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InSpire Roofing is maintenance-free and offers the highest levels of protection for homes, especially important to those attracted to the warmth of shake style. The InSpire Cedar Shake roofing system offers Class A fire protection and a limited lifetime warranty, just as with InSpire Slate. Shake style has never been so worry-free, cost-effective and elegant. There’s no need for harsh chemical treatments or constant debris removal. Rotting or termites are never an issue. All of our roofing carries Class 4 impact resistance and a 110 mph wind uplift rating. The remarkable authenticity and texture of our roofing is made possible by using molds cast from cedar and quarried slate, allowing us to capture every natural, beautiful detail. Slate comes in a variety of colors, showcasing rich vibrancy and providing a beautiful canvas for varied slate edges and surfaces. The colors include new InSpire Mixes, which deliver artistic multiple colors, each feature up to five different InSpire Standard or Premium Colors per mix. With our Cedar Shake, InSpire’s proprietary coloring process ensures the most subtle, authentic color variation for sophisticated realism.

Our Slate weighs less than a quarter of quarried slate, is extremely more robust and carries the highest levels of authenticity. Our Cedar Shake never requires homeowners to lift a finger, gives them advanced fire protection and lasts for life. When gorgeous roofing is called for, specify the name that roofing professionals already trust – InSpire’s Slate and Cedar Shake.


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InSpire Mixes

InSpire Mixes deliver uncommon elegance through boldly-appealing multiple colors.

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Slate Roofing

InSpire impresses with the true authenticity of slate to create memorable, extraordinary homes. With significantly less effort and cost, InSpire provides the majestic character of natural slate while surpassing its performance.

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Slate Roofing Color Palette

InSpire's Traditional colors for slate offer a vast array of rich selections, encompassing both time-tested hues and new, vibrant ideas. The versatility of InSpire allows you to choose a single color for a saturating richness, or a blended color for stunning dimension to present exclusive custom curb appeal.

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Shake Roofing

InSpire Shake's innovations allow you to easily embrace cedar shake style while gaining peace of mind and charm that endures for life. The elegance of shake has historically come with high maintenance cost and high risk of fire and roof decay. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, InSpire Shake combines optimum fire protection with no maintenance ever required. The InSpire Shake Roofing System carries the highest-level Class A fire rating. In comparison, wood shake roofing may not carry any fire rating at all. With our genuine cedar colors, true-to-life texture and advanced composite engineering, you can capture the look and texture of gorgeous cedar for as long as you own your home.

InSpire Shake is available in three rich colors that characterize nature's majesty. New Cedar, Cedar Brown and Weathered Grey deliver handsome warmth and classic style. Within each genuine color, two or three delicate shade variations deliver sublime, unified color and unique authenticity. By comparison, other manufacturers' synthetic shake has variations that veer further from a main color, perpetuating a mottled roof that calls authenticity into question. Enhancing a natural, handcrafted look, InSpire features a mix of 10", 7-1/2" and 5" shake widths. Each color selection is factory-collated to deliver ideal, ready-made proportions of shake width and nuanced color.

InSpire Shakes handle fierce wind-driven rain, Class 4 hail impact, sea-spray and 110 mph winds. All the attraction of shake roofing is delivered with significantly lower investments in money and time.

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Shake Color Palette

InSpire Shake is available in three rich colors that characterize nature's majesty. New Cedar, Cedar Brown and Weathered Grey *** deliver handsome warmth and classic style.

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Cool Roof Tile

InSpire Slate Cool Roofing is the graceful way to live sustainably. Our cool roofing colors can potentially lower a roof's surface temperature by reflecting sunlight and reradiating heat away from the roof. This reduces the heat transferred into a structure and cuts peak cooling demand by up to 15 percent. InSpire Slate Cool Roofing provides elegant, timeless character compared to similarly priced metal cool roofs, thereby meeting every aesthetic, functional and sustainable need. Cool roofing can add one or more LEED points to the several potential LEED credits already available with InSpire Slate. By enhancing the environment, helping create sustainable projects and giving homeowners beauty that generates cost savings cool roofing is another reason why InSpire surpasses quarried slate with unprecedented appeal and value.

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Cool Roof Palette

InSpire Slate is available in nine cool roof color choices, including both rich traditional colors and light modern colors.

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Ridge Caps, Starter Tiles and Snow Guards.

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Virtual Remodeler

The Virtual Remodeler allows contractors & homeowners to upload pictures of a home and completely mix and match InSpire Roofing, Foundry Siding and Mid-America Siding Components to get a fast, thorough glimpse of a revamped dream home.

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Resource Corner

Tapco's one-stop solution center for all things home-related. From building science basics to matters of high style and housing starts, Resource Corner is in your corner to give you all the tools you need to expand your knowledge and make informed decisions.

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Tapco TV

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