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Located in Oxford CT, Walz & Krenzer has supplied custom designed flood barriers and watertight closures to the market since 1939. Specializing in the design and manufacture of flood barriers, watertight doors, and watertight hatches in a variety of shapes and sizes, designed to meet your specifications and requirements.

On-site technical representatives are available for helping with field inspections, installation guidance and troubleshooting of all of our products. Let us help you with your flood protection needs.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Removable Flood Barriers

Removable Lip Seal Gasket Flood Barriers image

Removable Lip Seal Gasket Flood Barriers - Model FP-LS

Designed to seal floodwaters from one direction, they offer a fully watertight seal.
Removable Compression Gasket Flood Barrier image

Removable Compression Gasket Flood Barrier - Model FP-C

Offers a 100% watertight seal against floodwaters from one or both directions and can be designed to seal on 3 or all 4 sides. This popular flood barrier has Low maintenance and is easy to install.
Removable Inflatable Gasket Flood Barrier image

Removable Inflatable Gasket Flood Barrier - Model FP-I

These flood barriers use the same type of frame as our lip seal gasket flood barriers and are are recommended when a watertight seal from one or both directions and a flush bottom sill are required.
Removable Multi-Panel Lip Seal Flood Barrier image

Removable Multi-Panel Lip Seal Flood Barrier - Model FP-M

Used for openings wider than 10 feet or higher than 6 feet, they are available in both side by side or stacked configurations.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Hinged Flood Gates

Hinged Lip Seal Gasket Flood Gate image

Hinged Lip Seal Gasket Flood Gate - Model FG-LS

A permanently mounted panel, fully watertight seal, designed to withstand water pressure from one side only, utilizing our custom designed lip seal gasket it offers a lower cost option to inflatable and compression gasket floodgates.
Hinged Compression Gasket Flood Gate image

Hinged Compression Gasket Flood Gate - Model FG-C

A permanently mounted panel, that when closed creates a fully watertight seal capable of withstanding water pressure from one or both sides. Available for any size opening, and can be designed with single or double panels. Wide floodgates are provided with wheel assemblies to assist in opening and closing.
Hinged Inflatable Gasket Flood Gate image

Hinged Inflatable Gasket Flood Gate - Model FG-I

Permanently mounted, Hinged inflatable gasket flood gates offer a fully watertight seal. Single and double panel designs are available for any size opening.
Flip Up Flood Gate image

Flip Up Flood Gate - Model FG-BH

Permanently mounted floodgates, hinged along the bottom surface, recess into the ground/floor surface in front of the opening to be protected. Available with compression, inflatable, or lip seal gaskets depending on the application.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Watertight and Airtight Doors

Compression Gasket Watertight Door image

Compression Gasket Watertight Door - Model WT-FD-C, WT-FD-QA, WT-FD-I

Available in either single or double panel configurations for any size opening. Options include power operation, insulation, view windows, interlocking, and more.

• Model WT-FD-QA is for frequently opened/closed doors
• Model WT-FD-I is for infrequently opened/closed doors
• Model WT-FD-C has a flush panel for ease of cleaning
Inflatable Gasket Watertight Door image

Inflatable Gasket Watertight Door - Model WT-FD-ID

Recommended when a watertight or airtight seal and a flush bottom sill are required and often used for inside locations such as labs and clean rooms. We recommend only using dual gaskets for critical applications.
High Pressure Watertight Door image

High Pressure Watertight Door - Model WT-HP

High-pressure doors are often used in tunnels, hydroelectric plants, and high-pressure chambers for industrial processes. Sliding doors are recommended when there may be a need to close the door with water coming through the opening.
Sliding Watertight Door image

Sliding Watertight Door - Model WT-S

Used where space constraints preclude hinged doors. Sliding watertight doors are available with either compression or inflatable gaskets, and can be designed for almost any pressure requirement.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Watertight Hatches

Flush Watertight Hatch image

Flush Watertight Hatch - Model WTH-F

Flush Watertight Hatches are available in any size, for any pressure requirement and are used to eliminate tripping hazards or where vehicular traffic may be present.

Options include spring balancing or gas springs and hold open braces. The frames and coamings can be bolted to the existing surface, welded to an existing metal frame or embedded in newly poured concrete.
Raised Watertight Hatch image

Raised Watertight Hatch - Model WTH-R

The panel is raised above the ground surface, which eliminates ice and water build up in the frame recess and can be used in locations where tripping hazards are not present, and where vehicular traffic is not a concern.
Power Operated Watertight Hatch image

Power Operated Watertight Hatch - Model WTH-P

Hatches larger than 4' and high-pressure hatches often require power operation or assist due to the weight of the panel.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Special Closures

Horizontally and Vertically Sliding Flood Barriers image

Horizontally and Vertically Sliding Flood Barriers - Model FG-S

Horizontally Sliding Flood Barriers:
our horizontally sliding barriers are available in several different designs, allowing us to make sure that you get the best product for your application. Almost all of these barriers can be opened and closed in seconds by one person. A wide variety of gaskets can be used depending on the application, including lipseal, "P" gasket, standard compression gaskets or inflatable seals. Extremely large and heavy barriers can be supplied with winches or towing points to assist with opening/closing of the gate, as well as to provide a measure of safety when opening or closing the gate in extreme wind conditions.

Vertically Sliding Flood Barriers:
Especially suited to loading docks and warehouses, vertically sliding flood barriers are a great way to close off large opening. The panels are raised and lowered with the aid of manual or power winches. All vertically sliding barriers are supplied with a hold-open device for safety purposes.
Blast Resistant Watertight Doors image

Blast Resistant Watertight Doors

Both our doors and hatches can be designed to withstand blast and ballistic protection, as well as shock requirements.
Custom Closures image

Custom Closures

WK has designed special purpose closures for almost every application including nuclear facilities, test labs, dams, hydro plants, zoos, hospitals, and other facilities with very specific design criteria.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Watertight Personnel Doors

Sliding Watertight Doors image

Sliding Watertight Doors

Sliding Watertight Doors can be designed for any size, location, or pressure requirement and are available with electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical, or manual operation.

Retrofit packages are available to upgrade control and indication systems to comply with current SOLAS and/or USCG requirements.
Hinged Watertight Doors image

Hinged Watertight Doors

New ABS rules require that hinged doors located at or below the deepest load line draft in column-stabilized and surface units have remote control. WK has provided power operated hinged doors that meet this requirement.
High Pressure Watertight Doors image

High Pressure Watertight Doors

High pressure doors are available in any size, for any location, and for just about any pressure.

Last Update: 2017-02-03