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Düraamen Engineered Products is one of the leading providers of seamless high performance flooring systems covering a broad range of applications and markets. We manufacture a full line of decorative concrete coatings like self leveling concrete and micro-toppings, self-leveling epoxy coatings, polyurethane concrete flooring systems, concrete sealers, Polyaspartic polyurea coatings, chemical stains and water-based stains for concrete, concrete densifier for polished concrete and concrete sealants.

Düraamen has a sterling reputation among architects, designers, specifiers and contractors for consistently producing high quality floorings systems that are used in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications. We also feature the most technically knowledgeable sales representatives in the concrete coatings industry who provide support and industry expertise from project conceptualization to completion.

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  • Industrial Flooring
    High Build Coating System image The Perdüre High Build Coating system is typically installed at 20-25 mil thickness improve aesthetics, provide slip resistance, are durable and give an easy to clean surface. Review the requirements of your facility with the product data to select the finish that best meets the needs of the application. It is applied in one or two coats over a primer, these systems are ideal for warehouses and storage areas, garage floors, Laundries, Correctional facilities, Locker rooms, Showers, Utilities, Clean rooms, etc.
    Specs for High Build Coating System PDF High Build Coating System e-Catalog Specs for High Build Coating System
    Self-leveling Epoxy image At düraamen, we provide a variety of self-leveling epoxy options for our customers. Perdüre SLE (self-leveling epoxy) & SLE-T (self-leveling epoxy trowel grade) consists of 100% solid epoxy and selectively graded aggregates to produce a seamless flooring solution ideally suited for industrial flooring applications. It is designed to restore and replace eroded concrete floors. When sealed, Perdüre SLE & SLE produce a dense, skid inhibiting surface that eliminates dirt and chemical penetration. The chemical resistance and overall performance of Perdüre SLE & SLE-T can be increased by using different epoxy and polyurethane top coats.

    Since no two floors are the same, Perdüre SLE & SLE-T systems are modified to handle various degrees to chemical, impact and thermal shock resistance. It is applied in thickness ranging from one-sixteenth inch to one-fourth inch¹. Perdüre SLE & SLE-T is applied as a three-component system of 100% solids epoxy primer, 100% solids epoxy body coat that is blended with self-leveling filler and a polyurethane or polyaspartic topcoat.
    Specs for Self-leveling Epoxy PDF Self-leveling Epoxy e-Catalog Specs for Self-leveling Epoxy
    Urethane Concrete Flooring System image Perdure UMC is a three-component urethane concrete flooring system formulated to withstand harsh and demanding environments. Perdure UMC flooring systems combines the most demanding performance characteristics - resistance to impact, abrasion, chemicals and thermal shock. A urethane (polyurethane concrete) binder is combined with Portland cement and graded aggregates to deliver superior performance characteristics. This unique combination of urethane-cement and graded aggregates makes the flooring system resistant to high levels of moisture vapor transmission. It can be installed with integral cove base for areas requiring sanitary seamless wall to floor transition.

    The cementitious polyurethane flooring system, Perdure UMC - in addition to being able to absorb and dissipate heat and cold has excellent sound deadening properties, particularly in areas where the operation requires trafficking with steel wheels.
    Specs for Urethane Concrete Flooring System PDF Urethane Concrete Flooring System e-Catalog Specs for Urethane Concrete Flooring System
    Reflective Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring image Lumiere - Reflector Designer Epoxy Coatings with miniscule metallic pigment particles suspended in translucent epoxies are giving contractors the uncanny ability to produce mirror-like surfaces without having to grind the first diamond to achieve that shine.

    Offered in a dazzling array of colors, reflector designer epoxy coatings are being used to create gorgeous and highly durable designer floors largely in metropolitan areas throughout the world where superior surfaces are needed and a contemporary look is desired. These places run the gamut, from nightclubs, restaurants, car showrooms and offices to health care facilities, spas, salons, gyms and high-end retail stores.
    Specs for Reflective Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring PDF Reflective Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring e-Catalog Specs for Reflective Designer Metallic Epoxy Flooring
    Decorative Quartz Flooring System image Kwortz flooring system is a seamless decorative resin flooring system consisting of clear, 100% solids epoxy resin filled with a variety of graded quartz, marble or ceramic fillers which can be modified to create the best design mix for ideal performance and appearance. A wide selection of gloss and satin finish coats are available for varying appearance and exposure requirements. The finished flooring system can be textured or smooth as per the specifications. The decorative quartz aggregates are available in a series of pre-blended patterns or solid colors. Custom colour blends are available subject to approval, minimum quantity requirements, and lead time for production.
    Specs for Decorative Quartz Flooring System PDF Decorative Quartz Flooring System e-Catalog Specs for Decorative Quartz Flooring System
    Garage Floor Epoxy Coating image Endüra™ is a high performance Grade III resin flooring system designed to be used in garage floors, basement floors, workshop floors, laundry room floors, locker room floors, restaurants, food service areas where return to service is extremely important. This system combines the benefits of Epoxy resins and Polyaspartic technology.

    Epoxy resins offer better wet-ability and adhesion to various substrates where as Polyaspartics offer very high abrasion resistance, hot-tire pick up resistance, UV stability and excellent chemical resistance.
    Specs for Garage Floor Epoxy Coating PDF Garage Floor Epoxy Coating e-Catalog Specs for Garage Floor Epoxy Coating
    Seamless Epoxy Wall Coating image Perdüre E44 is a 100% solids epoxy based wall coating system. It is used as a wall and ceiling coating where impact resistance, light reflectivity, cleanability and chemical resistance is required. This seamless epoxy wall coating provides a clean, hygienic, durable and aesthetic surface finish for industrial, commercial and residential walls and ceilings. It prevents the penetration of moisture from cleaning and wash downs. By eliminating joints and seams, there is no longer a space to harbor moisture that can lead to mold and bacteria growth. Perdüre E44 is perfect for use in commercial kitchens, hospitals, veterinary clinics, correctional facilities and clean rooms..

    Perdüre E44 is available with Bioclean agent for antimicrobial performance. It is sometimes combined with fiberglass reinforcement they produce water, impact and crack resistant coating for sheet rock or drywall applications. A polyurethane topcoat with a high gloss (Perdüre U46) or matt finish (Perdüre U45) is highly recommended to provide protection against very aggressive solvents, acids and alcohols..
    Specs for Seamless Epoxy Wall Coating PDF Seamless Epoxy Wall Coating e-Catalog Specs for Seamless Epoxy Wall Coating
  • Architectural Concrete Flooring
    Self-leveling Concrete image Self-leveling concrete is the perfect choice for a job that involves a structurally sound substrate and a short time table. Duraamen's Param series - quick-curing, non-shrink self-leveling concrete can be used in both homes and commercial establishments to even out floors, raise existing horizontal levels to match new thresholds or breathe new life into old floors without the hassle and cost of tearing them up. Most resurfaced areas are open to foot traffic within two to six hours and trade traffic in a day.

    There are two types of self-leveling concrete: There are mixtures designed to be underlayments (Param 4500) that need some type of covering like concrete overlay or any other type of floor covering to finish the surface, and self-leveling concrete overlays that can be decoratively finished as a wear surface.
    PDF Self-leveling Concrete e-Catalog Specs for Self-leveling Concrete
    Concrete Densifier image Hërmetix is a colloidal silica based densifier for concrete polishing systems that transforms ordinary concrete surfaces into exceptionally durable, attractive, colorful floors. Concrete surfaces benefit from the Hërmetix densifier, displaying an attractive floor finish with exceptional durability. It is recommended for concrete floors where beauty, durability and use of environmentally friendly materials are important. Concrete surfaces treated with Hërmetix densifier achieve stunning visual and functional rejuvenation transforming them into colorful and expressive wear surfaces.
    PDF Concrete Densifier e-Catalog Specs for Concrete Densifier
    Decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings Interior image Skraffino is a Portland cement based product that provides a grainer concrete surface that is applied at paper thin thickness. When combined with Cp1000, acrylic polymer it produces the ideal ultra thin resurfaces for both interior and exterior concrete applications. It can be applied on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces. Numerous decorative effects can be achieved through the creative use of a steel trowel, magic trowel, sponge, roller, or spray unit. It provides a fast solution for integrally coloring and resurfacing an interior or exterior concrete. Also, it is a cost effective solution for resurfacing new or old concrete, broomed, trowelled or creating a multi layered fresco finish.
    PDF Decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings Interior e-Catalog Specs for Decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings Interior
    Stamped concrete overlays, micro toppings - exterior image Überdek is a single component polymer modified concrete formulated to resurface existing indoor or outdoor concrete surfaces. It is a very cost-effective solution to expensive and time consuming concrete replacement. It makes the old concrete surface to look new again. It can be applied over horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces that are worn, spalled and distressed. It is suitable for decorative trowel finishes or simply broom finishes on sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, patios, walkways, pool decks and stairs. The result is renewed surface accepting foot traffic in as little as 2 hours and rubber tire traffic within 8 hours. It is typically applied with a steel finishing trowel, squeegee, masonry brush for curbs or steps and broom finished.
    PDF Stamped concrete overlays, micro toppings - exterior e-Catalog Specs for Stamped concrete overlays, micro toppings - exterior
    Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing image Terrazzi is a very cost-effective concrete resurfacing system that produces a very attractive polished concrete finish on floors and walls. The system consists of spraying a specifically designed concrete resurfacing compound (Arapido), and broadcasting a proprietary blend of fine aggregates, recycled glass and crushed marble into the wet Arapido (Cast-On). The Cast-On surface is subsequently polished to which brings out the nuance of cement-aggregate matrix. The Cast-On not only adds a unique look but also aids in increasing the strength and durability to the finish. It is an ideal choice in architectural concrete where cost, durability and aesthetic concerns are critical.
    PDF Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing e-Catalog Specs for Terrazzi Concrete Resurfacing
  • Sealers / Topcoats
    Acrylic Concrete Sealers image Perdüre A03 is a clear acrylic emulsion formulated to create a clear, non-yellowing, protective coating. It provides a tough, UV and abrasion resistant film that protects surfaces from moisture penetration, staining, dirt, dust, wear, and provides a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Perdüre A03 is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. The excellent water, alkali, and efflorescence resistance of this product, in combination with its exterior durability and its ability to adhere to a variety of substrates, allow it to be used in many applications. Perdüre A03 can be used to seal concrete, masonry, pavers, brick, saltillo tiles, or any cementitious substrate.
    PDF Acrylic Concrete Sealers e-Catalog Specs for Acrylic Concrete Sealers
    Epoxy Concrete Sealers image It is a water based emulsion epoxy flooring primer/sealer designed to have a maximum penetration into concrete surfaces to provide high bond strength and adhesion. Specially formulated to reduce concrete out gassing, Perdure E32 has the ability to be applied to recently poured (green) concrete and achieve excellent adhesion. Perdure E32 has very low odor and can be used in occupied areas. Ideal for both new and old concrete surfaces, Perdure E32 is used as a primer for Perdure high build and thin film coating systems.
    PDF Epoxy Concrete Sealers e-Catalog Specs for Epoxy Concrete Sealers
    Polyurethane Concrete Sealers image Perdüre U46 is a two-component water-based aliphatic (non-yellowing) polyurethane. Perdüre U46 is free of the health and environmental problems normally found in solvent-based urethanes, while maintaining excellent performance properties. It is a high performance coating for use in variety of seamless floor and wall coating systems.

    Perdüre U46 gives a gloss finish. Perdüre U46 has good chemical, stain, and mar resistance. In addition, it’s easy to clean and has excellent colour retention under heavy foot traffic. It is ideal for topcoats and finishes that require high abrasion resistance. Typical application areas are clean rooms, hospitals, pharmaceutical facilities, stained concrete, wood floors and as a seal coat for most düraamen’s floor and wall coating systems.
    PDF Polyurethane Concrete Sealers e-Catalog Specs for Polyurethane Concrete Sealers
    Polyaspartic Concrete Sealers image The use of Polyaspartic chemistry for finish coats represents an exciting entry into a new coating technology for floor sealing and coating applications. Polyaspartics enhance the use of conventional two-component aliphatic polyurethane technology by providing faster dry times and higher film builds. The fast-drying characteristics of Polyaspartics translate into a rapid return to service, and high film build makes it possible to reduce number of coats while maintaining the same overall thickness. These improvements all add up to improve the overall productivity of the application process.

    Perdure P98 is a two component, ultra high solids, aliphatic Polyaspartic polyurea designed to provide high gloss, UV stable (non-yellowing) and chemical resistant protection. It is a superior, new generation product exhibiting fast cure and excellent stain resistance.

    Perdure P98 has very low odor and can be applied indoors in occupied areas. It is generally used as a clear, high gloss finish on düraamen’s flooring systems.
    PDF Polyaspartic Concrete Sealers e-Catalog Specs for Polyaspartic Concrete Sealers
    Acrylic-Polyurethane Sealerss image Perdüre AU52 represents the most recent advances in concrete coating technology. Co-polymerization of polyurethane dispersions with acrylic monomers offers superior performance of the coatings. It combines the excellent adhesion and color retention property of acrylic polymers and superior chemical, abrasion and UV resistance of polyurethane. Perdüre AU52 cures to a very tough, abrasion resistant film with exceptional exterior durability, chalk resistance, color stability and long term gloss retention. It has been designed to protect stamped concrete, stained concrete floors, brick, terrazzo, slate and other hard surfaces in industrial building, hospitals, warehouses, malls, garages, auto dealerships nursing homes, churches, schools and residential driveways, walkways, etc., and various forms of decorative concrete floors.s
    PDF Acrylic-Polyurethane Sealerss e-Catalog Specs for Acrylic-Polyurethane Sealerss
    Flooring Finish image Smärtgard is an ultra durable floor finish for concrete floors, marble, terrazzo, sheet vinyl/linoleum, granite, and ceramic and quarry tile. Designed to be stain and dirt resistant, Smärtgard floors are easily cleaned by dusting and wet mopping. It delivers a continuous protection and high-gloss surface and can reduce hard floor maintenance costs as compared to other traditional floor finishes. Less maintenance means you reduce chemicals, electricity, water and floor down time. Those savings help your organization not only lower operations spending but also make environmentally preferable cleaning choices. It is so easy to install, your staff can either apply it themselves or you can contract with your local trained applicators.
    PDF Flooring Finish e-Catalog Specs for Flooring Finish
  • Concrete Colorants
    Stains [Chemical/Reactive] image Patinaetch is a mildly acidic water based solution designed to etch and stain concrete or masonry substrates. The chemical reaction with the substrate results in naturally variegated earth tones similar to the oxidation of a copper or the patina of a bronze sculpture. Unlike paints or coatings, Patinaetch does not cover the surface; it rather works with the existing surfaces and possibly highlights irregularities.
    PDF Stains [Chemical/Reactive] e-Catalog Specs for Stains [Chemical/Reactive]
    Stains [water-based] image Aquacolor is a concentrated, ready-to-use, highly-micronized inorganic pigment blended to integrally colour or stain decorative concrete overlays, micro-toppings, skim coats or regular concrete surfaces. It is formulated as a dual-use product...integral colour and an alternative to reactive stains (acid stains).

    Integral Colour: When using Aquacolor as an integral colour, shake well and always disperse in the polymer additive (Cp1000) prior to adding in cementitious powder (Sgraffino). Squirt desired amount into a small measuring cup to ensure consistent results. The typical dosage is 10ml (0.35oz) of Aquacolor for every pail of Sgraffino.

    Water based Stain: When Aquacolor is used as a stain, dilute and mix it with water prior to spraying.
    PDF Stains [water-based] e-Catalog Specs for Stains [water-based]
    Dyes [water/solvent] image DESO Dye is a concentrated formulation of dyes and high strength penetrating vehicles intended to make ready-to-use coloring systems for regular concrete or cementitious toppings /overlays / skim coats. DESO Dyes can be mixed with acetone and/or water, depending upon application requirements. They can be used to create a range of affects from subtle earth tones to vibrant hues.
    PDF Dyes [water/solvent] e-Catalog Specs for Dyes [water/solvent]
    Dyes [solvent/UV-resistant] image Pellücid Dye is a translucent, UV stable aqueous acrylic dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments designed to penetrate exterior and interior cementitious surfaces. Pellücid Dye creates a unique, multi-colored translucent colour pattern that unlike paints will not crack, chip or peel. Pellücid Dye is available in 20 standard colors but can be combined to create an unlimited colour palate.
    PDF Dyes [solvent/UV-resistant] e-Catalog Specs for Dyes [solvent/UV-resistant]
    Integral Colors (powders) image Colorfast is a ready to use, finely ground blend of synthetic iron oxide pigments and admixtures designed for integrally coloring cementitious overlays, micro-toppings or skim coats. Colorfast is also used widely in concrete countertops both as an integral coloring system and broadcast coloring system to create natural variegated-marbleized visual effects.
    PDF Integral Colors (powders) e-Catalog Specs for Integral Colors (powders)
  • Tools Preparation and Repair Products
    Moisture Vapor Treatment image Excess moisture in or below the concrete slab is the cause for a large percentage of coating failures on concrete. While moisture in concrete during the application of floor systems is an important criterion, it is not the ultimate cause of failure months or years later. Many resin based flooring systems can tolerate and bond to a concrete slab with relatively high moisture content. It is the flow of moisture or moisture vapor, better described as moisture vapor transmission, which causes most adhesion problems.
    Specs for Moisture Vapor Treatment
    Concrete Crack Repair image Perdüre CR is a single component, polymer modified concrete repair compound designed for filling and repairing concrete and masonry surfaces above, on or below grade. It is suited for patching and/or resurfacing distressed horizontal surfaces. It is intended for fast turnaround repairs and contains a special migratory corrosion inhibitor. When mixed with water, it results in a consistent mix that can be troweled, shaped and shaved after the initial set.
    Specs for Concrete Crack Repair
    Concrete Joint Repair image Perdure EJF is a 100% solids flexible epoxy joint filler used to protect saw-cut joints in concrete slabs on grade or repair existing damaged joints. Perdure EJF absorbs the impact and shock of heavy loads and steel wheeled traffic, preventing erosion of control joint edges.
    Specs for Concrete Joint Repair
    Gelled Acid image Tek Gel is manufactured by Surface Gel Tek based in Mesa, AZ and marketed by Düraamen Engineered Products Inc.

    Tek Gel is gelled hydrochloric (muriatic) acid used to clean and induce surface profile on concrete surfaces. Of all the cleaning and profiling methods, Tek Gel profiling is one of the safest, environmentally friendly and least expensive methods. Tek Gel will remove rust, mold, mildew, efflorescence and calcium build up, grease and oil, toxic material (i.e., PCBs, blood, animal/human waste), grease and oil. At the same time, it will profile and open up the concrete surface.
    Specs for Gelled Acid
  • Architect / Designer Support
    Architect / Designer Support image More than a supplier of premium high performance flooring systems – we are a valuable business partner. We are dedicated to providing flooring solutions that facilitate the project team’s selection of appropriate seamless flooring systems for new construction or renovation projects. We understand that the challenges you face, it’s not just a project on the line – it’s your reputation. We are a partner you can trust.

    Our highly qualified Duraamen representatives or skilled applicators are ready to provide full technical support to help you execute your project efficiently at every stage, from design to project completion – on time and within budget requirements:
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