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A tradition was established early with PPG and Pittsburgh® Paints - use the best technology, manufacture the best quality products, and provide exceptional, dedicated service. Today, that steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our business. We offer solutions for architects, specifiers, and paint dealers, contractors in all markets… commercial, industrial and residential. Today Pittsburgh Paints and PPG Protective and Marine Coatings continues the foremost tradition of supplying the high quality, comprehensive products lines, leading edge technologies, and tailored support programs for each market segment.

Global Resources
Pittsburgh Paints and PPG Protective and Marine Coatings are from PPG Industries, Inc. – a global leader in coatings technology and leading supplier to the building products industry. With over 100 years experience, and R&D capabilities second to none, you can be sure we’re bringing you the latest product advancements.

One of the Industry’s Most Comprehensive Product Lines
Specially formulated to meet the requirements for each market, Pittsburgh Paints offers a product for every application.

Building on a long heritage of quality and performance, we continue to update our commercial product line to meet all current specifications, as well as current and proposed environmental regulations. Count on Pittsburgh Paints for the products you need to meet the most demanding commercial applications.

PPG offers a complete line of protective and marine coatings for the most demanding environments. From epoxies and urethanes to polysiloxanes and anti-foulants, PPG Protective & Marine coatings provide outstanding products and service to meet your needs.

Introducing a new low-odor, zero VOC Pittsburgh Paints product, Pure Performance™, that offers excellent durability, washability, and touch-up. Ideal for schools, hotels, hospitals, office buildings, government offices, retail space – any space where job-site disruption is a concern and a top-performing, zero VOC product is needed.

Residential: Exterior paints that stand up to the elements and still look great. Interior paints that reflect the perfect mood and style. Wood stains and clears for decks and siding. Primers that start the job off right. No matter what the need, Pittsburgh Paints has the complete product line for today's residential applications.

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  • New Products
    Interior Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy image The washable, stain- and abrasion-resistant finish of PPG Pitt-Glaze WB1 Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy Single Component provides maximum protection and service life in high-traffic areas. This durable product has excellent hide and coverage, minimizing the number of coats that are required. With its low-VOC content and low odor, this water-borne acrylic epoxy is ideal for use in renovation and new construction of commercial and institutional facilities and ensures the service needed to avoid facility disruptions.
    PDF Interior Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy e-Catalog Green Product Data for Interior Pre-Catalyzed Water-Borne Acrylic Epoxy
    Commercial Grade WB Alkyds image The new PPG Speedhide WB Alkyds provide the familiar performance attributes of traditional alkyds with the low-VOC content and convenience of conventional latex paints. Speedhide WB Alkyds offer the ease of application, weather resistance and easy soap and water clean-up associated with waterborne coatings while providing the enhanced adhesion, high-gloss levels and the longer open time normally associated with alkyd paints. The cured film exhibits good flexibility, resists scratching and stains, and withstands repeated washing.
    PDF Commercial Grade WB Alkyds e-Catalog Green Product Data for Commercial Grade WB Alkyds
  • Commercial Product Lines
    Best Commercial Latex Paint image Speedhide® Paints, our best professional line, is designed to provide excellent hiding and touch up properties, and excellent adhesion to multiple substrates. Speedhide exterior paints are 100% acrylic and provide the excellent durability and adhesion needed on exterior substrates. Speedhide Interior Paints available in 4 latex sheens: flat, eggshell, satin, gloss and semi-gloss, and 3 oil-based sheens: low-sheen, semi-gloss, gloss.
    Speedhide Exterior Paints available in 3 latex sheens: flat, satin, semi-gloss.
    Stucco/Masonry<BR>Coatings Line image Perma-Crete® provides an all in one solution enabling architects to specify every job with ease and confidence. PPG’s family of Masonry coatings, which consists of our blockfiller, primers, elastomerics, texture finishes, vertical concrete stains, solvent acrylic masonry coatings and patching compounds work together to meet a variety of substrate demands.
    Specs for Stucco/Masonry<BR>Coatings Line SpecWizard for Stucco/Masonry<BR>Coatings Line PDF Stucco/Masonry Coatings Line e-Catalog
    Dry Fogs image Our Pittsburgh Dry Fog line consists of both alkyd and waterbourne products suitable for spray applications on interior surfaces. Ideally suited for the refinishing of large industrial or commercial ceiling or wall areas by spray painting techniques.
    Specs for Dry Fogs SpecWizard for Dry Fogs PDF Dry Fogs e-Catalog Green Product Data for Dry Fogs
    Waterbourne Acrylic Epoxy image Pitt-Glaze® is a two-component epoxy coating for interior use in commercial, institutional and light industrial environments. Pitt-Glaze provides excellent washability and offers infinite color capability. Available in both semi-gloss and gloss sheens.
    PPG Renewal Coatings image Coraflon® ADS, the next generation of fluoropolymer coatings from PPG, retains color and gloss longer than conventional coating systems. Coraflon ADS resists chalking and repels surface dirt to reduce cleaning cycles. This product has the widest range of color, gloss, metallic’s and specialty effects. Coraflon ADS is optimal for building restoration and other large surface applications, and is an excellent choice to restore weathered building panels and accents.
    Specs for PPG Renewal Coatings SpecWizard for PPG Renewal Coatings PDF PPG Renewal Coatings e-Catalog
    Industrial Maintenance Finishes image High Performance Color Matching and Tinting System ensures accurate color matches in a complete range of industrial products, including epoxies and acrylic urethanes. Innovative tint bases and colorants are combined with sophisticated software, making it possible to match and tint colors quickly and easily.
    Specs for Industrial Maintenance Finishes SpecWizard for Industrial Maintenance Finishes PDF Industrial Maintenance Finishes e-Catalog
  • Residential Product Lines
    Premium Residential Latex Paint image A Premium Residential product line serving as a great high-end offering. WallHide® consists of interior latex products which are available in four different sheens including the flat, eggshell, semi-gloss and matte ceramic. The matte ceramic gives you a near flat finish while surpassing the conventional flat paints in increased washability and burnish resistance.
    Super Premium Interior Paints image Surpassing existing interior premium and ceramic paints, Manor Hall Timeless’ cross-linking formulation delivers a lifetime warranty. Guaranteed. Manor Hall Timeless meets the strictest environmental regulations and provides stain and burnish resistance, high washability and an antimicrobial formula. Available in matte, eggshell plus and semi-gloss.
    Super Premium Exterior Paints image Lasts a lifetime. Guaranteed. Manor Hall Timeless Exterior provides a 100% acrylic resin to form a durable bond in one amazing coat. Self-priming, this one-coat coverage exterior paint saves on labor and delivers a lifetime of performance and beauty with a paint that won’t crack, flake or peel. Available in flat and satin.
    Premium Interior Paints image The Manor Hall line imparts a rich, elegant finish with exceptional coverage and superior washability. These 100% acrylic latex paints provide exceptional hiding, easy cleaning and lasting beauty in any room. Available in three sheens: flat, eggshell, semi-gloss.
    Premium Interior Zero VOC Paints image This premium interior line combines the latest in environmental attributes with the superior performance of premium paint. Pure Performance offers a NO VOC, very low odor premium paint that can earn LEED credits. Available in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss.
    Premium Interior Paints image This premium interior accent color base provides ultra hiding power formulated especially for vivid and dark colors. It’s 100% acrylic formula provides two coat coverage, guaranteed. Available in a matte finish.
    Premium Exterior Paints image Manor Hall paints provide a durable, all-weather coating that will lend lasting beauty to exterior surfaces, including aluminum and vinyl siding. The 100% acrylic formulas, fortified with urethane, provide high hiding, fade-resistance, mildew-resistance, and low temperature application. Available in three sheens: flat, eggshell, semi-gloss.
    Exterior: Sun-Proof Paint image These tough, weather-proven formulas reduce cracking, fading and peeling year after year - giving exterior surfaces the strength to endure in the harshest elements. Easy to apply, even at temperatures down to 35°F. (2°C). Available in three latex-based sheens: flat, satin, semi-gloss; and, one oil-based sheen: gloss.
    Stain-Blocking Primer image A complete line of primers that meets any priming need, Seal Grip offers stain blocking primers for tough jobs, undercoaters for trim, wood stabilizers for damaged wood and wallcovering primers for great wallpaper jobs. Whatever your challenge, Seal Grip has you covered.
    Interior and Exterior Stains image Sun-Proof exterior stains provide a comprehensive line-up of stains, toners and clears in latex, acrylic/oil and alkyd/oil formulas. Complimented with specialty products for composite decking and exotic hardwoods, Sun-Proof offers – and protects – everything under the sun.
    Interior Stains image Our premium stain line-up will meet all of your interior wood finishing needs. There are oil stains available including a low VOC version which meets LEED requirements as well as both solvent and water based sealers and polyurethanes.
    With over 1800 hues, Pittsburgh Paints' The Voice of Color® Design Collection is a fully integrated color system featuring innovative tools that help make color selection easier. The Voice of Color Design Collection is a complete color support solution for architects, interior designers, and contractors.

    For Industrial maintenance finishes the PerformaColor® High Performance Color Matching and Tinting System ensures accurate color matches in a complete range of industrial products, including epoxies and acrylic urethanes. Innovate tint bases and colorants are combined with sophisticated software, making it possible to match and tint colors quickly and easily.
    Specs for Advanced Color Systems SpecWizard for Advanced Color Systems PDF Advanced Color Systems e-Catalog
  • Comprehensive Support
    Pittsburgh® Paints provides a full range of field support featuring Painter Maintenance Experts, High Performance Coatings Specialists, and Architect and Engineering Consultants. In addition, we offer a Technical Support Hotline (1-800-441-9695) as well as dedicated support services for architects and specifiers (1-888-PPG-IDEA).
    Specs for Comprehensive Support SpecWizard for Comprehensive Support PDF Comprehensive Support e-Catalog

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