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dB Sound Control Solutions™ is the brand of United Plastics Corporation devoted to sound and noise control inside of commercial and residential buildings throughout the United States.

Inspired by the engineering and quality demands of the automotive industry, dB Sound Control Solutions™ engineers product to address specific noise blocking problems in floor assemblies, wall assemblies, and ceiling assemblies. All of our materials are proudly produced in our Mount Airy, North Carolina facility.

We work with acoustic consultants, architects, developers, and contractors to develop a high-performing, cost effective assembly for their building. We understand that noise control is not a one-size- fits-all design, so we'll review your current assembly to determine how we may be able to help you.


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Sound Barriers - dB-3™ PRO

Whether your wall studs are wood or metal, dB Sound Control Solutions™ has a sound blocking material for you. You no longer have to settle for multiple layers of drywall, an expensive acoustic drywall, or an expensive acoustic insulation to reduce sound transfer between walls.

Our products damp and isolate airborne sound throughout homes, office, apartments, and condominiums. All of our materials are 100% recyclable at end-of- life.
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Sub-Flooring Sound Control - www.dbsoundcontrol.com/dB_Floor_Products.html

dB-4looring™ PRO creates quiet homes, apartments, condos, and offices with less material and less labor. dB-4looring™ PRO installs below the surface as a sub-floor application that dampens sound and reduces noise by 75%. dB-4looring™ PRO creates quieter living and working spaces above, below and throughout the entire home. Eco-friendly dB-4looring™ is manufactured with recycled material and is 100% recyclable at end-of-life. It can be used under carpet, vinyl, wood, laminate or tile.
  • Reduces airborn and impact noise by up to 75%
  • Build quieter structures with less material and labor
  • Air and moisture barrier for HVAC efficiency and mold and mildew prevention
The dB-4looring PRO series is for commercial applications (apartments, condos, commercial buildings, sound studios) where there are sound specification requirements. It is tested to deliver required STC standards and is for use by architects and contractors on large projects. It is delivered to the job site in bulk and offers "Professional Performance."

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