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Timber Pro UV brings you the durability and professional results you've been looking for. This easy-to-apply, easy-to-cleanup, and easy-to-maintain formula has such unique qualities it is unlike any other coating on the market!

Timber Pro UV is available in clear and semi-transparent natural wood tone colors. This smooth blend of natural oil resins and state-of-the-art additives uses pure water as a carrier instead of flammable, toxic solvents.


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Log & Siding Formula - Timber Pro Coatings image

Log & Siding Formula - Timber Pro Coatings

Timber Pro UV Log & Siding Formula is a
    Timber Pro UV Log & Siding Formula is a
  • Professional grade finish to stain
  • Seal and protect natural wood log and wood siding surfaces
  • Is formulated with durable, penetrating plant oil / acrylic hybrid blend
  • Very low VOC, waterborne solution
  • Gives the toughness of an oil finish
  • Is combined with the envirosafe qualities
  • Water-borne product easy to cleanup
  • High tech additives provide top of the line sunscreens, and
  • Fungicides to reduce environmental damage to natural wood siding.
  • Specialty finish designed specifically to enhance, protect, and preserve cedar siding, shakes and shingles, log homes, and any other natural wood siding
  • Manufactured in Clear UV, Transparent Wood Tones, Semi-Transparent, and Semi-Solid stain colors.
  • Low VOC qualities, allows it to be used on interior wood siding and t rim
  • LEED credits available.

Natural Wood Finishes Log & Siding Formula Brochure (front)
Natural Wood Finishes Log & Siding Formula Brochure (back)
Deck & Fence Formula - Timber Pro Coatings image

Deck & Fence Formula - Timber Pro Coatings

Timber Pro UV Deck & Fence Formula is a
  • Professional grade finish to stain, seal, and protect your natural wood decking, fence, or other outdoor wood surfaces
  • Formulated with durable, penetrating plant oil resins that are waterborne for water clean up
  • This formula is one of the toughest transparent deck stain/sealers on the market
  • Has unique qualities
  • Cures to a hard, non-sticky finish that does not attract dirt, dust, or mildew
  • Available in over 24 transparent colors
  • Also available in Clear UV which will seal the wood but provide less color hold than the transparently tinted stain
  • LEED credits available.

Natural Wood Finishes Deck & Fence Formula Brochure
Stain Colors image

Stain Colors

Clear Penetrating Sealer - only a sealer does not provide any UV protection. Perfect for interior wood or used as a topcoat over our transparent stains.

Micro Tint Series - Ideal for wood or log siding, exotic woods, interior wood trim and doors, and any interior or exterior architectural wood that needs to be sealed, protected, and color stabilized with a super transparent stain.

Transparent Series - Ideal for log and timber framed homes, gables, fascia, shake & shingles, pre-stain applications, decks & fencing, and cedar roof treatment.

Semi-Transparent Series -Ideal for gable ends, fascia, shake & shingles, window/door trim, and pre-stain applications.

Semi Solid Series - Ideal for window/door trim, shake & shingles, and pre-stain applications.
Crystal Urethane  - Timber Pro Coatings image

Crystal Urethane - Timber Pro Coatings

Timber Pro UV Crystal Urethane is ideal for use on a variety of interior wood surfaces such as:
  • wood ceilings
  • soffits
  • glulam beams
  • wood paneling and trim boards
  • wood window frames and sills
  • cabinets
  • wood railings
  • interior wood doors

Timber Pro UV Crystal Urethane is a professional, non-yellowing finish is moisture, chemical and UV-resistant.
  • Can be used on hard and softwoods
  • Also may be used on exterior wood doors and wood windows over Timber Pro stain if covered by overhang and all six sides of door or windows are treated
  • Is a low VOC, waterborne oil based urethane
  • Extremely fast drying
  • Will build to a rich, durable film coat by coat.
  • Crystal Urethane dries to a highly durable, easy to clean finish.
  • Is available in Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss. LEED credit available.

Internal Wood Stabilizer (IWS) image

Internal Wood Stabilizer (IWS)

There are times when the thought of using a hazardous wood preservative on wood that will be exposed to consistent moisture just doesn't make sense for you. Suppose you are building a wooden vegetable garden box, a deck, dock, or wood bridge that is next to or over a pond, lake, or river. Contaminating the soil or water with preservatives is something you'd rather avoid, unless your project dictates the use of pressure treated wood due to building codes. Available in the US Only.

Internal Wood Stabilizer (IWS) Brochure

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Paver Stain and Sealer image

Paver Stain and Sealer

Protect, preserve, and enrich porous masonry, pavers, and architectural natural stone with this environmentally safe, non-flammable, bio-oil based penetrating stain. Bring out the gleam and natural color of the pavers or stone and give it the "wet look" with the Clear paver stain formula.

•: Low VOCs, low odor, non-flammable, and eco-friendly.
• Provides resistance to water and mildew.
Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS) image

Internal Concrete Sealer (ICS)

Professional Grade Concrete and Masonry Sealer - non toxic, waterproofer for basement walls, ponds
• Waterproof masonry surfaces such as: Portland Cement Concrete, Shotcrete, Standard Stucco, Concrete Mortar. Do not use on colored or stained masonry surfaces or color may be affected. Do not use on aggregate or natural stone.
• Use above, below, or on grade as a slab hardener, dustproof, and/or water proofing agent.
Masonry Top Sealer (MTS) image

Masonry Top Sealer (MTS)

Masonry Top Sealer is an envirosafe surface sealer that completely seals and waterproofs porous masonry surfaces. MTS is highly effective and versatile in a wide range of applications. This formula represents a new generation of high tech silicone emulsions that contain multiple sized particles that fill different sized voids in the concrete or masonry. When water and dirt do not absorb into the surface, the likelihood of freeze thaw damage and slippery mildew formation is greatly reduced. Your concrete and masonry will stay so much cleaner and last much longer with this level of protection.

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Clean & Brite - Timber Pro Coatings  image

Clean & Brite - Timber Pro Coatings

Clean & Brite is a one-step maintenance cleaner for all your exterior wood surfaces. This concentrated gel is a solution of citric acid and mild detergents. It can be diluted with water to the ratio appropriate for your own specific project.

Clean & Brite will remove superficial dirt, mold, mildew, and mild graying from your wood surfaces. It is the perfect choice for maintenance cleaning of decks, siding, fences, and log homes. Clean & Brite is also recommended to prepare new exterior wood surfaces such as decks and log homes to get them really clean before staining and sealing.
Strip and Brite Timber Pro Coatings image

Strip and Brite Timber Pro Coatings

Strip & Brite is a two-step stripper and cleaner for exterior wood surfaces such as:
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • Log homes
  • Wood Siding

Strip & Brite will restore weathered wood surfaces that needs to their original color and bare state.

Strip & Brite will remove a multitude of sins such as severe graying and blackening from fungus, and darkness from failed or inconsistently applied transparent oil based stains and sealers
  • Step 1 is a gel applied directly to discolored wood surface, left to activate, agitated and rinsed which takes with it all the dark and discolored discoloration
  • Step 2 is a citric acid based neutralizer and brightener that dramatically lightens the stripped wood again

Strip & Brite is a true wood restoration process that brings about unbelievable results for discolored decks, fences, log homes and siding. These surfaces can be brought back to close to their original new color. Strip & Brite will not strip latex or acrylic stains, only transparent oil based stains and sealers.

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Log Homes image

Log Homes

Many of the most prestigious, quality conscious log home builders in North America now recommend Timber Pro UV to their customers. They use it for a variety of reasons: color hold, easy application, easy maintenance, low odor, non-flammability, and above all, incredible durability.
Decks image


Our Deck & Fence Formula formula is very durable and does not attract dirt. Deck & Fence Formula has some unique advantages in comparison to other deck sealers. We use a hard-drying, deep-penetrating oil resin that soaks into wood and protects it from the inside out. This resin base is far superior to soft, waxy oils that never seem to dry and quickly attract dirt, dust, and mildew spores to your deck.
Siding image


Our Log & Siding Formula is the ultimate specialty finish. When you need to protect a large wood surface, you want a beautiful, durable product that will last for years.
Fences image


You will be amazed at the results when you use our Strip & Brite to remove the weathered gray fibers that are hiding the beauty of your fence. After the fence is looking like new again, don't forget to stain and protect it with Timber Pro UV Log & Siding Formula. This natural oil resin based product is carried in pure water instead of toxic solvents. The resin base penetrates into wood to create a tough, long-lasting finish. With some easy maintenance, your natural wood fence will look great for years to come.
Shingles image


Cedar shingles are very popular, but homeowners often struggle with how to maintain them best. Should you let them gray out or attempt to keep the natural wood tone?

Regardless of aesthetic value, shingles are very water absorbent and must be protected or they will deteriorate quickly. Depending on the look you want, our Timber Pro UV formulas will protect and maintain your shingles.
Shakes image


Our shake roof protectant, Log & Siding Formula, is so environmentally-safe they can be purchased and applied by any consumer.

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Maintenance Guides

Log & Siding Maintenance Guide
Rule #1 Keep It Clean
Rule #2 Keep your Clear UV top coat fresh
Rule #3 Don't wait for finish to "wear off" before you re-apply

Application Guides

Timber Pro UV formulas are easy-to-apply, easy-to-cleanup, and easy-to-maintain. By following the application instructions closely, you will achieve the best results for your wood and masonry projects.

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Timber Pro Coatings are specialty finishes and are sold through either log home dealers, green building product retailers, specialty lumber yards, or dealers who specialize in selling higher grade professional products. As with most specialty finishes used for the log home, timber frame, or cedar home and siding market, Timber Pro Coatings are not generally found in big box or chain retail stores.

Timber Pro Coatings are also sold and shipped factory direct if there are no local dealers in your area.

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