Carpet Manufacturers

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Put Your Carpet on a Whole New Level

The right carpet makes a house feel like a home. A carpet can be soft, yet strong; bringing comfort and durability to whatever room it resides. There are many types of carpets available and each has their own distinctive characteristics. Many types of carpet have been developed to serve various purposes, offer distinctive design elements, and tie a room together.

From Shag To Tile: What's The Right Carpet?

When first trying to decide on a carpet type, it's best to pinpoint the function of the room. Will the room be an area to lounge and relax in? Will it be in a commercial office space and subjected to heavy foot traffic? Maybe it'll be in a children's playroom, so it needs to be comfortable and have the ability to be easily cleaned and maintained.

Carpet manufacturers offer carpet types for all scenarios. A shag carpet would be optimal for a lounging area. The extra deep pile offers a remarkably soft cushion while its thick texture disguises flaws. Hospitality carpets are made for heavy wear and tear in office or hotel settings. Hospitality carpet manufacturers have been integrating strong graphic and artistic elements into their products, creating beautiful designs that offer dynamic elements to any rooms. A tile carpet is an excellent choice for a playroom or any room that one might expect frequent clean ups. Tile carpet lets you remove the affected tile for cleaning or replacement without disturbing the rest of the carpet.

The Best Information From The Best Carpet Manufacturers

ARCAT will help you compile a list of carpet manufacturers to assure you get the right types of carpet for your project. With services like BIM Objects, CAD Drawings, and SpecWizard, ARCAT has everything you need to create your 3-Part CSI Specification and steer your project in the right direction.