Column Manufacturers

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Columns: A Timeless Element in Architecture

Columns in architecture can be traced back in time to the Ancient Egyptians, when their primary function was support. They haven't lost their allure with architects and builders to this day, although they are more commonly used for decoration purposes. Decorative pillars, generally made with wood or PVC for easy priming and finishing, brings a classical look to any location without being relied upon for structural support.

Where Is the Perfect Place for Columns? Your Porch

Believe it or not, porches are the perfect place to showcase your taste in columns. Porch columns come in hundreds of shapes and sizes to allow a project to show off heritages or themes. Victorian and New Orleans, styles found in wood porch columns; and craftsman style columns, usually made of PVC, are available to make the porch an elegant entrance to your project. Porch column wraps can be added to plain support posts to transform them into aesthetic pieces.

ARCAT has the Tools to Help You Pick the Right Column

Whether you need interior decorative columns, composite columns, exterior wood columns, or anything in between, ARCAT can help point you in the right direction. With well over one hundred column manufacturers listed, there is no shortage of products to choose from.