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In a world where individual customer satisfaction is critical to success, we are focused on quality and service through close technical cooperation with our customers.

The know-how and experience of our technical experts around the world are there to help you select the right chemistry for your coil coating system needs. Our coil coatings meet your commercial goals by drawing on research and development from laboratories across the world; in the U.S., Europe, Australia and Asia to offer well proven products that combine innovative formulations manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We are committed to focusing on your needs while utilizing all the resources available to the world’s largest coatings company to provide the best products available.


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PVDF Coil Coating System image

PVDF Coil Coating System - TRINAR

TRINAR is a high-performance fluoropolymer coating containing a minimum of 70% polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resin. This unique resin is combined with other proprietary resins and the highest quality ceramic and select inorganic pigments for the finest metal finish available. TRINAR coatings provide a tough, durable, weather-resistant finish that top design professionals are eager to specify, and respected contractors are proud to install.
Silicone-Modified Polyester Coil Coating System image

Silicone-Modified Polyester Coil Coating System - CERAM-A-STAR 1050

CERAM-A-STAR 1050 is a silicone-modified polyester coil coating system designed exclusively for the metal construction industry. Is the industrys strongest and best-performing SMP paint system.

CERAM-A-STAR 1050 has demonstrated superior durability and weather resistance through years of test data and installations in the field. Available since 2005, only CERAM-A-STAR 1050 is proven to perform over the long term, so building owners can enjoy years of protection and lasting color.
Polyester System image

Polyester System - POLYDURE®

POLYDURE® has been formulated for interior use as well. Depending on the substrate and end use market, a limited number of primer systems may be recommended, with some end uses not requiring primer.

Some of the fine features that POLYDURE® provides are:
  • Smooth, fast application
  • Excellent roll-forming
  • Batch-to-batch product consistency
  • Proven pigmentation for color retention and film durability
  • Excellent gloss
  • Extensive color selection

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TRINAR® image


Our TRINAR® family of coatings is the perfect product for the AAMA 2605 Superior Performance specification. TRINAR® is ideal for the monumental project as well as any residential or low rise project that requires lasting durability and beauty. TRINAR® is available in two coat solid colors, as TRI-Escent® II for two coat mica colors, and TRINAR® TEC and TMC for exotic and metallic colors.
ALUM*A*STAR® 50 and ALUM*A*Escent® image

ALUM*A*STAR® 50 and ALUM*A*Escent®

ALUM*A*STAR® 50 is the best product to meet the AAMA 2604 High Performance specification designed for non-monumental or residential projects. It's available in non-exotic and non-metallic colors that take advantage of the PVDF chemistry but in a more cost effective ratio. ALUM*A*Escent® is the ideal product for high wear areas such as entry systems where hardness and mar resistance are key.


ACRA-BOND® ULTRA is our answer for the AAMA 2603 Pigmented Organic Coatings specification. This work horse acrylic system is harder for less mar while being flexible for the best in post painting fabrication. From the interior of a monumental project to the residential window this system far exceeds the one year weathering in the AAMA 2603 specification.

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Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at AkzoNobel. Its vital for the future success of our company, our society and our planet.

Thats why weve adopted a Planet Possible sustainability strategy. Its our commitment to doing more with less and creating more value from fewer resources. By working together with all our customers and partners, we aim to make life more liveable, healthy and inspiring.

Last Update: 2017-11-13