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Founded in 2006, RavenBrick is a Denver-based technology company that created, patented, produced and brought to market RavenWindow™, a dynamic thermochromic filter that brings together industry-leading energy efficiency, market-leading ROI uncompromised views and improved occupant comfort, all in a reliable durable product that last as long as any window on the market.

RavenWindow is available for commercial and residential use in both new construction and retrofit projects. It is the only cost-effective smart window solution that reduces energy use by more than 30 percent. Commercial buildings are responsible for 40 percent of the energy used in North America, and RavenWindow technology is the essential next generation in energy efficient construction solutions.


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RavenBrick's solution is the next generation in smart windows. Using patented thermochromic filter technology, RavenWindow automatically controls the amount of light, heat and unwanted glare that passes through the glass without the need for manual controls, wires or electricity. RavenWindow technology can as much as double the energy savings of the leading energy-efficient window. This new generation of smart windows is designed for commercial, residential and industrial buildings and can be custom designed for new developments or retrofitted to fit existing windows, for an exponential impact.
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How It Works

The RavenWindow thermochromic filter is applied to the inside surface of the exterior pane of glass of a double pane window. An air chamber separates the RavenWindow filter from the standard low-E coating and the interior glass pane.

When the temperature of the exterior glass rises above the transition temperature, the filter activates, transitioning the window to a tinted state in a matter of minutes. RavenWindow blocks solar heat from entering the building, reducing the need for air conditioning and minimizing glare, while retaining the outside view.

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For Architects and Builders

RavenBrick's patented thermochromic filter technology can be applied to virtually any window opening in many types of structures, from skyscrapers and warehouses to residential housing.

RavenWindows are an innovative solution for architects designing LEED projects because they deliver market-leading ROI and the product's aesthetics support excellent design flexibility.

This energy-efficient material is cost effective and provides a rapid return on investment. Installation is simple and can occur before, during or after building construction. Unlike more costly and complicated electrochromic systems, RavenWindow smart window systems manage themselves. They do not require the use of advanced control systems, electrical wiring, or monitoring by building occupants. In fact, they require almost no maintenance or attention of any kind.

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Project Portfolio

From pioneers in renewable energy, to architects who are creating structures that achieve the highest level of LEED green building certification, innovators and leaders recognize RavenWindow as the smart window of choice. RavenWindow's glass glazing technology has been put to the test, and delivers better performance across all seasons and superior savings over time.
Wernars House Start image

Wernars House Start

Wernars House Start
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Wernars House Mid-Reno

Wernars House Mid-Reno
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Wernars House with RavenWindow

Wernars House with RavenWindow

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Green Building Gets Smarter

Looking for energy savings or LEED-qualified building materials? Look no further than RavenBrick. The RavenWindow solution reduces energy use by up to 30 percent and qualifies toward LEED certification through Energy and Atmosphere as well as Indoor Environmental Atmosphere LEED credits.

RavenWindow is the highest performing, most adaptable smart window on the market. With a 30-year life and a 10-year warranty, RavenWindow offers homeowners, architects and building owners the industry's only complementary, value-added solution that also increases profitability. Whether you are looking for smart windows for residential or commercial application, look no further than RavenBrick.

Last Update: 2017-02-17