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Tiger Doors are unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the product against delamination and corrosion from the specific environment named at the time of purchase. Furthermore, Tiger Doors are guaranteed for the life of the product to meet the door industry standards for flatness. A new door will be offered in replacement of the original door or the factory price will be refunded. This guarantee does not extend to failure caused by physical abuse, improper installation, or temporary thermal bow (as recognized by industry standards).


Tiger Door LLC is a manufacturer of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) doors/frames/windows and louvers for use in wet and/or corrosive environments. These products are custom engineered to meet your projects requirements and come factory pre-finished with a lifetime warranty. Other attributes of the products include lightweight, low maintenance, high strength, and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Typical applications include wastewater treatment, food processing, paper and pulp, zoo's, aquariums, marine/offshore applications, swimming pools and outdoor recreation structures.


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Commercial Duty Doors image

Commercial Duty Doors

Tiger Door Commercial Duty Doors are the ideal choice an FRP door that provides excellent service life and corrosion resistance for the general conditions of everyday use.

The Commercial Duty Series doors are created with a 1-1/2"x1-3/4"x5/8" web pultruded FRP "C" channel stile and rail framework. The interior structure of each door is filled completely with phenolic impregnated honeycomb. All hardware locations are further reinforced with non-hygroscopic polymer blocking and/or polymer structural shapes.

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Heavy Duty Doors

The Tiger Door Heavy Duty door core frame starts with a high-modulus, pultruded FRP tubular backbone. This structural stile, rail, and midrail of the sub-frame provides a large portion of the doors' tremendous endurance.

At each of the sealed corner joints and hardware locations of the sub-frame, non-hygroscopic polymer blocking is inserted as reinforcement, providing the ultimate in strength for screw retention and compression resistance. The cavities between the FRP faces and within the tubular stile and rail sub-frame are then filled completely with a phenolic impregnated honeycomb.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Extreme Duty Series UL Listed Hurricane/Severe Windstorm Door Series

Hurricane/Severe Windstorm Doors image

Hurricane/Severe Windstorm Doors

Tiger Door has successfully tested its glazed and flush FRP door and frame units to meet or exceed the stringent requirements of the Florida Building Code (FBC), and the International Building Code (IBC) for hurricane rated openings. This product has been assigned Florida Product Approval Number FL7026 and is fabricated to Underwriters Laboratories manufacturing procedures ZHDL.R25222 and ZHCW.R25108.

In general, Tiger Door's Extreme Duty UL Listed Hurricane/Severe Windstorm Door Series have passed for single swing and pair orientations incorporating our Screwless FRP Vision Light System glazed with hurricane rated glass and utilizing a variety of standard builders hardware.

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FRP Doors and Frames image

FRP Doors and Frames

Tiger Door has successfully tested its FRP Doors and Frame units to both UL 10B (neutral pressure) and UL 10C/UBC 7-2 (positive pressure) test standards. These door and frame constructions blend the latest technologies in fire protection components with the attributes of fiberglass to provide the ultimate FRP UL fire rated barrier. Seamless designs utilizing concealed category A intuemescents, in combination with factory pre-finishing available in 3 standard, 24 custom, or project specific color matched colors, provide aesthetically pleasing FRP openings to satisfy the most demanding architectural requirements.

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Screwless Vision Light Kits image

Screwless Vision Light Kits

If you're looking for non-fire rated FRP doors with a clean, vision light system, your search is over. Tiger Doors Screwless Vision Light System is a unique snap-together installation design gives you a smooth, clean look without the need to use exposed fasteners.
Louvers image


Tiger Door offers two types of FRP louvers that can be integrated to our non-fire rated Commercial and Heavy Duty FRP door series. Both styles of louvers come factory installed, and can be supplied with a fiberglass bug/insect screen. Louvers can be painted to match the color of the door or, when desired, with a different color.

Standard sizes are 12" x 12", 18" x 18" and 24" x 24". Custom sizes are available. Consult factory with your specific project requirements.
Applied Moulding Applique image

Applied Moulding Applique

When your project calls for a more decorative look, Tiger Door offers an applied moulding appliqu system to enhance the appearance of the standard FRP door. These appliqus can be applied to any of our FRP door series including our 1-1/2 hour UL fire rated construction.

You can choose a standard 2, 4 or 6 panel look, or create your own unique design. Appliqus can be places on one or both sides. Appliqus are provided factory bonded to the face or faces of the door prior to finish painting.
FRP Thresholds image

FRP Thresholds

If your FRP opening requires a threshold, Tiger Door can provide its own pultruded FRP threshold. These thresholds are " high x 5-1/2" wide and are drilled, countersunk, and cut to size up to 20' maximum length. Flat head threshold mounting anchors are provided based on the floor type specified at time of order.

Standard color for these thresholds is gray, but they can be painted any color desired with our two part semi-gloss polyurethane coating.

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FRP Door Frames image

FRP Door Frames

All Tiger Door fiberglass frames are constructed with heavy walled fiberglass pultrusion profiles with bonded fiberglass reinforcements for hardware where required. The standard frame profile provided is a 5-3/4" double rabbeted, 2" face comparable with common hollow metal frame shapes.

Frames are provided standard with a mitered corner, and are provided in three pieces for field assembly prior to installation. A proprietary "no exposed" fastener system is used to attach frame jambs to the frame header. A choice of anchors is available for bolt in, grouted or bonded installation into various wall constructions.

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Fixed Windows image

Fixed Windows

Tiger Door has a number of Fixed window products available. Fabricated from heavy walled fiberglass pultrusion profiles, Tiger offers both non-UL fire rated and UL fire rated designs.

The non-UL fire rated constructions available include everything from simple 4-sided to multi-section window wall units. A choice of anchoring systems are available for bolt-in, built-in or bonded in installations for various wall constructions.

The UL fire rated options outlined in the chart have been successfully tested in accordance with UL 9 and UBC 7-4 for a 4-sided single window configuration.

All of our fixed window systems are available in 3 standard and 24 optional pre-matched colors with custom color matching available.

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Colors & Finishes image

Colors & Finishes

Tiger Door ships all of its products finish painted with a 2-part semi-gloss polyurethane coating in the exact color chosen for the order. This finish coating provides an excellent appearance on the doors and frames and additionally provides a high resistance to water, chemicals, impacts and abrasions.

Tiger Door has 3 stock and 24 pre-matched colors available to choose from which are shown here. You can download our color chart, or contact us to obtain color chips of our stock and pre-matched colors for review.

Last Update: 2015-11-24