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Pergolas & Gazebos: Accent the Outdoors

Pergolas and gazebos are excellent additions to any outdoor space. They can serve as a place for shade for gatherings and add a sense of class and style. A gazebo makes for a wonderful, standalone accent piece in an outside garden and can liven up any uninteresting, open space. As for pergolas, they too can act as a standalone structure but can also be integrated into the side of a house or building to brighten up a dull patio or a drab wall. Modern day pergolas are made from a range of materials (vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass, PVC, or wood) to offer affordability in contrast to brick or stone options.

Gazebos are always round in shape, which is their main difference from pergolas. The structure of a gazebo fits wonderfully into a park or garden setting. With a pergola, the flat open rows and their traditionally rectangular shape create perfect shade, shelter in seating areas, and may also provide coverage for walkways while still letting sunlight in. Wood is the traditional medium of the pergola or gazebo, but these days more modern materials are available. Aluminum pergolas or vinyl pergolas are available in kits. These kits bring the cost down considerably but also limit the ability to customize your pergola.

Modern Materials for Modern Times

Choosing aluminum, vinyl or PVC pergolas guarantees you are investing in a product that is long-lasting and virtually maintenance free. Vinyl pergolas are advantageous because the color has been integrated into the material, assuring you'll never have to worry about painting. Aluminum pergola manufacturers offer a larger selection of colors, but will need slightly more upkeep. A pergola canopy is a nice addition to add character to your structure to add complete shade coverage.

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