees create a culture that supports and encourages the fullfillment of our customer's requests. States maintains bills-of-material for more than 400,000 constructions and typically adds 10 new ones daily, each to meet a customer's very specific application. No other manufacturer in our industry is more responsive to the specialized needs of woodworking.


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Hardwood Panel Face Veneers

Decorative face veneers are the reason hardwood plywood is specified as a material and the primary determinant of panel costs. Learning to specify the wood specie, cut, match and grade of veneers that achieve precisely the desired appearance is an art unto itself, and can require much study and experience. What we hope to accomplish here is a brief overview of veneer types and characteristics and their impact on appearance. While there are a multitude of wood species to select from, we are concerned here with commercially available veneers, both domestic and imported.
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Hardwood Panel Wood Species

While there are similarities between some wood species, and finishes are often used to mask lower value as higher value species, actual wood species are the primary distinction in the grain structure and color of veneers. Generally wood species are divided into hardwoods (
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Hardwood Panels - UpFront

Counter fronts, cash wraps, kitchen islands and wainscoting are just a few of the places where UpFront cross grained panels are specified. They are appropriate anywhere a vertical grained span of more than 48" is indicated.
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Hardwood Panels - NOVALAB

NOVALAB finishes have been formulated and applied to meet Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) standards for chemical resistance. They are appropriate to use anywhere interior vertical surfaces are exposed to harsh chemicals, including laboratories, commercial kitchens, work rooms and testing centers.
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Hardwood Panels - Nova Peak

Provides small quantities of popular wood species and colors on higher grades of veneer.
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Hardwood Panels - Nova

Eliminate the need to finish in the shop, eliminate airborne toxins and facilitate high volume finishing.
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Hardwood Panels - Versa

Provide opaque colors and wipe-down interiors, matched to natural wood veneer exteriors.
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Hardwood Panels - ArmorCore

ArmorCore® combines the low weight and high strength of veneer cores with the superior flatness and high density of MDF under face and back veneers. It offers improved appearance in higher grades of face veneers and minimizes "checking".
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Hardwood Panels - ApplePly

ApplePly® is specified for its attractive edge, high strength and solid hardwood core.
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Hardwood Panels - XTRA

Composites, ArmorCore® and veneer cored panels, and many domestic face and back veneers are available in 120" lengths. Composite-cored, 120" panels are limited to 1-1/8" or less in thickness, while veneer or ArmorCore panels can be up to 1-1/4". Thin panels may be ordered in thickness sizes of 1/8", 5/32", 5.2mm, 5.3mm, 5.4mm, 5.5mm, 7/32" and 1/4". Panels thicker than 1" include ApplePly® at 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" and veneer core at 1-1/8", 1-1/4", 1-3/8" and 1-1/2". Composite panels are limited to 1-1/4".
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Hardwood Panels - SoyStrong

SoyStrong is your mark of assurance that hardwood plywood panels from States Industries meet the most stringent standards for indoor air quality.
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Veneer Cores

1 Step Veneer, or Conventional Construction is the least expensive way to manufacture a veneer core panel because all laminations including the face and back veneers are assembled and pressed at one time. The drawback to this method is that imperfections in the core veneers can transfer to the surface as high or low spots on the face and back.
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Composite Cores

Particleboard is perhaps the least expensive core for hardwood plywood because its particles are less refined than MDF, yet it is perfect for many applications. It is smoother and more uniform than veneer cores and available in Class A fire ratings as well as no-added-urea-formaldehyde constructions. Particleboard is generally available 1/2" or thicker. While some hardwood plywood producers manufacture their own particleboard, most outsource this core material.

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