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For forward thinking, energy conscious builders and architects who want the best for their occupants, View® Dynamic Glass offers intelligent windows that maximize natural light and unobstructed views while reducing heat and glare. Unlike traditional glass, View Dynamic Glass tints in response to outdoor conditions providing greater comfort and energy efficiency without ever compromising the view.

View is led by a diverse team of entrepreneurs, partners, and investors with extensive experience in building ground-breaking products and lasting companies. The team has deep experience in semiconductor and glass manufacturing—driving process control, glass performance, and cuttingedge technology. With a high-tech manufacturing facility that’s as advanced as the dynamic glass it produces, View is leading the charge in glass technology and fueling a dramatic shift in building design.


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View Dynamic Glass Overview

View Dynamic Glass is powered by a sophisticated intelligence engine that adapts to your environment and you. It automatically responds to outdoor conditions and people's preferences, or can be controlled individually from a mobile device.

View Dynamic Glass adjusts throughout the day to optimize the indoor climate and the outside view, creating more comfortable, productive, and energy efficient interiors that help people thrive.
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Control View Glass

Control View Glass from anywhere, create schedules, track energy efficiency and manage entire buildings from the web or mobile app.
Intelligence Outside image

Intelligence Outside

Algorithms automatically adjust tint levels based on the building's design, location, orientation, and time of day.

Latitude & Longitude
Intelligence uses precise coordinates to calculate the sun's position and anticipate its impact on the people inside.

Building Orientation
Intelligence takes into account building orientation, the position of each window, and the sun's path.

Exterior architectural features, such as overhangs and window sizes, are factored in to determine how glare will impact workspaces.

Cloud Cover
Light sensors and real-time weather feeds inform the system of current and upcoming weather conditions and adjust tint levels accordingly.
Intelligence Inside image

Intelligence Inside

Exceptional comfort, energy efficiency, and the intelligence to know how to deliver it: the View intelligence engine prioritizes decisions based on glare, heat load, and daylight to create the most comfortable conditions inside.

Eliminate Glare
Intelligence calculates the penetration of the sun into the room and changes tint levels accordingly to prevent glare.

Minimize Heat Load
Intelligence manages the amount of solar radiation allowed through the glass based on a building's heat load specifications.

Maximize Daylight
Intelligence maximizes daylight while continuously addressing heat and glare.

Personalized Control
Each window, zone, or entire faade can be controlled via a smart phone or tablet.
Energy Efficiency image

Energy Efficiency

Peak load reduction
Compared to standard low-e glazing, View Dynamic Glass can reduce the building's cooling peak load by up to 23 percent - passing cost savings to owners.

Reduce annual energy consumption
Use of View Dynamic Glass reduces overall building energy consumption by an average of 10 percent.

Additional options provide choices of shape, size, tint, lamination, thickness, strength and Low-e coatings. We'll work with you to customize a solution for your needs.
Specify Your Glass image

Specify Your Glass

Customize your glass with a variety of options to match architectural designs.

View Dynamic Glass is available in double and triple-pane windows up to five feet by ten feet in sizethe largest glass in the industry. We work with each customer to ensure the best match to architectural designs. You specify it, we will build it.

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Workplaces image


With View Dynamic Glass, architects and owners can conceive workplaces with stunning architectural appeal, expansive views and abundant daylight, and still achieve sustainability goals.
Healthcare image


View Dynamic Glass supports healing, wellness and occupant comfort by providing beautifully expansive views of the great outdoors and abundant natural light. Bring expansive views to patients with the peace of mind that View Dynamic Glass is built to last.
Education image


Students are attracted to universities that are progressive, energy efficient, technology aware, and lead in environmental consciousness. View Dynamic Glass helps institutions with their energy savings and sets an example for the broader community.
Hospitality image


View Dynamic Glass creates new possibilities in hospitality design. Hotel and meeting rooms can have greater glass areas with continuous views free from heat and glare. Rooms can be tinted when guests are away to conserve energy and ensure comfort.
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View Dynamic Glass is a crucial contributor to mission control. With state-of-the-art technology, View provides better energy management in government buildings, leading to increased focus & productivity.

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