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In November of 2007, Hydro Stop Inc. was acquired by Quest Specialty Chemicals Inc. in an asset purchase, and continued operations under the name Hydro Stop, LLC. Hydro-Stop compliments Quest's mission to acquire and build specialty chemical companies that have developed unique solutions to the challenges of coatings application, surface protection and the bonding of flexible and rigid substrates.

Our Team Making the Difference...Hydro-Stop has also prided itself on the selection of outstanding employees with a shared vision. The Hydro-Stop team has kept family values, a strong work ethic and a strong sense of spiritual commitment as the very foundation and cornerstone of the business. The entire Hydro-Stop team is a dedicated group that is working for the customer now, and will work for the customer in the future to assure the highest quality of products and field service. This is the Hydro-Stop legacy that is built everyday.

You may already know us as Hydro-Stop or United Coatings.
Now, get to know Quest Construction Products.
Quest Construction Products (QCP) technology leadership means the ability to match “best in class” products with innovative solutions for your specific situation. Through our acquisition of United Coatings and Hydro-Stop, QCP has become one of the nation’s largest suppliers of sustainable solutions for waterproofing the entire building envelope. With manufacturing facilities in Charleston, South Carolina, Tempe, Arizona and Spokane, Washington, Quest Construction Products provides unparalleled field support – from specification to jobsite and beyond.

Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly, Cool Roof Solutions.
We were green before it was cool. With over 85 years of manufacturing experience, Quest Construction Products has developed a wide range of products that have been certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council®, ENERGY STAR® and major municipal rating systems such as Miami-Dade County*. QCP’s roofing solutions also qualify for points from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System. What’s more, QCP roofing systems such as Hydro-Stop PremiumCoat and RoofMate are sustainable for the life of the building. When properly installed by a certified applicator, a 10 to 25 year warranty is available for specific roofing applications. The warranty can be extended every 10 years under a proper maintenance schedule. That means the roof will never need to be torn off: there will never be a need to put roofing debris into landfills.


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Roofing and Waterproofing System image

Roofing and Waterproofing System - Hydro-Stop - PremiumCoat®

PremiumCoat® sustainable roofing and waterproofing system is one of the highest quality roofing and waterproofing systems available. It is made of the best raw materials to form a flexible, U.V. resistant elastomeric compound and is fully reinforced with a tough nonwoven polyester fabric which has been designed for roofing and flashing applications of all types. PremiumCoat® is easy to apply, safe to work with and requires no special equipment. When the system is properly installed, by a certified applicator, a 10 year warranty is available for specific roofing applications. The warranty can then be extended every 10 years under a proper maintenance schedule.

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Flexible Waterproofing Compound image

Flexible Waterproofing Compound - BarrierGuard®

BarrierGuard® is designed for waterproofing all types of masonry surfaces such as foundation walls, concrete panels, retaining walls and moisture-retaining structures such as gutters, cisterns, and concrete shrubbery boxes. Mixed with water and Portland cement, and fully reinforced with BarrierGuard® fabric, it forms a hard-wearing, flexible compound. It is also resistant to standing water and ideal for subterranean waterproofing.

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Elastomeric Masonry Coating image

Elastomeric Masonry Coating - FlexCoat

FlexCoat Is a crack-bridging elastomeric coating for masonry. Masonry, and in particular, stucco, is a major point of entry for water. FlexCoat crack-bridging elastomeric is carefully formulated to stay flexible to handle crack movement and provide a high-quality water seal at the same time. FlexCoat keeps the water out while allowing you the option of hundreds of colors to match your decor.

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Protective Coating image

Protective Coating - ClearGuard Plus®

ClearGuard Plus® provides a durable, clear protective barrier against oil, water, oil-based dirt, and water-based dirt. Utilizing state of the art technology, this coating is effective for unpainted masonry. ClearGuard Plus® is easy to apply and doesn't require specialized equipment. Being solvent free, ClearGuard Plus® is safe to work with, and does not emit harmful fumes or odor.

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Specialty Coating image

Specialty Coating - TrafficCoat

Traffic Coat is a specialty coating for unique performance requirements. TrafficCoat resists wear yet remains flexible to absorb surface stresses. In addition to providing a positive aesthetic appearance, TrafficCoat covers minor surface cracks and imperfections. If installed in conjunction with the PremiumCoat System according to specification a walking deck can be eligible for a 5 year extendable warranty.

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Acrylic Primer image

Acrylic Primer - SureBond

SureBond Primer is a water-based pure Acrylic primer used for sealing all types of masonry, metal and chalky surfaces.
Rinseable Primer image

Rinseable Primer - CleanAct Primer

CleanAct Rinseable Primer is a water-based rinseable primer used directly on rubber roof (EPDM) applications to prepare the rubber substrate for acceptance of the PremiumCoat System.
Acrylic Primer image

Acrylic Primer - StableRust Primer

StableRust Primer is a water-based surfactant-free acrylic primer used in direct to metal applications to stabilize and protect metal surfaces.

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Cool Roof Coatings image

Cool Roof Coatings - KYMAX®

KYMAX is a low-build elastomeric coating that provides the ultimate in reflectivity, color stability and weather resistance over new or existing roof surfaces. Although it is highly flexible, it exhibits a tough, enamel-like finish that resists abrasion, biological growth, dirt, oil and all types of weather extremes.

KYMAX is recommended whenever exceptional weatherability and/or reflectivity are required. Formulated with Kynar Aquatec™
Cool Roofing image

Cool Roofing - Diathon

For Polyurethane Foam Roofing - Inch for inch, polyurethane foam is the highest rated insulation material commercially available. Spray-applied as a two-component liquid, it raises to 30 times it's fluid thickness to form a seamless, dimensionally stable blanket over new or existing roof substrates.
Cool Roofing image

Cool Roofing - Roof Mate

For Virtually Any Type Of Roof - The ROOF MATE Roof Preservation System is a unique waterproofing membrane designed to extend the life of virtually any new or existing roof substrate.
Architectural Coatings image

Architectural Coatings

UNITED COATINGS manufactures a complete line of advanced acrylic coatings for architectural and construction applications. Many of these products were developed in response to the specialized needs of our customers around the world who have come to rely on UNITED'S ability to develop protective coating solutions for virtually any condition.
Stains image

Stains - Canyon Tone Stain

CANYON TONE STAIN is a modified, water-based acrylic, penetrating pigmented sealer. It possesses superior color stability, ultraviolet resistance, alkali and pollution resistance, and water-repellency. Toning pigments are chemically suspended in the acrylic resins, thus eliminating settling and color variations on the structure.
Graffiti Shield image

Graffiti Shield - Graffiti Shield

A graffiti defense system that includes a highly durable clear coating and a spray-on cleaner. GRAFFITI SHIELD is a unique, "clear" coating and cleaner system that has been specially designed to help you fight back.

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EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System) image

EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System) - Master Wall

UNITED COATINGS is pleased to announce that a working arrangement has been reached with MASTER WALL, INC. whereby UNITED'S Uni-Tex products will be marketed under the MASTER WALL label. This is a win - win situation for both companies, in that it provides manufacturing facilities on the East and West Coasts to better serve our customers.

Permanently flexible, high build textured coating system with water-based components and incorporated primers, fillers, fabric and molding
  • EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish System)
  • Wallboard
  • Concrete
  • Masonry
  • Brick
  • Stucco

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Graffiti Resistance Clear Semi-Gloss Acrylic Sealer image

Graffiti Resistance Clear Semi-Gloss Acrylic Sealer - Acrysheen

ACRYSHEEN is a water-based epoxy, penetrating sealer designed to produce a clear, semi-gloss surface sheen. It is manufactured from non-yellowing, advanced acrylic resins to form a durable finish that provides long term water repellency, dirt and graffiti resistance, and weather protection.
Acrylic Latex Waterproofing image

Acrylic Latex Waterproofing - Aquathon

A permanently elastomeric, advanced acrylic membrane for providing waterproofing protection on exterior concrete, masonry, stucco and wood wall surfaces. Bridges hairline cracks and repaired areas, forming a continuous membrane resistant to all forms of weather and airborne pollutants. AQUATHON is a "breathing" membrane, allowing moisture vapor to escape from the substrate or building interior while remaining impervious to mass water penetration from the exterior.
Water-Based Acrylic Finish image

Water-Based Acrylic Finish - Rhino-Top

RHINO TOP is a high quality water-based acrylic finish incorporating an epoxy additive to increase the abrasion resistance properties of the film. A special spherical silica sand is suspended in the emulsion to provide a fine uniform texture. This silica can be eliminated for projects requiring a smooth finish.

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Retail Products image

Retail Products - In-Wood

Retail products made with the same commitment to quality as our professional grade products. Available at hardware and home improvement centers nationwide.
  • Stain for: Wood Fences
  • Wood Decking
  • Wood Siding
  • Stain for: Cast-in-place Concrete
  • Masonry Block
  • Pavers & stepping stones
Transparent Sealers for:
  • Cast-in-place Concrete
  • Masonry Block
  • Pavers & Stepping Stones
Non-slip & Abrasion Resistant coatings for:
  • In-door Walking Surfaces
  • Out-door Walking Surfaces
  • Pool Decks
  • Sport Courts

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Industrial Coatings image

Industrial Coatings

United's Industrial Coatings line includes unique, high performance products designed to provide protection from abrasion, corrosion and chemical attack. From high build elastomers and high gloss exterior finishes to waste/water tank linings and pipeline protection, United offers a coating system engineered to perform.

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