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Range Systems, Inc. has been designing and installing live fire training systems and equipment for nearly two decades. Our specialty is working with architects, engineers and range planners on a variety of firing range projects, crime labs, single and multi-level shoot houses and a broad spectrum of custom made live fire training facilities. Our line of products includes everything required to equip a firearms training facility. Our extensive experience makes us exceptionally suited to assist you in planning, designing and equipping your range and developing tailored solutions to meet your requirements. Our foremost goal is always to provide cutting-edge, innovative systems unsurpassed in safety, quality and ballistic performance. Our commitment to this mission is what has earned Range Systems the reputation for generating top-notch product performance and range safety while ensuring that the budgetary expectations of the client is always maintained.


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Shoot Houses

Range Systems custom shoot houses offer turnkey solutions for realistic and dynamic training environments that replicate the challenges and situations law enforcement officers and soldiers face. Our shoot house designs offer scenarios for urban operations training that include tactical movement, target engagement, breaching, and target discrimination in an environment that replicates real-time and real-distance.
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Shoot Houses - SMASH™

SMASH™ is a modular and expandable shoot house that meets the demand for deployable, non-permanent live-fire training structures. Utilizing standard parts and modular components, SMASH™ offers a balllistically secure shooting facility that is rapidly deployed, requires virtually no maintenance, and is adaptable to training requirements and locations. SMASH components are interchangeable and reconfigurable to provide multiple floor plans for realistic and changing urban operations training scenarios without the need for heavy material handling equipment such as cranes or forklifts.
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BattleHouse™ - BattleHouse™

Range Systems BattleHouse™ is a turn-key 360 degree live-fire shoot house with virtual targetry inside a 46' x 40' structure. The shoot house is equipped with (4) live-fire rooms and a live-fire hallway, constructed of steel and ballistic rubber to contain bullets of 7.62 mm and below, and a catwalk for safety and observation.

BattleHouse™ is high technology. It is equipped with live-fire, virtual target channels capable of projecting and recording animated and dynamic human to virtual live fire interactions. Interactions are not independent scenarios in different locations, but are one seamless scenario with smart artificial intelligence characters that "think" and move throughout the facility as humans would.
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Shoot House Bullet Traps - Portable Encapsulator™

Maximizing the use of supplemental bullet traps to capture rounds in high impact or target areas of a live fire shoot house extends and maintains the ballistic integrity of the walls. Range Systems portable bullet traps have the same ballistic capabilities as the wall structure and are designed to stop and capture rounds without ricochet and splatter hazards to ensure a safe training environment.

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Firing Ranges

Planning a shooting range facility is a major undertaking as the requirements demanded by the activity of live-fire shooting are unique and require careful planning. We encourage range planners to contact us during the early stages so we may offer our assistance and guidance through the critical issues. Range Systems has been designing and manufacturing a broad spectrum of firing range systems and components for nearly two decades.

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Encapsulator™ Grantrap - Encapsulator™ Grantrap

Range Systems Encapsulator™ GranTrap safely stops and captures rounds intact with virtually no lead dust or bullet fragmentation. This allows shooters to advance downrange and engage targets at extremely close distances, even at acute angles with no concern of ricochet or back-splatter. Encapsulator™ GranTrap utilizes a thick layer of granulated recycled rubber supported by an inclined steel structure to contain bullets to capture and contain rounds. Encapsulator GranTrap installs easily, is designed for high volume use and can be customized to meet your specific needs.
Rapid Range Steel Bullet Trap image

Rapid Range Steel Bullet Trap

Range Systems Rapid Range Steel Bullet Trap is comprised of modular and self-supporting Individual units constructed from ballistic steel plate to provide a bullet backstop and containment system for use in outdoor and indoor firing ranges. Three models are offered; Handgun (HG), Rifle (R), and Military (MIL), each designed for specific types and calibers of firearms. All Models can be used with traditional ammunition with lead bullets and alternative ammunition with frangible and lead‐free bullets, including those made of tungsten‐tin, all bullets of which can be collected from the bullet trap and recycled. Multiple methods of automatic bullet collection systems are available with Range Systems Rapid Range Steel Trap. Each configuration is integral to the trap to allow spent bullet recovery that limits range personnel's exposure to lead.
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Bullet Traps - Encapsulator™ Bloc Traps

Range Systems Encapsulator™ Bloc-Trap is ideal for qualification, tactical, and forensic lab ranges because of its ballistic capacity, small footprint of less than 16", and low maintenance design. The self-healing properties of Encapsulator™ Bloc-Trap seals the bullet's path after the round has penetrated the surface so each bullet is encapsulated inside the Bloc-Trap™ ballistic material. It offers the greatest flexibility for tactical ranges because the Encapsulator™ safely captures rounds intact, eliminating bullet fragmentation, minimizing ricochet hazards, and reducing airborne lead particles.

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Range Systems offers a full line of baffles in various configurations for every type of ballistic protection needed. Traditional baffles simply redirect misfires and ricochets not necessarily stop their path and contain them. We take range safety very seriously and designed our baffle systems to stop and contain an errant round which significantly minimizes the occurrence of dangerous ricochet. Our baffle systems provide a safer range environment for personnel and equipment. To ensure you get exactly what you need for your specific range requirements, Range Systems safety baffles consist of combinations of three steel backings available with two facing options.
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Safety Ceiling

The area above the firing line is one of the most significant areas in a range where a misdirected shot could harm the shooter or overhead utility installations. Range Systems safety ceiling eliminates that risk by stopping, and completely encapsulating, the round in its path. Range Systems safety ceiling is constructed of Dura-Panel™ cold-molded ballistic rubber panel with a steel plate backer. Dura-Panel provides anti-ricochet protection and captures and contains errant rounds with no back-splatter.

A safety ceiling system installed above the firing line and extending downrange reduces the risk of injury of a vertically misdirected shot by stopping the path of the round and safely containing it.
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Tactical training situations often require the shooter to leave the firing line and advance downrange. Typically the training involves acute angle or cross-range firing to engage multiple targets. In this environment, it's essential to minimize the safety hazards of ricochet and splatter that can result from rounds impacting non-ballistic walls. Protecting these walls with Range Systems sidewall ballistic system ensures bullets are safely contained. The Dura-Panel™ ballistic rubber wall covering encapsulates the round on impact without dangerous ricochet, and the AR steel plate backing behind it provides a nearly impenetrable barrier to provide ballistic protection to the wall. This method of bullet containment also reduces airborne lead dust in the range providing a cleaner and safer range environment.
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Acoustic System

To provide noise abatement along with ballistic protection, baffles, sidewalls, and ceiling systems can be designed with Acoustic Dura-Panel™ to absorb sounds, reduce reverberation, and defeat and contain rounds. Acoustic Dura-Panel™ has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.65 to provide sound deadening and acoustic dampening qualities. It also maintains the same ballistic capabilities of our standard Dura-Panel ballistic rubber.

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Shooting Stalls

Range Systems shooting stalls organize the firing line into defined shooting positions and provide a location for mounting individual shooter controls. They also provide protection from adjacent shooting positions by minimizing side-blast interference and reduce the hazard of misdirected shots. Range Systems offers several models of shooting stalls and will custom design to fit your specific need.

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Target Systems

The type of shooting activity planned for the range will determine the appropriate selection of target system. Law enforcement and advanced firearms training typically require turning targets for timed fire and reactive skill courses. If the firing range is to be used mainly for bulls-eye target shooting, a non-turning target system may be adequate. Range Systems offers a full line of target systems to offer the flexibility to meet your requirements.

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Ballistic Rubber

Range Systems ballistic rubber provides safer range conditions. Firing ranges require a level of maintenance to ensure the ballistic integrity of crucial components is not compromised and to provide a safe range environment. Replacing your damaged baffles or wall systems with Range Systems ballistic rubber products ensures rounds are safely stopped and captured.
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Gun Clearing - Guardian Series

Handgun, rifle capable clearing device. Will take rounds up to 7.62mm. Molded rubber channel opening to prevent weapon scratching. Rubber granulate interior. AR500 Steel base and industrial strength steel housing. Built-in stand. Total weight: 125 lbs. One year warranty.
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Breach Doors

Range Systems breach door systems can be installed in shoot house facilities, breach bays, and are available as stand-alone training doors. Range Systems breach doors provide the training tool for personnel to learn the skills of forcible entry techniques, tactics, and procedures. The unique design of Range Systems 5-in-1 Breach Door supports five different breaching scenarios Ram, Pry, Shotgun, Explosive, and Failed. Range Systems also offers the Quick Hinge Breach Door System that allows you to choose the door type so you have flexibility for mission specific training.

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