Galaxy Metal Products has provided the finest metal doors and frames for commercial, institutional and residential structures since 1989.

A proud member of the Super Stud Building Products Affiliated Companies, Galaxy is located in Edison, New Jersey. Galaxy provides the highest-quality products with one of the industry’s best support systems. Our dedication will help you complete your jobs with quickness and ease.

Our entire line of products has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they withstand all of the elements of your most demanding jobs.

Galaxy is also very involved with key industry associations, such as Door and Hardware Institute (DHI), Edison Chamber of Commerce and the Architectural Institute of America (AIA).


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Metal Doors & Frames

Galaxy strives to provide the industry''s best metal doors and frames. All of our products are offered with optional UL® Label Service.

At Galaxy, we build our doors. Out plant is large. Our technology is advanced. Our workers are experienced. These attributes help Galaxy deliver the best doors for your money.

Galaxy''s Metal Doors are hot-dipped in galvanneal steel, so they are always ready for finish paint, before or after installation. We offer our doors with optional vision lite/louver, so our product can meet your project''s needs. Galaxy Metal Doors also feature full-flush seamless face, inverted top and bottom channels for easier installation and internal construction options of honeycomb or rib-reinforced.

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Galaxy Metal Frames

Gallaxy Metal Frames arefinished in hot-dipped galvanized steel, so like our doors, they are ready for finish paint before or after installation. Additionally our frames feature mitered corners, anchors for masonry or drywalls, optional knockdowns or welded and specials.

Last Update: 2017-02-17