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At Timberlane we trust there is more to a home than just the basic necessities. We consider them a living entity, and that we create exactly what they require; beautiful hand-crafted wooden shutters and hand-forged shutter hardware. Our artisans here at Timberlane meticulously craft exterior shutters that can not be replicated. With many combinations of materials, styles, types, colors, and hardware, Timberlane is able to custom manufacture any style shutter with detailed specifications for any customer.

Timberlane’s synthetic, wood, and composite options provide our customers with three flawless choices of material. Endurian, our synthetic material, is maintenance-free and easily relatable to wood. Premium, our wooden line of shutters, is hand-crafted using only the best wood around: Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Spanish Cedar. Fundamentals, our composite design, benefits those who are on a tight budget, but still want top of the line shutters. No matter which material decision, our customers will be satisfied with our ideal outcome.

Regardless of the neighborhood, our residential, commercial, and historic shutters have the ability to fit homes in any region. Our fully functional shutters, such as our operable louvers, emit a colonial feel to homes. Our Bermuda shutters, also known as “storm shutters,” provide sun screening and storm protection in tropical climates. And our panel shutters offer a wide variety of combinations and configurations to suite your every want and need.

Along with our wide variety of shutter options comes our unique selection of hand-forged hardware. From our historical early American hinges and pintels, to our slide bolts, pull rings, and tiebacks, Timberlane offers the most extensive assortment of shutter hardware available anywhere, and it’s all in stock and ready to ship.

Customization is not a problem for Timberlane, it is our specialty. We pride ourselves in meeting all customers requests, rather it be historical requirements or simple replacement shutters. But without constant innovation over the past fifteen years, that would not be possible.

We believe that we have finally perfected our process, but that does not mean we are not open to suggestions. We encourage customer comments and recommendations for our company and product improvement!

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  • Shutter Materials
    Endurian image Timberlane’s Endurian line of shutters offers a state-of-the-art material that mimics wood in ways never imagined. Our Endurian line truly offers the world’s first fully customizable maintenance-free shutters. Each Endurian shutter is hand-crafted and assembled by one of our meticulous artisans, and the end result is a masterpiece with a high level of detailing for which Timberlane is so well known.
    Specs for Endurian PDF Endurian e-Catalog Videos for Endurian
    Premium Wood image Timberlane’s Premium Wood line of shutters offers you the traditional beauty and flawless finish your home desires. We offer three types of wood: Western Red Cedar, Mahogany, and Spanish Cedar. All three wood types create beautiful piece of art. From the moment you order, your wooden shutters are completely custom made and hand-crafted.
    Specs for Premium Wood PDF Premium Wood e-Catalog Videos for Premium Wood
    Advantage image Timberlane’s Advantage line of shutters offers the classic beauty and style options you expect from Timberlane. They are offered in both a single-raised panel and faux louver styles, and are constructed from kiln-dried, clear, Western Red Cedar. They are available primed only.
    Fundamentals image Timberlane’s Fundamental shutters are great for customers who are on a tight budget. Our line of Fundamental shutters is a basic fixed mount shutter available unfinished only in a single panel and faux louver style. It is built to the same superiority standards that have made Timberlane the leader in the exterior shutter industry.
  • Shutter Styles
    Panels image The most traditional shutter, but also the shutter most open to interpretation, our Panel styles come in many varieties. From raised to recessed, shaker to flat, ogee to quarter-round and bead trim, Panels offer something for everyone. Unlike applied moldings used by other companies, Timberlane uses and tongue and groove construction to secure the edge of the trim inside the stiles and the rails which ensures that our trim cannot fall off.
    Louvered Shutters image In the olden days, Louvered shutters were created for ventilation and privacy in homes. Today, they provide the same level of protection and come in three different styles: Faux, Fixed, and Operable. Timberlane’s Louvered shutters are sanded to a glossy round finish, then hand-fitted into a slot so it can never flip in the wrong direction or fall out. These shutters are set with enough “float” so they can expand and contract in different types of weather conditions.
    If you are head over heels for our Louvered style shutters, but are on a tighter budget, our Faux Louvers are a perfect fit for you! Available in Advantage and Fundamental materials, the Faux Louvers offer a unique approach to our original style of Louvered shutters. Since both Advantage and Fundamental materials have a single panel profile, these shutters do not have any space in between louvers, hence the “faux” term. The Timberlane Faux Louvered shutters have countless design configurations available and are all built to order.
    Specs for Faux Louvered Shutters PDF Faux Louvered Shutters e-Catalog Videos for Faux Louvered Shutters
    Fixed Louvered Shutters image If you admire Timberlane's Louvered style shutters, but want them solely for decoration purposes, Timberlane's Fixed Louvered style is a perfect match. Our Fixed Louvered shutters appear to be functional, but the slats do not operate the way they are constructed to.Each slat is hand cut and fitted to leave room for contraction and expansion during different weather climates. Fixed Louver shutters are only available in our Endurian and Premium Wood materials.
    Operable Louvered Shutters image Timberlane’s Operable Louvered style are an ideal match for those who want the traditional feel of shutters. Before the age of electricity, Louver style shutters were placed on the top level of a home to provide both ventilation and privacy. They have slats that move up and down, just like they did in the olden days. Our Operable Louvered shutters are fitted by hand, where each Louver has been cut to an exacting length to leave just enough room for expansion and contraction.
    Board & Batten Shutters image Traditionally used on barns, Board & Batten shutters have transformed into the pure beauty of the shutter world. Today these shutters are enlivened with beaded detail as seen on historic Northeastern brownstone homes and have created a presence in the rural communities. Substantial and heartfelt, Board & Batten are shutters that deeply satisfy the craving for authenticity.BR>
    Bermuda Shutters image Originally designed for the tropics, Bermuda shutters are the most romantic of styles. Typically used for sun screening and storm protection, these shutters offer a classic vacation feel to your home. One shutter panel will usually cover the entire window. They are hinged from the top and are installed with a custom fit support arm to keep the shutter in an open position – perfect for capturing those nice coastal breezes! Bermuda shutters, also known as Bahama and Storm Shutters, are available in any louver size, with the option of small or large tilt-rods.
    Bahama Shutters image It’s important to give your home a personal touch that distinguishes it from the rest of your neighborhood. Timberlane’s line of custom Bahama shutters, also known as Bermuda shutters, will allow you to refresh the appearance of your home and make it tasteful and elegant. Our shutters can really accent your home’s exterior and transform it from something that is just mediocre into something magnificent. Bahama shutters will give your home a unique style and allow those warm summer breezes through your windows.
    Specs for Bahama Shutters PDF Bahama Shutters e-Catalog Videos for Bahama Shutters
    Manor Shutters image Whether new or old, some homes just demand large shutters. Our Timberlane’s Manor styles offer the largest shutters for the largest window casings. Our thicker collection of shutters designed to be proportionate to the size of your windows, will enhance the look of your home and certainly provide you with some curb appeal because they cannot be missed.
    Specs for Manor Shutters PDF Manor Shutters e-Catalog Videos for Manor Shutters
    Cedar Shutters image Give your home an elegant touch of class with custom made Cedar shutters from Timberlane. With the option of Western Red and Spanish Cedar, Timberlane’s team of master shutter craftsmen go above and beyond to create exceptional wooden shutters. Cedar shutters, offered in our Premium Wood and Advantage materials, evoke a feeling of a simpler, more graceful time, when sipping lemonade on the front porch in the summer was the order of the day and the neighbors came by to visit regularly. Premium Wood Cedar shutters are available in all of our standard colors, and we have the ability to custom match any color. Our Advantage line is available primed only.
    Specs for Cedar Shutters PDF Cedar Shutters e-Catalog Videos for Cedar Shutters
    Composite Shutters image Our custom made Fundamental shutters will give your home the ability to stand out. Fundamentals are made from an exterior grade composite material, and are a combination of inert materials along with wood based materials such as saw dust. Although they have come a long way since the days of flaky particle board we remember, they are still in fact wood based. Composite shutters are only offered unfinished and a few select styles, which means that as a customer you are limited to your different customized choices.
    Specs for Composite Shutters PDF Composite Shutters e-Catalog Videos for Composite Shutters
    Custom Shutters image Shutters have been around for hundreds of years. Initially they were used to protect your windows from sunlight, drafts or unfavorable weather from entering your house. Today, shutters have become a part and parcel of home décor. Shutters can complete the look of your home and add a unique style that truly will set it apart from the rest of the neighborhood. At Timberlane, we go out of our way for our customers. As a customer of Timberlane, not only can you design your shutters from scratch, but if we do not have something that you want, we will go above and beyond to make it possible. We create the finest custom shutters that are designed to make your home look its absolute best!
    Specs for Custom Shutters PDF Custom Shutters e-Catalog Videos for Custom Shutters
    PVC Shutters image Timberlane creates custom home shutters that can accentuate the exterior décor of any home or building, with both traditional wood and our maintenance-free Endurian line. Our Endurian shutters, although having a partial PVC composition, are far superior to standard PVC shutters because we have carefully selected the best raw material for the component of each shutter and candidly PVC is not a one size fits all raw material. Our Endurian shutters deliver durability and style while combining classic beauty with modern art. They are crafted with the same amazing attention to detail that our traditional wood shutters are designed with, but are more advanced and durable with respect to raw materials than standard PVC shutters you will find in the market.
    Specs for PVC Shutters PDF PVC Shutters e-Catalog Videos for PVC Shutters
  • Hand-Forged Shutter Hardware
    Hinges image Timberlane offers the most extensive selection of shutter hardware available anywhere, and it’s all in stock and ready to ship.
    Specs for Hinges PDF Hinges e-Catalog Videos for Hinges
    Pintels image Heavy duty, stainless steel.
    Specs for Pintels PDF Pintels e-Catalog Videos for Pintels
    Tiebacks image Lag mount.
    Specs for Tiebacks PDF Tiebacks e-Catalog Videos for Tiebacks
    Locks & Pull Rings image Shutter Lock - Stainless Steel.
    Specs for Locks & Pull Rings PDF Locks & Pull Rings e-Catalog Videos for Locks & Pull Rings
    Faux Hardware image Dummy Strap Hinges, Jamb Hinges
    "S" Beveled Shutter Tie-Back - Faux
    Specs for Faux Hardware PDF Faux Hardware e-Catalog Videos for Faux Hardware
    Bermuda Hardware image Continuous Bermuda Hinge
    Gravity Butt Style Hinge
    Bermuda Shutter Support
    Specs for Bermuda Hardware PDF Bermuda Hardware e-Catalog Videos for Bermuda Hardware
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Timberlane manufactures the world's finest exterior shutters and hand-forged shutter hardware. Timberlane shutters are available in three materials: Western Red Cedar - for tradition and natural beauty, Honduras Mahogany - a luxurious wood that looks beautiful stained or painted and maintenance-free

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