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On December 3, 2013 Spiral Stairs of America reached a triumphant milestone that few other businesses ever see – its 40th year of continuous operations.

Initially regarded a small side business by the owner of a regional weld shop, the sales of spiral stairs began to climb almost as soon as they were introduced. Sensing a good opportunity, he spun the business (and kept ownership) off into a new company, christened “Spiral Stairs of America”. A very grandiose name for a very small business in the relatively small town of Erie, PA.

Now, 40 years later, we have definitely grown into the name “Spiral Stairs of America” but with sales to Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada and elsewhere, maybe it’s time to change our name! We have introduced new products and new designs steadily over the years and after waiting until we had the perfect design, we FINALLY introduced a kit stair worthy of our name.

We also do a tremendous amount of business in monumental and curved stairs – wood and steel designs. Click here to see some examples of recent work.

And our newest product introduction, Rolling Library Ladders has been a run-away (no pun intended) success.


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Spiral Stairs Welded Unit image

Spiral Stairs Welded Unit

Our classic and ever stylish spiral stair adds an accent to any room. Whether you need the functionality that only a spiral can deliver, or you need the form that only a spiral can provide, we have the right stair for you.

Sturdy, yet graceful, the spiral stair will be a focal point of any area. We see spirals used in both interior and exterior applications, for both residential and industrial/commercial uses.

Our standard spiral design features square vertical balusters between the tread and handrail. We can customize these balusters, offering dozens of choices, styles, and profiles.

Standard tread design is smooth steel (12 gauge) but we offer checker plate, bar grate, wood covers, and more. The basic handrail is 1.5 inch O.D. steel tube, but again, we offer a multitude of choices, including one piece wood handrails, brass top caps and molded steel handrails. Matching balcony or well railing to match the stairs is available also.

If building codes apply in your situation, or if you have young ones and pets in the house, we build stars which comply with (and exceed in many cases) the standards of BOCA, CABO, IBC, IRC, and other national codes. Additionally, we offer enhancements to these codes which may be required from your local building departments, including: latching gates, ADA complaint rails, and semi-closed risers.
Deco Spiral Staircase image

Deco Spiral Staircase - Deco

Our DECO model - Multi-Line Rail System or Horizontal Railing System - spiral stair features multiple round tubes (lines) bent into a helix shape - all in horizontal lines below the handrail. This stair can be manufactured with 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 lines - while 5 lines or 7 lines are most popular.

The DECO stair is a welded, one-piece spiral which arrives at your location ready to install. If there are limitations to getting the stair into the building, we can splice (cut horizontally) the stair into 2 or more pieces to aid in installation.

If building codes apply, you will need a 7-line DECO with 1 1/2" rails, or a 7-line DECO with our EXCLUSIVE flat-plate or cover stringer. The cover stringer is exactly that: a 12" high band of metal that covers the tread ends and adds additional sleekness to an already shapely stair.

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Barn Door Hardware Kits image

Barn Door Hardware Kits

Break-Through New Product the Hottest Trend in Interior Decorating.

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Curved Metal Stair image

Curved Metal Stair

Whether adding style to the entrance of your home, making a statement in the lobby of a building or even providing access inside a lighthouse, often the best solution is a curved stair. We custom build curved stairs to your design/specs and we offer both steel and wood options. Additionally, curved stairs can be free-standing with no support underneath, or support from either one wall or two.

Steel stairs are most often used in commercial or industrial settings and help solve access issues of all types. Curved stairs are extremely useful when accessing tanks or silos and literally "wrap" the outside of the structure while it climbs the sides. But, we are seeing (and selling!) steel stairs of various designs used in residential settings, especially homes with Tuscan, Mediterranean, or contemporary design.

Our steel curved stairs have been used in trade show displays, at the National Soccer Hall of Fame (in Oneonta, NY), on tank farms and in countless factories across the country.)
Curved Wood Stair image

Curved Wood Stair

Wood curved stairs have grown in popularity in the past few years and are now seen regularly in fine homes across all parts of the country. We can provide complete turn-key service for all wood curved stairs, including installation and set-up if desired. Wood species available include oak, cherry, maple, mahogany and more, if we can buy it we can built it!
Double Helix image

Double Helix

One special and very specific type of curved stair is the Double Helix. With all due respect to James Watson and Francis Crick (who recently celebrated 50 years since their discovery of the DNA structure), we feel that our Double Helix can be one of the building blocks of a beautiful home or office. Often referred to as a spiral stair without a center column, the dramatic look, grace, and beauty of this stair is unparalleled. Benefits of the double helix stair include: handrails on both sides, greater tread widths ( normally 36" wide), and little "roomier" stair - people often need a spiral type stair but want a stair that offers a larger radius than one gets when walking up around the center column on a standard spiral. These stairs demand a strong stringer to carry the load and we can fabricate from either metal (steel, aluminum, stainless) or wood (oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, and more). Additionally, specific drawings, design, and engineering is usually required to ensure that our custom-built stairs will perform properly and that your structure will accommodate the load.

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Metal Library Ladder image

Metal Library Ladder

Every custom-made library ladder is built specifically for you, to your exact dimensions. Our library ladders are designed with a safe and comfortable climbing angle of 12 degrees which allows for vertical storge when not in use (ladder must be less than 120" high).

Our library ladders are also designed with 4" of travel in the upper slide assembly to allow for uneven flooring and to allow then to be pushed in towards the wall for storage. NOTE: library ladders are designed to roll out of the way when not in use, however our standard design does stow flush up against wall, ladder must be less than 120" high.

Last Update: 2017-04-18