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Wellcraft Egress Window Wells provide a quick and safe exit from basements and lower level rooms. The company offers a complete line of egress window wells. Two styles of one-piece window wells for three- and four-foot windows are available. In addition, Wellcraft produces two styles of multi-section window wells for four- and five-foot windows. Covers are also available for every style of window well. All Wellcraft Egress Window Wells are designed to meet the IRC 2012 International Residential Building Code, Section r 310, for Emergency Escape/Rescue window openings.


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Modular Egress Window Well image

Modular Egress Window Well - 6700

The multi-piece construction of the 6700 is designed to accommodate 5-foot wide egress. Three sections lock together, and terraced steps allow for quick and easy egress.
Egress Window Well image

Egress Window Well - 5600

The 5600 offers many custom possibilities. You're not limited to a set height - make your well as short or as high as you need. A typical installation uses four sections and is made easy with simple, snap-together construction. Each section is 20 7/8" in height, weighs only 24 lbs and is easy to transport.
Egress Window Well image

Egress Window Well - 2060

The 2060 is designed for use with 4-foot wide egress windows and the one-piece construction makes this well both durable and simple to install. With the optional 12" extension (sold separately), the 2060 can accommodate greater depth requirements.
Egress Window Well image

Egress Window Well - 2062

Designed for use with 3-foot casement egress windows, model 2062 is the ideal choice for projects where space is a concern. One-piece construction makes this model simple to install.

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Egress Window Well Covers image

Egress Window Well Covers

While Wellcraft Egress Window Wells ensure that those inside your home are safe, don't neglect those outside - like children, neighbors and pets - who might accidentally step into an open well. Be sure to properly install a Wellcraft Egress Window Well Cover!

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Acrylic Block Egress Window image

Acrylic Block Egress Window

  • Egress compliant.
  • Acrylic block provides privacy, security and is 75% lighter than glass block.
  • Tested energy rating comparable to 7/8" insulated glass.
  • Full screen is removable from the inside.
  • Acrylic block is UV stabilized and will not turn yellow.
  • Frame Dimensions: 29 1/4" x 47 1/4"
  • 6" Block Configuration: 4 x 7
Egress Slider Window image

Egress Slider Window

  • Egress compliant.
  • 3/4" insulated Low-E glass is standard - U-value of 0.28.
  • Half-screen is removable from the inside.
  • Frame Dimensions: 48" x 48"
In-Swing Egress image

In-Swing Egress

  • Egress compliant
  • Meets IRC Building Code for Egress.
  • 3/4" insulated Low-E glass is standard - U-value of 0.28.
  • Fiberglass full screen is removable from the inside.
  • Frame Dimensions: 27" x 45"
  • Net Clear Opening*: 20 1/8" x 40 7/8" (5.71 sq. ft.)
  • Net Clear Glass Opening: 20 3/8" x 38 3/8" (5.43 sq. ft.)

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