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Since 1979, Thermolite has been a leading innovator in supplemental interior window systems. We are a GSA-certified contractor and work with governmental agencies, the U.S. military, commercial renovators, hospitality facilities and historical preservation projects.

The cornerstones of our product all revolve around ENERGY and are represented in the colors of our square logo and are SAVINGS, EFFICIENCY, INTEGRITY AND SECURITY.

Our patented Thermolite Window System is a one-of-a-kind alternative to traditional replacement windows. This 100% customized window system is designed to provide superior protection against bomb blast, audio espionage and hurricanes while reducing noise, sealing the building envelope and preserving historic architectural integrity.

The system is installed quickly, using a process that provides discreet and non-intrusive installation. In fact, many of the systems can be installed during evening or off-peak hours for your convenience and security. Contact us now to see if you qualify for a free supplemental window.


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Blast Windows

Our blast window is truly special. It is the only one made in the United States that uses dynamic loading to accomplish the objective of keeping glass from penetrating into the building. The other dynamic product is made in Israel and all other products simply place a rigid body into the window and heavily reinforce the window and wall opening. Our window requires the least amount of anchoring in the world and is patent protected in the USA and EU.
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Our Hurricane Window System's patented design is made to hold up to hurricane winds - protecting your building and all its resources. The System easily installs on the inside of the building and will secure your building. We have been tested for large and small impacts and meet the strictest building codes in the country up to category 5 and we even have developed a FEMA 361 product to withstand 250 mph.
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Signal Defense

In a world of high-tech espionage, there is a lot of information that needs safeguarding. Whether it is customer account numbers and personal information, trade secrets or governmental data, audio espionage is an increasing danger to the world of information.

Thermolite's Window System is a patented technology that provides signal defense - blocking audio transmissions for up to 20 miles away. Organizations that need to properly secure locations handling sensitive and/or classified information should consider adding some kind of signal defense capabilities to the Thermolite Window System. A single event of information theft could devastate a business, and we have a solution ready to protect.

Laminated glass with patented technology can be placed on the interior of your building, which will protect any kind of information from theft coming from your company''s cell phones, routers or even audio espionage through the glass itself. We can provide an interior system to comply with US DoD policy, infrared and radio frequency emanation Standard, intelligence Community Directive 705.2, Certified TempeST Technical authority (CTTa) specifications.
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Sound Control

Looking to improve privacy and decrease noise in your building? The Thermolite Window System has a STC rating of 49 - ensuring a significant reduction in noise transmission.

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Interior Windows

Thermolite's patented window systems install on the interior of existing windows to deliver superior performance and appearance at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows.

  • Full range of laminated, suspended film, insulated and low-emissivity coatings
  • Between-glass blinds lower solar heat gain in the summer and raise it in the winter
  • Easily attaches to fixed, storefront and curtain wall framework
  • All aluminum construction- custom colors and contours
  • Sound control window systems available at STC 49
  • Hurricane and Blast mitigation options without affecting sight lines
  • Made in the USA - Veteran Owned
  • GSA Federal Supplier Schedule Contract #GS-07F-0116H
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Replacement Windows

Thermolite has designed a high performance blast window for new construction which never requires structural reinforcing. The patented compression release technology and triple glazing absorbs the blast impulse, placing a minimal amount of force into the building so only masonry anchors are required. It is also the most energy efficient product of its kind on the world market.

  • No structural reinforcement required
  • Compression release technology shifts blast away from structure
  • Only masonry anchors are required
  • Exceeds UFC 1-040-01/02 Standards
  • Extensively used in federal agencies & DoD
  • Blast pressures = 20 psi and up
  • Fast installation
  • Less expense for same value protection
  • Made in the USA - Veteran Owned
  • GSA Federal Supplier Schedule Contract #GS-07F-0116H

Thermolite's blast window system is dynamic and actually moves with the blast impulse, so it does not require the heavy steel reinforcement of other blast windows. As a result, our system costs less, is quickly installed and can save your firm and your customer millions of dollars and weeks of time.
Curtain Wall Retrofits image

Curtain Wall Retrofits - RetroWAL™

RetroWAL™ a Revolutionary High Performance Curtain Wall Retrofit System

Thermolite has launched a revolutionary glazing retrofit system that enables rapid ROI for the commercial energy efficiency retrofit market. RetroWAL™ is designed to retrofit any curtain wall or storefront application and is ideally suited for historic and landmark projects as it allows preservation of the existing facade. RetroWAL™ consists of a "Window Attachment Lite" or "WAL'" which is easily installed on the inside of the existing glass in as little as 30 minutes and greatly minimizes disruption to building occupants or tenants. The product increases the thermal performance of single pane windows in commercial buildings, improving center of glass R-value from R-1 up to R-3 (U-factor 1 to 0.37) with the basic system. Air infiltration is reduced to between .01 and .04 cfm per square foot of window space. Solar heat gain is controlled by using between glass blinds and/or window film laminated on the opposite side of the low-e coating or the existing building glass.

The RetroWAL™ patent pending design places composite caps around the frame with thermal breaks reducing the conductivity of the aluminum dramatically. Typical curtain systems in older buildings have R values (resistance to heat loss) of less than R=1. This value is only the same as 1/4" styrofoam. ThermoWAL™ triples the insulating value of the existing older systems, outperforms many total replacement options at a fraction of the cost. It adds minimal weight to the existing curtain wall structure which is often limits the building options.

Security variations for curtain wall structures have been implemented by Thermolite for years and are now available for the commercial building market.
Curtain Wall Retrofits image

Curtain Wall Retrofits - BlastWAL™

Our blast window is truly special. It is the only one made in the United States that uses dynamic loading to accomplish the objective of keeping glass from penetrating into the building. The other dynamic product is made in Israel and all other products simply place a rigid body into the window and heavily reinforce the window and wall opening. Our window requires the least amount of anchoring in the world and is patent protected in the USA and EU.
Curtain Wall Retrofits image

Curtain Wall Retrofits - SoundWAL™

Sound control glazing is a growing trend in the construction industry and is used in structures around airports, highways,and in loud urban neighborhoods. Since monolithic and dual pane windows block less sound than the average exterior wall, window upgrades to acoustic glazing are an effective way to increase the acoustic performance of the outside envelope.

When SoundWALA™ is placed behind glazing an existing building, our system has been tested to perform at an STC level of 49. This makes it ideal for offices, conference rooms and apartment / condominium conversions.
Curtain Wall Retrofits image

Curtain Wall Retrofits - StormWAL™

Older curtainwall systems are often designed to handle windloads up to 30 psf while hurricanes carry more than 75 psf. Our product is designed for Category 5 windspeeds up to 159 mph. We use laminated glass which is impact protected per ASTM Standard 1886 and 1996.
Curtain Wall Retrofits image

Curtain Wall Retrofits - FireWAL™

Entryways and windows to buildings have become a hot topic in preventing an active shooter to gain access into a building. Communities and cities understand that their schools, universities, hospitals, malls and public buildings are very vulnerable. Security doors alone do not protect against outside intruders gaining access and shooting through windows adjacent to egress points as was the case at Sandy Hook CT in 2012.

Replacing every door and window with ballistic materials can become cost prohibitive and that is why FireWAL™ was created. Where a storefront and enteryway window replacement can cost perhaps $25,000 per opening and take days to install, our system costs 75% less and installs in hours.

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Military Installations

The Thermolite Window System is the perfect solution to energy security for military installations; we possess both GSA and DOD bomb blast requirements. Our system is utilized for security solutions of susceptible buildings as well as for energy solutions in both administrative and housing facilities.
Government Buildings image

Government Buildings

The cost of heating and cooling older and outdated buildings continues to be a struggle for cities all over the United States. However, city, county and state buildings often have historical significance in a community and the facade of the building is an important part of the visual appeal - so changing expensive exterior windows is not an option with decreasing budgets. The Thermolite Window System is the solution.
Banks image


With the growing concern of blast mitigation and identity theft in the financial industry, many banks are looking for ways to prevent intrusions while protecting their people against terrorism. The Thermolite Window System utilizes patented technology designed to block signal leakage from inside the building while providing top level blast protection and best in class energy efficiencies.
Historic Buildings image

Historic Buildings

Historic buildings often evoke a strong sense of nostalgia with a community or organization, but the old windows in the buildings can be a major source of energy loss that keeps utility bills high. However, replacement windows are not always an option'there is the cost of the windows to the loss of architectural integrity to not qualifying for potential historic tax credits to consider. Installing the Thermolite Window system is easy, allows the existing historical windows to remain will maintain the beauty and character of your historic building.
Hospitality Industry image

Hospitality Industry

Every day, you have rooms to fill and spend money heating and cooling rooms - regardless if they're filled. The cost of replacing older, inefficient windows can be out of the budget and can change the architectural integrity of the building. Behind labor, utilities represent the largest variable cost to the hotel operator. Reduction of noise from street traffic, sirens and wind is best in class and will be the best side effect of this system to your guests. Thermolite Window Systems is the solution and will install from the inside in our typical clandestine fashion.
Office Buildings image

Office Buildings

Office building owners typically never consider a window replacement a very good investment simply because of the high cost to replace - especially in large cities. Not only are modern, insulated glass windows expensive but the labor to install these is very costly and the process will remove your valuable tenants from their comfortable space for weeks if not months. In many cases of buildings from the MidModern Era 1958-1973, insulated glass and thermally broken curtain wall is to heavy to be hung of the existing structure so the "modern" glazing option is not possible. The Thermolite Window System places another glass lite behind the existing one making single glazed windows double and insulated glass windows triple glazed. We completely eliminate the high cost, long installation times and will make your older building envelope a very high performer.

Health Care Facilities

The energy costs for hospitals and medical buildings can be a large portion of monthly expenses'but upgrading the HVAC systems or replacing the windows can also be a major capital expenditure. With the Thermolite Window System, there is no need for costly window replacements or HVAC upgrades. And, because we can install the system on the interior of the building during off-peak hours, there is little-to-no disruption to your staff and patients.
Schools and Universities image

Schools and Universities

With budgets that continue to shrink and demands that continue to grow, educational institutions face constant pressure to do more with less. The Thermolite Window System is designed with energy and cost savings in mind. Instead of replacing low performing windows or upgrading an entire HVAC system, the Thermolite Window system will provide immediate energy savings and reduce capital costs. Furthermore, schools located in the gulf coast areas will benefit by choosing our hurricane security option.

Last Update: 2017-10-19