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Warm Springs Composite Products is tribal-owned manufacturer located on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs reservation in central Oregon. The company is most well known for its fire rated door frames and architectural door components.

Warm Springs Composite Products holds a number of patents on products and processes which help make it a leading supplier of fire-rated building components in the U.S. The company is also experiencing rapid growth in overseas markets, including a large number of high-profile projects in South Korea, Dubai and Bahrain. The company’s success can be attributed in large part to a sophisticated product development strategy focused on adding value to its base products in order to create new ones.


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Architectural Fire-Rated Composite or Wood Door Frames image

Architectural Fire-Rated Composite or Wood Door Frames - FRX Series

Warm Springs Composite Products patented FRX series of fire-rated composite or wood door frames allow architects and contractors to comply with the strictest of fire ratings without compromising the aesthetic appeal of natural wood finishes. The frame's unique design allows it to achieve required fire ratings with both neutral and positive pressure testing. WSCP frames meet U.S. standards for 20, 45, 60, and 90-minute fire ratings with certification provided by Intertek Testing Service, UBC 7-2 (1997)/UL 10(c) (1998). WSCP also holds certifications to meet British Standard 476, part 22, up to 120 minutes and BS EN 1634-1; 2014 up to 3 hours.

WSCP fire-rated frames are sold through a network of remanufacturing companies that have been certified by Intertek testing Systems and approved by Warm Springs Composites to use WSCP's rated constructions to properly machine and finish the frames. Fire-rated frames are available in an unlimited assortment of hardwood and softwood veneers, as well as paint grade and high pressure laminates to match the doors, wood casings, and trim throughout the interior space. The frames are available as single or double rabbet, for single or paired openings, as well as communicator frames. Moisture resistant substrate is available on request.

WSCP's frame design incorporates intumescent material concealed in the frame itself, thereby eliminating the need for intumescent in the doors. This results in significant cost savings without compromising the ability for the opening to achieve the necessary fire-rating. An available patented adjustable clip system allows for simple and quick installation, saving the contractor both time and money. The frames can be installed using traditional methods as well.

WSCP frames are certified under ITS approvals to achieve positive or neutral pressure 20, 45, 60, and 90-minute ratings in openings up to 96" x 96" with wall thickness of 4.5 inches or greater. Call WSCO for details on British Standards.

Fire Rated Jamb Application Table

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Tectonite image


Warm Springs Composite Products, a Native American-owned manufacturer based in Central Oregon, has for many years supplied its Tectonite-based fire-rated door components to door manufacturers for high-rise commercial and industrial construction projects the world over. A unique amalgam of diatomaceous earth, fiberglass, recycled wood fiber, and other ingredients, Tectonite was first developed and tested internally by Warm Springs Composite Products in 1993. The material has since been tested and certified by five different testing agencies to achieve fire ratings from 20 to 90 minutes to meet U.S. standards and up to 180 minutes to meet British standards. Widely known in the industry, Tectonite forms the basis of WSCP's line of value-added fire-rated door components.

Tectonite characteristics:
  • Lightest of comparable products on the market
  • Superb screw holding
  • Excellent bonding with a variety of adhesives
  • Less heat transfer than comparable products
  • Low cos

Tectonite is certified for use in doors designed to achieve 20-90 minutes, ratings (UBC 7-2 (1997) and UL 10(c) (1998), as well as meeting British Standard 476, part 22, up to 120 minutes and BS EN 1634-1; 2014 up to 3 hours). It can be used as a component for fire-rated doors in all openings up to and including 8-foot by 9-foot pairs with all applicable hardware. Five certifying agencies have successfully tested Tectonite components for fire endurance ratings.

WSCP produces Tectonite in two standard sizes: 4-ft. x 8-ft. and 4-ft. x 10-ft. sheets. Tectonite is sold by the full sheet, half sheet, or sanded and cut into a variety of components including:
  • Pre-cut stiles and rails
  • Blocking
  • Banded mineral door cores
  • Raw mineral door cores
  • Concealed vertical rod stiles (CVRs)

WSCP's expertise in creating architectural fire-rated components that combine dimensional stability with superb screw holding capabilities has made it the supplier of choice for door manufacturers both domestically and internationally. The company's proven quality assurance program guarantees materials are consistently produced to the customer's specifications with less waste, superior service and reduced lead times.
Raw Mineral Door Core image

Raw Mineral Door Core

WSCP offers mineral core products designed for use in architectural doors designed to meet U.S standards for positive and neutral pressure 60- and , 90-minute ratings (UBC 7-2 (1997)) as well as British Standard 476 part 22 up to 120 minutes and BS EN 1634-1; 2014 up to 3 hours.

WSCP cores can be configured to accommodate a wide variety of constructions. Glazing and hardware options are available in thicknesses of 1.75 2.25 inches. WSCP's 60-minute fire-rated mineral core carries an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating and is one of the lightest (18 lbs./ft.3) and most durable mineral cores on the market.

WSCP offers a variety of cores with extensive certifications and low cost applications and is the only manufacturer to offer different core materials for various rated openings. All core materials have excellent bonding properties with a wide range of adhesives, as well as low heat transfer ratings. WSCP raw mineral core is also among the lightest core products on the market.
Fire-rated Flush Door Components  image

Fire-rated Flush Door Components

Fire-rated flush door components are offered in a variety of dimensional sizes. All Tectonite stiles and rails are sanded and cut to each customer's desired requirements. Tectonite blocking can be pre-cut to specified dimensions or purchased in full sheets or half sheets for processing at the customer's manufacturing facility. Panels are produced in two standard sizes (4' x 8' and 4' x 10'), and may be sanded to the customer's specified thickness. WSCP can provide stiles with wood features, in a variety of different species and can install intumescent in components for positive pressure Category A openings.
Concealed Vertical Rod Stiles image

Concealed Vertical Rod Stiles

WSCP produces customized Concealed Vertical Rod stiles that can be manufactured to accommodate most certified CVR hardware. If required, WSCP can install wood and/or intumescent on the CVR stiles for positive pressure Category A openings. Call WSCP for information on your specific CVR requirements.
Banded Mineral Door Core image

Banded Mineral Door Core

Warm Springs Composite Products' fully banded door core is manufactured to each customer's specifications. The company has certifications to produce 45, 60, and 90-minute (U.S.) and 120-minute (British) fire-rated mineral door cores. WSCP's banded mineral cores, using Tectonite stiles and rails, are up to 25 percent lighter than other competing options. Even with this reduced weight, WSCP's cores are stronger and more durable when being processed by door manufacturers. This gives the customer a lower freight cost per unit and significantly reduces waste during assembly.

WSCP offers banded mineral cores in sizes to fit openings up to 4' x 10' (single) and 8' x 9' (pairs). Generic sizes and configurations are available, along with custom applications. These cores can be built with or without wood edge banding. WSCP's inventory of wood edge bands currently includes Hem-Fir, Natural Maple, White Maple and Red Oak. Other species are available on special order.

Positive and Neutral Pressure Stiles

WSCP offers both positive and neutral pressure stiles and rails in a wide variety of species and configurations. Stile and rail units may be purchased pre-assembled and pre-sized, or in component form.


All WSCP products can be supplied with special pre-treatment to enhance bonding of veneers and door skins. The pre-treatment is compatible with a wide variety of adhesives, including ureas, phenolics, PVA, polyurethane and both reactive and non-reactive hot melts.

Custom Cutting and Tooling

WSCP offers custom cut-to-size, sanding and tooling to meet any customer's specified tolerances and configurations. Mixed orders with a wide variety of products and configurations are no problem. Please contact us to learn more about our custom capabilities.
Pretesting image


Our in-house test furnace was purchased from a certified testing lab. This means the results of our pre-test burns are very likely to simulate a true certified burn test. This capability allows us to test a wide range of configurations and sizes to ensure your uniquely designed products can meet required certification standards.

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Ballistic Components image

Ballistic Components

Warm Springs works closely with OEM customers to develop and supply superior ballistic components, dedicating engineering talent, research & development resources and manufacturing assets to meet critical demands in developing armor solutions to overcome ever-increasing ballistics threats. These efforts result in moving ideas from concept through design, into prototype and testing and on to production for items ranging from individual armor components to fully up-armored turnkey fighting platforms on marine combat vessels, land-based tactical vehicles and military aircraft.

WSCP works in tandem with a consortium of partner companies to serve as a single supply source for a diverse set of defense contractor customers. In this way Warm Springs is able to deliver armor products that utilize a mix of ballistics materials including composites, ceramics, metals and transparent glass. With HUBZone, SDB, Tribally Owned, Native American and 8(a) certifications, we give our customers a tremendous bidding advantage on armor related Department of Defense contracts. Among the competitive services we provide are assistance in meeting all subcontracting requirements, a 5% incentive bonus, quick contract approval, protection from award protests and many more.
Ballistic Details image

Ballistic Details

Warm Springs designs, tests, manufactures and delivers multi-material armor constructions, which range in scope from simple 4' x 8' flat composite spall liner panels to completely finished and ready-to-assemble components with holes and mounting fixtures in place. Strike face options include titanium, steel, aluminum and ceramics, mixed with composite fiber combinations such as e-glass, S2-glass, aramid, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Binders include polyethylene, polypropylene and others, with the capability to develop and test materials for both ballistic and fragmentation projection against any caliber up to and including 30 caliber armor piercing rounds.

We are committed to the continuous development of more effective armor systems, using highly advanced material combinations, which are lighter and offer higher levels of threat protection.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Commercial Composites

Commercial Composites image

Commercial Composites

WSCP's unique composite panel processing capabilities enable us to provide high-quality, cost-effective panel products for a broad range of applications in industries including:
  • Aerospace
  • Safety
  • Defense/Military
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Medical
  • Transportation (Automotive/Rail)
  • Sporting Goods
WSCP Industrial Composites utilize fiber combinations of a variety of materials including e-glass, S2 glass, carbon, aramid, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. Binders utilized include polyethylene, polypropolene, phenolic resin and others.

Molded composite sheet products and machined components are available in dimensions up to 2" thick, 48" wide and 96" long. Industrial composite panels are in one of two basic panel designs: Solid Laminated Panels or Bi-Directional Skinned Panels.
Solid Laminated Panels image

Solid Laminated Panels

Our Solid Laminated Panels are produced using uni-directional or roving woven fibers throughout the entire panel. This style of construction produces a panel with uniform thickness, consistent appearance, unparalleled flatness and high durability in both structural and non-structural applications. The strength and stiffness of each surrounding layer of composite fiber closely follows the direction of fiber in adjacent layers. This adds structural integrity with a durable finish that is smooth, flat and adaptable to a wide variety of finish options, including sprayed coatings, as well as materials such as RTF, aluminum, decorative high pressure laminates and many others.
Bi-Directional Skinned Panels image

Bi-Directional Skinned Panels

Our Bi-Directional Skinned Panels have a composite fiber skin laminated in an orientation where the layers run in a 0° and 90° direction, resulting in an extremely light-weight component that is longitudinally stiffer for a given thickness with good load-bearing capabilities. These panels can be used in non-structural applications as well and they are frequently used as composites skins to sandwich an internal core of honeycomb or foam. Bi-Directional Skinned Panels can be surfaced with any number of sheet products including plain or exotic real wood veneers, as well as durable skins such as RTF, aluminum, decorative high pressure laminates and many others.

{{this.show}} {{this.hide}} Specialty Wood Product

Specialty Wood Product image

Specialty Wood Product

WSCP's specialized wood products division makes a range of products including wood closure strips, specialty wood stiles and laminated wood posts

Wood closure strips, for use in installing corrugated roofing, are produced in a variety of profiles and delivered pre-packaged, labeled and bar-coded ready to stock on the shelves at home improvement stores and building materials retailers.

Specialty wood stiles are custom-designed to each customer's unique specifications and can be ordered in truck load quantities or as part of mixed loads. LTL shipping is also available for short runs.

Laminated wood posts make good use of scrap lumber that would otherwise be hogged and burned in boilers. Instead, WSCP end-, edge- and face-glues this scrap lumber together to form uniform posts in a variety of dimensions and lengths. Once the substrate is formed, the posts are finished by laminating a thin (usually 1/16" or thinner) piece of clear wood to each face. The result is a post with the appearance of solid clear lumber. Laminated wood posts are available in a wide range of finish species and virtually any dimension specified.

In addition to standard specialized wood products, Warm Springs' product development engineers are at the ready to create wood products that are unique to customer specifications. Call 541-553-1143 to learn more about how WSCP can help you better serve your customers.

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