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Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Roof & Walking Deck Membrane

Since 1974, Duradek has been supplying North America's premier sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane. Along with other PVC products, such as siding, windows and industrial roofing, Duradek vinyl has gained wide acceptance in the construction industry as the ultimate in maintenance-free outdoor flooring. Duradek's factory engineered products and professional, detailed installation techniques have set new standards for waterproofing that works. Duradek is continually researching, developing and testing new products and application techniques.

Durarail Rail and Fence Systems

The strength of a rail or fence system is in the posts and the framework. The stronger the structure, the wider the spans between the posts. This provides for better visual appearance and view. The heavy wall thicknesses of the aluminum and the intricately designed extrusion combined with the fastening system gives Durarail the exceptional spans it has achieved. They are among the widest in the industry. The Durarail polyester material (TGIC) is UV resistant, will not peel, flake or blister and as it ages, can be buffed back to like-new condition with a cut polish. Durarail Rail and Fence Systems are available in nine standard colors. Over 180 custom colors can be produced to match any exterior design features.


{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Decking & Roofing Membrane

Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Decking & Roofing Membrane image

Duradek Waterproof Vinyl Decking & Roofing Membrane

The Waterproof Vinyl Roof & Walking Deck Membrane System that Gives You So Much More
  • Ambassador of Deck Safety 2015
  • Permanent waterproof protection
  • For sundecks, roofdecks, balconies & other areas
  • Available in many stylish colors, patterns & textures
  • Industry-leading 10-Year Warranty

Duradek, The Original sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies was developed to solve leak problems 40 years ago.
  • All Duradek sheet vinyl is designed for strength, stability and slip-resistance.
  • Duradek waterproof vinyl flooring is available in North America from authorized installation contractors.

Over 125 million square feet of deck, patio, balcony and roof deck surfaces have been protected with Duradek.

The old liquid applied and concrete topping products were the only options previously available, and they were failing repeatedly. Property owners and builders complained about leaks, unsightly appearance, expensive repairs and time-consuming maintenance.

Duradek recognized the need for a better method of waterproofing.

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Durarail image


Powder-Coated Aluminum Rail & Fence System

Durarail Aluminum Railings
  • Maintenance Free
  • Aluminum Strength
  • Powder Coated Durability
  • Limited 20-Year Warranty

Durarail is manufactured by Excell Railing Systems Ltd. It is sold exclusively through the Duradek network of professional waterproof contractors who have been specializing in decks and rails since 1974.

Durarail Railings are Maintenance-Free
The Durarail polyester material (TGIC) is UV resistant, will not peel, flake or blister as it ages. It can be buffed back to like-new condition with a cut polish.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Tiledek Under-Tile Waterproofing Membrane

Under-Tile Waterproofing Membrane image

Under-Tile Waterproofing Membrane - Tiledek

There is nothing like the look of tile or slate on that outdoor deck. But the beauty is soon forgotten when water pours into your home, seemingly through the tile. And then you discover that all the attention on the job was towards the tile with little thought given to proper waterproofing. Rot repair is intrusive and expensive, not to mention the cost of replacing the tile. This is a common story. There seems to be a lack of understanding within the building community about the proper waterproofing of decks, balconies and roofdecks that are overlaid with porcelain tile, slate or some of the other natural stone finishes. That''s where Duradek fits into the picture.

To see how Tiledek remedies this common scenario, check out this article featured in: TileLetter Magazine May 2013 - Watereproofing Makes All The Difference In Dual Level Deck

Tiledek White Paper - Porcelain/Stone Tile On Outdoor Decks
Product Data Sheet - Tiledek

Duradek has been waterproofing roofdecks since 1974 with PVC sheet membranes that are meant to be walked on. We sell our product only one way - professionally installed by contractors who have completed a training course and who specialize in flat surface waterproofing. Many of those decks have been covered with tile over the years. So it is not much of a stretch for us to redesign our regular Duradek Ultra membrane to come up with an anti-fracture, roofing membrane capable of having tile applied over top '- Duradek Ultra Tiledek!
  • 60 mil membrane (compared to others at 40 mils)
  • Installed only by trained contractors who specialize in roofdeck and balcony waterproofing.
  • Duradek has 35 years of roofing/waterproofing experience to draw upon.
  • Why to use Tiledek instead of a Modified Bitumen as a waterproof membrane under exterior tile.

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Plazadek - Patio Paver Solution image

Plazadek - Patio Paver Solution

Since 1974, Duradek PVC membranes have been used to waterproof decks, balconies and roof decks. Well over a hundred million square feet of Duradek has been installed all over North America and it has proven itself to be a durable, attractive and relatively maintenance free waterproofing system. There seems to be a trend towards many of the higher priced houses using pavers or duckboards as the deck finish over living space. The walking surface provides the visual part but the real important work is done by the waterproof membrane. Duradek''s Plazadek is the ideal choice to protect the building owner''s investment.

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Duradek is Green image

Duradek is Green

Yes, Vinyl IS Green

Aside from having No Deck or Roof (which uses NO products, consumes NO energy, and creates NO landfill waste or need to recycle), Duradek is your GREEN choice for Outdoor Waterproof Decking and Roofing.

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