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Garlock Safety Systems is the American pioneer in rooftop safety guard rail for the construction industry. With over 30 years of experience we have expanded our collective fall prevention from our original RailGuard 200 non-penetrating rail system to include gates that provide passageways through runs of guard rail, protection systems that guard against skylight falls, gates that guard ladder openings, gates that guard against falls from loading docks, mezzanine gates that provide for the safe transfer of materials onto elevated platforms, rooftop fall prevention anchors, fall prevention warning lines, and much more. In fact, Garlock has even developed customized fall prevention solutions for specific customer needs.
BR> Keeping people safe when the risk of fall from height is present is what Garlock Safety Systems is all about. To get a better idea of how Garlock Safety Systems can help solve your at height fall problems, please review the materials below or click on one of the links that takes to you our web site.

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  • Guard Rail and Roof Railings
    Exterior Guard Rail Systems image RailGuard 2000, for exterior applications, and Permanent Rail, for interior applications, are OSHA compliant guard rail systems that add to the protection, productivity, and peace of mind of the facility occupants and users. RailGuard 200 is a weighted base and rail system that does not penetrate the surface of the roof and can be configured in an endless number of ways to accommodate the physical parameters of nearly any building. It can be moved as needed. Complementing the primary rail product is a wide selection of gate options that can provide passageways through protected areas as needed. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Temporary Rooftop Safety Railings image RailGuard 200 uses 90 pound bases and 16 gauge steel railing to make an OSHA compliant rooftop safety rail system. The cast iron bases do not penetrate the surface of roof which not only maintains the water integrity of the roof but also enables them to be moved as needed to create new configurations. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Permanent Rooftop Safety Railings image Permanent Rail is 16 gauge steel rail that secures to the roof with a variety of base options. These steel bases can be secured directly to the roof deck, or vertical surface of a parapet wall. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Ladder Access Protection
    CAD Details for Ladder Access Protection
    Skylight Protection image The RailGuard 200 solution for protecting skylights prevents workers from gaining access to the skylight area by building a vertical barrier around the skylight. The non-penetrating bases of the RailGuard system surround the skylight and are capable of being relocated as needed. The rail sections can also be easily removed to service the skylights. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Skylight Protection
    Skylight Protection image SkyDome is a heavy gauge steel mesh mounted to a weighted steel rail frame that rests of the roof deck and arches over the dome of the skylight. SkyDome units prevent objects or people falling on the skylight from making contact with the dome. Tested to the exact requirements of the testing standard, these units provide OSHA-compliant protection. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    CAD Details for Skylight Protection
    Skylight Protection image ScreenGuard is a galvanized expanded metal screen that is encased in a galvanized frame. ScreenGuard units clamp onto the frame of the skylight without penetrating the frame of the skylight and not compromising the water integrity of the skylight. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Warning Lines image EverLast Warning Lines are made of a 90 pound, non-penetrating cast iron base to secure a 16 gauge steel stanchion and a inch steel cable with either plastic or metal pennants. Bases should be spaced at 25 foot intervals. EverLast Warning Lines serve as effective permanent warning line demarcations at distances of 10 feet or greater from the leading edge.

    Garlock Folding Lines provide a working warning line solution for installations that require frequent location of the warning line protected areas. Garlock Folding Lines consist of three piece steel base, nylon line, and plastic pennants. Garlock Folding Lines should be spaced at intervals of 33 feet. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Roof Hatch Protection image Roof Hatch Protection systems consist of four, 90 pound, cast iron, non-penetrating bases that hold 16 gauge steel rail sections, and gate. The gate locks onto a vertical stanchion and is supported on a wheel that allows for easy operation. A wide variety of Roof Protection kits are available. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Loading Dock Protection image SentryGuard is a fall prevention gate system that protects against falls from open loading dock doors. SentryGuard uses a heavy duty Latch Stand and Hinge Stand to securely bolt the ends of the gate system in place and two heavy duty rail sections to protect the opening, while meeting OSHA standards. SentryGuard gates open by swinging up.

    Manual Swing Gates meet OSHA fall prevention requirements for open loading dock doors. Manual Swing Gates open by hinging on either side of the opening in arc that requires open floor space in front of dock door. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.
    Mezzanine Safety Gates image The LedgeGuard system consists of two gates and two rail sections that create a fully protected area on elevated platforms such as mezzanines to ensure the safe transfer of materials from one level to another. The gate on leading edge swings up as the gate on the inside edge swings down to prevent workers from working on an unprotected edge and material loads from being pushed off the leading edge while being removed from the contained space of the LedgeGuard. LedgeGuard meets al applicable requirements of OSHA. Follow the links to for answers to specific questions.

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