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For over 35 years Schweiss Doors has manufactured the highest quality hydraulic and bifold doors for all building applications. Schweiss Doors has earned "brand name" recognition in the aeronautical industry, agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors worldwide. Schweiss Designer Door series is sought after by architects, engineers and homeowners as the only choice. Schweiss Doors supplies door weights, engineering data, wind load and design specifications for your Schweiss "One-Piece" Hydraulic Doors or Lift-Strap Bifold Doors to make sure they will fit your building perfectly and ensure smooth, safe installation with no loss of headroom. Schweiss doors are sold worldwide, No opening is too big or too small for custom-made Schweiss Doors.


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New One-Piece® Hydraulic Doors

New One-Piece® Hydraulic Doors
Schweiss Doors is proud of our new One-Piece® hydraulic doors that swing out requiring no headroom. Already a leader in the bifold door industry, we at Schweiss Doors continue to bring new quality products to customers with the introduction of the hydraulic One-Piece® door. The door design requires zero headroom, comes prehung, is watertight, easy to install, easy to operate with the push of a button, easy to insulate and swings out to provide a canopy when the door is in the open position.

Simple Unique Design
Powered by a powerful hydraulic pump, two heavy-duty cylinders activate the One-Piece® hydraulic doorframe. The single panel doors have one set of hinges across the top of the door frame. When the door is being opened the hinges allow the door frame to swing out and away from the building to the full open position which forms a canopy. The hydraulic pump can be conveniently located away from the door opening to keep the clean look.

Lose No headroom
Schweiss One-Piece® Hydraulic Doors require no headroom loss, so retrofitting to existing structures such, can help you gain additional overhead clearance required to utilize your steel or wood structure's full clear opening. This is a real money saver!

The One-Piece® Hydraulic Door design is another alternative to the bifold door. Schweiss, the leader of the door industry, offers customers choices when it comes selecting doors for their structures / buildings. Please read the following literature and let it be a helpful guide to selecting the door of your choice to accommodate your structure / building with the intention of getting the most for your dollar with the best design money can buy.
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Hydraulic Doors

  • Operated by the best hydraulic & electrical system on the market
  • Faster, Bigger Cylinders... with Spherical Bearings
  • Provides a canopy when open
  • All-steel framework... Stronger... Better... Safer... No wood Members
  • Easy to install... door comes complete with its own subframe
  • Clean Looking... All Steel Doorframe... No Wood
  • Easy To Insulate... Easy To Line Inside Door Frame
  • Easy To Install Windows... any size, any location
  • All-steel window frames are welded at the factory
  • Welded Cross Members... A Strong Connection
  • Internal Truss... Provides a neat appearance on the building
  • External Truss Available
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Hydraulic Door Frame

  • Each Door comes prehung with frame.
  • One Piece doorframe is manufactured out of 2x4 tube.
  • Vertical doorframe members are 2x4 tubing
    (Schweiss does not use C-Channels).
  • Pre-assembled, pre-welded and delivered prehung within its frame for ease of installation.
  • Bolted frame connections for shipping, no welding, easy to install (Schweiss does not use tec screws for frame connections).

All Schweiss hydraulic doors are factory welded and made of structural steel tubing. The doors are hinged horizontally at the top of the frame using heavy-duty hinges by each upright tube on the doorframe, which evenly distributes the load onto your door, building, truss and header. Hinges are pre-located at the factory to align with the building and truss members. The door swings outward, away from the building. In the open position, the door will be laying flat at 90'. Doors are trussed to provide extra strength. Extra metal in the right places reduces bowing or sagging when the door is open or closed. Each door is fully assembled from the factory, saving you hours of installation time.

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Bifold Doors


A fast moving Schweiss Bifold or Hydraulic door works great on any aircraft building. Don't accept losing valuable headroom because of your door. Schweiss doors are incredibly durable, reliable, and easy to use. Our custom built doors allow you to keep your aircraft moving in and out of your building quickly and easily. For a door that gives you full access to your building's available space and protects your aircraft from harsh weather, go with the leader. Go with Schweiss.

We will work with your architects - contractors and building suppliers to make sure the hangar door you order will fit your door opening and aircraft building to accommodate your airplane. We will answer your question and assist you with shop drawings to make sure that your "Automatic Bifold" door will fit your new or old aviation building. Door weights, loadings, hinge locations, specs, and fine details are available.

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Custom Garage Doors image

Custom Garage Doors

A typical garage door folds up and back when it is lifted, drastically reducing your garage's available headroom. A Schweiss Door will not only free up lost headroom but improve the look of your garage. A custom Schweiss garage door allows you total freedom with the look of your garage. You can apply siding to your door to match the garage and have custom shaped windows built into the door. For a strong, long-lasting, and totally unique look, go with a Schweiss Door. custom bifold garage door
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Custom Doors


Unique doors made by Schweiss.
  • Greenhouse
  • Restaurant windows
  • Outdoor entertainment stages
  • Crane doors
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Specialty Doors

Schweiss Designer Doors leads the door industry in quality, innovation, design, and price - making us America's top resource for specialty / designer doors with plenty of options. When looking for a large door, One-Piece® hydraulic or designer bifold, we can build it. We also offer a wide array of optional features. Our convenient lift straps, auto latches, and remote control features make our doors perfect for most unique building designs. Our doors are custom built to order so you won't have to design your structure around the door.

Instead, focus on building the perfect specialty structure for your needs. Whether you design a traditional or modern / unique structure, our doors will lift your building as if they were part of the original design. Popular uses of our doors have been aviation, agricultural, industrial, and commercial doors. Schweiss Doors guarantees the best custom doors on the market. Our site offers assistance with installing doors, upgrading your existing building structure, and helping you find the best door for your needs.

We invite you to discover why thousands of our customers have found Schweiss to be the best choice for their custom door needs. Our customers recommend Schweiss Designer Doors as their #1 specialty door manufacturer!

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