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Cambridge Elevating specializes in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of residential & commercial elevators and lifting devices. Located in Cambridge Ontario, CEI has been helping home-building trend setters and the mobility challenged since 1988. Celebrating our milestone 25th anniversary, our team is more prepared than ever to assist you in putting your dreams into action by building your vertical design statement.

Responsible for thousands of custom elevator designs and installations in Canada and the United States, Cambridge Elevating has a team of professionals that are eager to turn your creativity into a custom elevator that delivers your vision. Considered a short-run job shop rather than a mass-production facility, we are able to offer custom solutions for off-the-shelf pricing. Cambridge Elevating thrives on exceeding our customerís and dealerís expectations with any unique request.

Whether youíre looking to access all levels of your home with ease, or just want to add the appeal of a home elevator, Cambridge Elevating has several residential elevator models and lifts to suit your needs. If itís your business that needs to be made more accessible, or youíre planning for a commercial elevator in your next commercial project, Cambridge Elevating has the superior equipment and skilled installers to help.

Experience the premier manufacturer of custom elevators.


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Residential Elevators - Cambrian

The versatile Cambrian is designed to reflect your discerning taste and lifestyle. Allow the design elements of your home to continue through to your custom elevator without sacrificing functionality. Discover how Cambridge Elevating and our authorized dealers can work with you and your design team to integrate the elevator, as well as any design or custom elements, into your home with ease.

Cambrian Special Features
  • Automatic sliding doors on the cab and at each landing
  • One-touch entry and touch-free exit
  • Infrared safety light curtain for added safety
  • Quiet operation using submersible pump motor
  • Unlimited standard and custom cab and fixture finish options ' let your imagination loose on your vertical design statement!
  • 3-Year Limited Factory Parts Warranty/Residential-Elevators/Cambrian

Residential Elevator Options Brochure
Hardwood Face Frame Finishes (PDF)
Stainless Steel Cab Finishes (PDF)
Veneer Sliding Doors (PDF)
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Residential Elevators - Heritage

The Heritage's unique door system allows for maximum flexibility. Coupled with the convenience of our sliding door system on the elevator car, and automatic or manually operated swing doors on the landings, the Heritage provides the best of both worlds.

Preserve your design elements and privacy, while maintaining maximum use of your home. Gently disguised into the natural structure of your home, guests will never even know it''s there!

Heritage Special Features
  • Automatic Sliding Doors on Cab
  • Infrared Safety Light Curtain for Added Safety
  • Seamless integration into any home
  • Custom cab sizes - Maximum flexibility
  • Two speed hydraulic valve for soft start and stop
  • Load capacities up to 1,500 lbs (where permitted by Code)
  • 3-Year Factory Parts Warranty

Residential Elevator Options Brochure
Hardwood Face Frame Finishes (PDF)
Stainless Steel Cab Finishes (PDF)
Veneer Sliding Doors (PDF)
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Residential Elevators - Elmira

The compact design of our Elmira fits virtually any new or existing home. Very affordable with low maintenance costs, the Elmira is far more economical than you might expect. With a vast array of design choices, the Elmira isn''t reserved for just stately mansions or palatial estates. You owe it to yourself to explore how easily the Elmira can fit into your home, budget and style.

Elmira Special Features
  • Safety Edge Cab - includes an infrared light curtain on the cab edge for increased hoistway protection
  • Custom cab configurations and operational aids for occupants with special needs
  • Integrated safety locks protect against landing doors opening without the cab present
  • Versatile design, fits even the tightest floor plans
  • Low operating and maintenance cost
  • Emergency battery back-up feature provides lowering, lighting and door unlocking in the event of a power outage
  • 3-Year limited factory parts warranty

Residential Elevator Options Brochure
Hardwood Face Frame Finishes (PDF)
Stainless Steel Cab Finishes (PDF)
Woodfold Cab Gate Finishes (PDF)

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Commercial Elevators - Journey LU/LA Elevator

The Cambridge Elevating Journey Limited-Use/ Limited-Application Commercial Elevator is designed to service schools, libraries, low rise commercial buildings, churches and multi-family housing. Custom cab sizes and various finish options allows your LU/LA elevator to blend into the surrounding decor seamlessly. Using a state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system and controls, our LU/LA provides safe, reliable, smooth and quiet operation. Modern fixtures and robust equipment make the Journey LU/LA the longest lasting choice.

Journey LULA Features
  • Fire rated sliding hoistway doors
  • Fire rated laminate wall panels
  • Rigid cab construction
  • Hands free ADA phone
  • Emergency lowering/battery back-up system
  • Custom cab configurations & door operations available
  • 3-Year Limited Factory Parts Warranty
  • Custom solutions available
  • ASME A17.1-2007 / CSA B44-07 Code Compliance
  • Superior installation & technical support

Journey LU/LA Fire-Rated Laminate Finishes

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