Wood Haven Inc. is a specialty lumber distributor and manufacturer in the heart of the Midwest We are an independent, family-run business in Perry, KS We have engineered and manufactured some of the finest hidden fastener products available on the market today, the Deck Clip™ and Rainscreen Clip™. The best hidden fasteners to use for your wood rainscreen and decking needs! In addition we also sell many beautiful Brazilian Hardwoods, domestic woods, and reclaimed lumber.

Wood Haven’s experts in Exterior wood rainscreen and conventional wood siding and Interior Wood Products are available to help with all of your Custom Wood needs. Wood Haven, Inc, your source for high quality Ipe, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, Cedar, and so much more!


{{}} {{this.hide}} The Rainscreen Clip' System

The Rainscreen Clip System image

The Rainscreen Clip System

The Rainscreen Clip' system includes specially milled wood siding, pre-drilled furring boards for accurate installation every time, all of the necessary hidden fasteners, and screws. Everything that you will need for a flawless facade.

Choose the Rainscreen Clip' system for an effective rainscreen and an absolutely beautiful, elegant finish.

The Rainscreen Clip' system is very versatile and can be installed horizontally or vertically!

The Rainscreen Clip' system includes: Specially milled lumber in a wide variety of species, colors and widths; matching trim and corner boards; pre-drilled rot-resistant furring boards; painted marine-grade aluminum Rainscreen Clips' hidden fasteners, Starter Clips, and screws. Factory priming is available. FSC certified woods also available.

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Natural Wood Rainscreen image

Natural Wood Rainscreen

Wood Haven's experts in Exterior wood rainscreen and conventional wood siding and Interior Wood Products are available to help with all of your Custom Wood needs. Wood Haven, Inc, your source for high quality Ipe, Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, Cedar, and so much more!

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Deck Clip image

Deck Clip

The best hidden deck fastener on the market!
For a smooth, professional, fastener free appearance use the Deck Clip' on your deck!

The Deck Clip'
  • The hidden deck fasteners that require no pre-drilling and no messy adhesives.
  • Carbon or Stainless Steel square drive screws included
  • Holds the decking much tighter than the plastic clips
  • Allows for the inevitable movement all deck wood experiences.
  • Works with all types of hardwood decking, most composites, synthetics and softwoods.
  • The Deck Clip is versatile and can be used with different board widths.
  • Requires NO screwing into your deck boards.

{{}} {{this.hide}} Thermally Treated Wood Rainscreen

Thermally Treated Wood Rainscreen image

Thermally Treated Wood Rainscreen

Popular in Europe for years, thermally treated wood is quickly gaining popularity in the Americas! These domestic woods; Cypress, Elm, Ash, and Gum undergo the thermal treatment process in the Southeastern U.S.. With no chemicals added this is a natural and non toxic wood treatment. The thermal treatment process removes 95% of the polysaccharides from the wood which dramatically increases durability, and hardness, while reducing moisture related shrinkage. Thermally Treated wood is ideal for use in high humidity and moisture areas like poolside, or in basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

The appearance is impressive too! The thermal treatment process enhances the woods color creating an even brown tint that is consistent beyond the surface. In fact the color is consistent to the very center of the board!

Is heat treated wood and thermally treated wood the same? NO! "heat treated wood" refers to wood that is heated to 130 F. The only purpose being to kill bugs and larva in the wood. Thermo-treated wood is heated beyond 400 F changing the molecular structure, resulting in a new generation of wood material.

Thermally Treated Wood Brochure

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Natural Wood Decking image

Natural Wood Decking

All of our deck boards are hand sorted for defective boards and conditioned to the proper moisture level. Decking options include Ip, Cumaru, Massaranduba (Massa), Garapa, Cedar, Cypress and many more. We can supply you with 5/4" x 6", 4/4"x6", 5/4"x4", or 4/4"x 4". We also offer factory finish options. For best results use with the Deck Clip' hidden fastener!
Traditional Wood Siding image

Traditional Wood Siding

Traditional wood siding is a superior choice for your buildings exterior. Unlike some of your other cladding options, wood siding is 100% natural and durable. When compared to other building material options wood siding has a very small carbon footprint when responsibly harvested. Wood Haven, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that our wood comes from reliable, quality, and responsible companies. Build Green. Build with Wood Haven, Inc.

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Top Golf Texas image

Top Golf Texas

Top Golf Texas is clad in Select Cypress Rainscreen Clip system with factory tinted finish. These fun golf venues are sprouting up all over the U.S. look for one near you!
Group Health Center image

Group Health Center

This Group Health Center is clad in Garapa Rainscreen. Wood used in built environments has been show to reduce stress and promote healing, making it a wonderful option for Medical Office Buildings.
Nature Center in Illinois image

Nature Center in Illinois

This Nature Center in Illinois is clad in Western Red Cedar and is a great example of the Rainscreen Clip System's vertical installation. The designers of this facility were wise to incorporate the natural wood material in this facility geared toward making the natural world accessible.
Beaumont Texas Convention Center image

Beaumont Texas Convention Center

This expansive wood soffit at the Beaumont Texas convention center is an engineering marvel providing shelter from sun and rain.
Student Center at Gallaudet University in Washington DC image

Student Center at Gallaudet University in Washington DC

This Student Center at Gallaudet University in Washington DC has FSC certified Ipe accents vertically installed around windows adding interest to the traditional brick university building.
Bedre Chocolate Factory in Oklahoma image

Bedre Chocolate Factory in Oklahoma

The Bedre Chocolate Factory in Oklahoma has an inviting entry area to welcome visitors to the facility. Wood is a warm and natural material that puts people at ease. It can be used in a variety of creative ways such as mechanical screens and sunshades.
Lincoln Nebraska Shopping Center image

Lincoln Nebraska Shopping Center

The unique wood tongue and groove ceiling in this shopping center adds elegance, texture, and a touch of nature to this Lincoln Nebraska shopping center.
Olden House, Princeton University image

Olden House, Princeton University

Olden House is a faculty housing building belonging to Princeton University. This is a custom Ipe siding with thicker than average boards. With a full 2″ thickness there is a stunning textural depth to this installation.
Chicago Storefront image

Chicago Storefront

This Chicago Storefront is warm and inviting even in the middle of a harsh Midwestern winter. This wall is a great example of the unique and interesting color variance of Ipe. By nature, Ipe ranges from dark brown to lighter tones and is known to have streaks of green, yellow, and red grain. These contrasts engaging to the observer.
Commercial Building image

Commercial Building

This expansive commercial building is clad in a Cypress Rainscreen. The warm tones and textures of wood cladding work well with clean modern lines. The vertical runs of wood accentuate the geometric nature of builds like this example.
Law Office Entryway image

Law Office Entryway

Even when used on small areas such as this law office entryway wood has a soft, contemporary and inviting effect. This area is clad in Massaranduba Rainscreen. The siding along with the artistic doorway really adds a lot of style to an otherwise ordinary office facade.

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Santa Barbara, CA Residence image

Santa Barbara, CA Residence

This California Residence features the factory pre-finised Massarandubra Rainscreen Clip System in the 5" repeat pattern hung horizontally and showcases how nicely the wood Rainscreen Clip System works alongside other exterior materials.
Condon Residence, San Antonio, TX image

Condon Residence, San Antonio, TX

This residence in San Antonio, Texas is clad with a clear grade of Cypress Rainscreen Clip System with a factory pre-finish with and absorbing oil finish with tint, standard 5" repeat pattern.
Olden Housem, Princeton, NJ image

Olden Housem, Princeton, NJ

This multi-unit housing facility is located in Princeton New Jersey is clad in a clear grade of Western Red Cedar Rainscreen Clip System. This custom order was fabricated using 2x4 boards with a finished dimension of 1-7/16" x 3" face and an extra wide shadow line between the boards creating a dramatic effect. This wood siding was pre-finished with a dark colored penetrating oil finish.
DCN2159 - Kansas City Residence image

DCN2159 - Kansas City Residence

This Kansas City Residence is clad in the 5" standard repeat Massarandubra Rainscreen Clip System with a factory pre-finish. This installation was part of a renovation project bringing new life a beautiful and unique home.
Cumaru Rainscreen Clip System  image

Cumaru Rainscreen Clip System

This unique installation of the 5" Repeat pattern Cumaru Rainscreen Clip system is used on a rooftop deck and is a fine example of durable exterior wood incorporated in the Rainscreen Clip System being used for design elements in a area with extreme exposure to the elements.
Rush St. Urban Row Home image

Rush St. Urban Row Home

This is not your typical row house! 5" repeat Massarandubra Rainscreen Clip System has been installed on this urban row house. This is an elegant and high performance exterior.
1a Home with Cedar Rainscreen image

1a Home with Cedar Rainscreen

This home features a 5" clear Cedar Rainscreen Clip System with a black finish. The fastener free cladding system allows the simple beauty of the material shine.
KEMSTUDIO, Kansas City image

KEMSTUDIO, Kansas City

This Kansas City Residence is entirely clad in a finished 5" Clear Cedar Rainscreen Clip System.

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Project Gallery image

Project Gallery

Project Gallery

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