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Shim Table of heights from 17 to 21 mm with a shim of 1 mm and 2 mm on pedestal DPH-0 Table of heights from 28 to 32 mm with a shim of 1 mm and 2 mm on pedestal DPH-1 Pedestals DPH-0 and DPH-1 non-adjustables 18mm BC-E10 20mm PEDESTAL DPH-0 from 17 to 21mm 17mm Components BC-E20 2mm + BC-E20 2mm + + DPH-0 17mm 19mm PEDESTAL DPH-1 from 28 to 32mm 29mm BC-E20 2mm + DPH-0 17mm 18mm + BC-E20 2mm + DPH-0 17mm 28mm DPH-0 17mm 20mm 31mm 30mm BC-E20 2mm + + BC-E10 1mm BC-E20 2mm + + + DPH-1 28mm 29mm BC-E20 2mm BC-E20 2mm + DPH-1 28mm 28mm 21mm 32mm BC-E10 1mm DPH-1 28mm DPH-1 28mm 19mm BC-E10 1mm 17mm DPH-0 17mm 21mm BC-E10 1mm DPH-0 17mm BC-E20 DPH-1 28mm 30mm DPH-1 28mm 31mm Ref:AIP-2-DPH-EN 30/07/2012 32mm © copyright Buzon